Best Web Hosting Provider to Choose in India 2022

As we all know, web hosting is home to your website, so if you are trying to find a new home or getting started, this article is for you. If you are searching for a home for your website whether it is a blog or an eCommerce online store, the below suggestions are some of the best. I will be mentioning a few cheap web hosting services which will be perfect if you are a casual blogger or a mediocre business. 

If you are someone that doesn’t have a lot of technical knowledge about running a website, you are in luck. This is because all of the stuff mentioned here take care of all of the technical stuff, all you need to do is just write your blog and publish it. Not only suggestions about web-hosting providers, but I’ll also mention a few things you should consider for picking the best web hosting provider.  

1. Dreamhost web hosting 

Dreamhost is mainly known for its extremely affordable web hosting for Indian web site owners. This is actually one of the 4 main companies endorsed by WordPress. Dreamhost is currently the home to over one million blogs, websites, and eCommerce online stores. It ain’t a newbie in the business, Dreamhost has been upholding its position for 15 years now. 

Once you take a look at the interface, the layout of stuff, and the features, it gets really difficult for a person to understand how it is available at such a cheap price. Along with all of the amazing web hosting plans, Dreamhost also provides its users with a free domain name which you can claim anytime. 

The different time spans in the plans and a wide range of them have made it easy for people to pick the one that’s best for them. Some of its most amazing features are free SSL encryption, a website builder, and a WordPress one-click installer. It also offers well-planned solutions that make each website stand out in the crowd. 

Let’s talk about customer support for a bit, if you are a newbie at all of the website related stuff, it’s better to have an expert right around the corner of the street so that you can reach out to them if you mess up. For such situations, Dreamhost offers 24/7 expert customer support. Most of its plans include a ton of emails which you can send mail to in case there is a problem. 

Just like most of the other web-hosting providers, Dreamhost also offers a ton of different types of hosting service, it has shared, VPS, Cloud, dedicated, and all types of hosting. If you are not familiar with the different types of hostings, I’ll get to that after listing out some of the web hosting providers. 

Another thing that I really love about Dreamhost is it is extremely easy for you to secure the connection between your website and the browser. You can do so with the help of the SSL encryption which is offered by Dreamhost. You need the site to be able to load as quickly as possible to keep the visitor on your site, and Dreamhost does a really good job in keeping that up. 

2. Hostgator 

Hostgator is the best web hosting provider at providing its users with all kinds of web hosting services whether it is shared, dedicated, VPS, or reseller. It is based in Houston and has an additional presence in Austin, Texas. Hostgator is really great at providing domain names online at a very cost-effective rate. 

Along with domain names, Hostgator also has some amazing plans for web hosting services which provide some great features at an affordable price. The customer support and other services provided by Hostgator are literally over the top. You don’t have to take care of and manage everything by yourself, just contact customer support for a solution and you are all set and ready to go. 

Some of the great options available with HostGator are malware tools, complimentary website backups, free SSL certificates, in conclusion, it’s just a one-stop solution for all your website building needs. All of the features are also organized in a good way so that you don’t have to go insane searching for each and every one of them. 

Just sign up for Hostgator and you’ll see for yourself why it’s a leading web hosting provider. It offers some really cool services, not going to lie. No matter how amazing the services and features are, a provider cannot stand in a high position if it is hella expensive. One of the prominent reasons behind Hostgator being one of the best web hosting providers is that it provides good services at affordable rates. 

If you are a beginner at blogging or website-related stuff, it’s extremely true that you won’t have a lot of money in hand. In such cases, Hostgator and all of the web hosting providers mentioned in this article will be perfect. The fact that Hostgator also focuses on small clients and makes sure they get access to all of the wonderful services at a cheaper rate is amazing. 

With Hostgator, you can easily get a domain name for a complete year for free. This technically means that you won’t have to pay a penny for giving people the address to your website. The services are available for a ton of different people with a ton of different needs. Whether you want to start a casual blog or set up an eCommerce online store or a mediocre business, it has web hosting services that will fit your needs. 

Just like Dreamhost, Hostgator is also not a newbie in the game buddies, it has been around for 3 decades now and has been providing absolutely wonderful services ever since. This definitely means that they can handle all of your problems and the technical stuff behind your website perfectly. They are worth your trust and all you’re going to be doing are putting out amazing content and enjoying the growth. 

3. Bluehost 

Bluehost is among the best web hosting providers providing web hosting services for beginners. Not only casual bloggers but small and big businesses are also using Bluehost for their web hosting services. A person needs both a domain name and web hosting to start a website and Bluehost has good deals on both of them. 

Bluehost is actually owned by endurance international group and provides all kinds of web hosting services like VPS, dedicated, shared web hosting, and many more. It is also one of the most recommended providers by WordPress since the year 2005 and is also one of the best WordPress hosting providers. 

The market value is excellent and is reliable at the same time, talking about the performance, it is really good and affordable as well. It is very user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface which I personally love. Bluehost uses C-panel which is a web hosting control panel offering tons of amazing options as well as features. 

If you didn’t know, there are several other content management systems other than WordPress which are Joomla and Drupal. If you use any of those content management systems over WordPress, you’re in luck because Bluehost provides those as well. In case you are willing to add extra plug-ins, that’s just very easy to do when working on Bluehost. Extra plug-ins are really helpful if you are willing to improve your user experience on Bluehost.

The services are literally very flexible, you can edit and add new services to the list like adding email auto-responses, automatic billing applications, metrics for calculating the traffic value, and many more. It also serves you the possibility to change some settings like cache settings which will allow you to eliminate more useless data. 

