Can`t start install.php or connect to wordpress dashboard

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    Inaya Kumara

    Hello guys,
    When i tried to install wordpress on my server i faced a rage problems:
    Actually i installed wordpress with one click installation what my host provided. Then i was able to setup a database and then connected the domain to the new filepath. I completely followed all the guidelines for the wp-config.php files. After that, i tried to start install.php but that doesn’t work and also am not able to get into my dashboard.
    The only message i received :
    “Not able to connect to website”.
    So what i did was i deleted the wordpress completely and the used a simple html page to test whether the server is down. But then its not the actual problem, the html page work just fine. I didn’t find any error log either.
    Please somebody can help me out

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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