Clearing out cache is really necessary because it may lead to the slow down of your website or blog. So, clearing out the cache from time to time will ensure that the blog or website is running smoothly. 

Now, let’s talk about the price for a second, all of the features that we have discussed here are both extremely helpful and extremely cost-effective. Every plan by Bluehost is provided at a really moderate price range which is perfect for all web hosting needs. Whether you are starting an eCommerce online store or a casual blog or you have a big business, Bluehost has services that suit all of these needs. 

Now that we have covered a few of the main aspects of Bluehost web hosting, let’s talk about the last aspect which is customer support. You don’t want to make a mess out of the website by running it without knowing anything, right ladies and gents? To avoid such situations, it’s always better to opt for a web hosting provider that has 24/7 customer support. When we talk about Bluehost customer support, it has a paid version as well through which you can get assured responses and expert analysis for your problems. 

4. Green geeks 

Among all of the options mentioned in this article, Green geeks web hosting services is the best web hosting provider in terms of cost. It provides amazing services and a wide range of features at a really affordable price. If you are looking for some good options in shared plans, green geeks is one of the web hosting providers to serve you with that. 

As you can notice by the name, they are all in for sustainability and eco-friendly services. If you are a small business or a casual blogger and wouldn’t like to get involved in the technical side of stuff, green geeks offer good services and deals for shared web hosting services. The main mission of green geeks is to keep the earth clean and green and contribute towards another healthy hour on this beautiful planet.

Doing good for the environment is not the only thing they’ve mastered. When I casually tried the hosting service for giving you guys a review, it turned out to be one of my favorites. Now, you may ask why is that, well, the server responses and the website speed lead me to be flattered. The customer support, marvelous, I just can’t find words for how amazingly fast the responses were. 

In the words of most of the users of green geeks, they say that they didn’t have to worry about the safety of their content nor the working of their website. This says a lot about the efficiency of Green geeks. Though most of the people haven’t really heard about green geeks, there are a ton of people that use it. Overall, it is a very reliable and trusted web hosting system that serves you with all it has. 

I am just going to geek out about the environmental benefits the provider is causing for a little bit, so just bear with me. Green geeks purchase wind energy credits at 300% of the energy they consume in total. So, if you are signing up for the environmental aspect, they will not disappoint you for sure. 

They also have different data center locations which are really good because a wider geographical spread ensures that the services are better available. Almost all of the power centers have dual city power grids, on-site diesel generators, battery back-ups which makes sure that the server uptime is always high. 

The customer support again is really wonderful and you get really quick responses as well. They also offer well-guarded fire suspension systems which are also good. We have to appreciate green geeks for serving the environment very wonderfully and at the same time taking care of its users and their needs perfectly. With all of this involved, it is still very cheap and provides every person with a cost-effective solution to their needs. 

The fact that it’s eco-friendly and provides amazing services stands as one of the prominent reasons why it is so respected and adored in the eyes of its users. I’ve pretty much covered everything regarding Green geeks, now let’s move to the next. 

5. Siteground 

We know you are really particular when it comes to serving your customers, but you’ll only be able to do that when the web hosting service does that to you. And the Siteground does a really good job of doing that. They have amazing customer support and can be considered the best web hosting provider in terms of that. 

Like all of the providers mentioned in this article, Siteground providers all the different kinds of web hosting services like cloud hosting shared hosting, dedicated hosting, etc for its users. All of which are available at very cheap and cost-effective prices, in terms of the cost it is one of the cheapest web-hosting providers in the world.  

They are simply not one of the big names in the industry for nothing, site grounds provide supreme quality services and also give you the opportunity to use them at reasonable prices. The services offered are absolutely awesome and the provider is definitely one of a kind. 

If you are working on some really serious projects, Siteground provides a suitable environment for you to do that. There are a ton of plans available at Siteground which you can choose from and if you are willing to switch to a plan with a higher amount of features, you can easily do that anytime. 

If you have initially purchased a basic plan and are in sudden need of up-gradation, you can do that easily. Whether you want to switch to a different plan in the same hosting service or switch to a different hosting service like from shared hosting to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. 

Let’s talk about the shared plan for a bit, if you are a casual blogger or a small business, you might not be able to afford the higher plans and in such case, a shared plan is the best option. A shared plan at Siteground comes with quite a bit of features, it has all of the basic versions of the higher features. The features available with a shared plan are nowhere comparable with the higher ones but by itself, it has some pretty amazing amenities at a very cheap price. 

Usually, with most of the web hosting providers, the renewal prices become a lot more than the initial price at the time of your first purchase, but that’s not the case with Siteground. The renewal prices at Siteground are very affordable when compared to the renewal prices of other web hosting providers. 

Not only for small businesses, but the Siteground is a lot better for large businesses as well. Technically speaking, it is very good for large businesses and big websites as it provides extremely powerful as well as highly technical features.  

Let’s talk about customer support for a bit, Siteground’s customer support is really good, no matter whatever issue you have, the customer support will be able to solve it within a really small amount of time. That’s all I am going to talk about Siteground, let’s check out more web hosting providers.  

6. WPengine 

WP engine is an awesome web hosting provider that providers its customers with amazing web hosting services. It is based in Austin, Texas, United States. If you are looking for a web host in the WordPress web hosting category, the WP engine is one of the best. 

Getting into the services, the WP engine provides managed hosting for its users. If you don’t know what managed to host is, it basically means that the hosting provider will take care of all the security issues of your website. Web hosting providers are going to manage everything about the safety of your website. 

WP engine is capable of scaling the speed of your website by 10 times which makes it one of the best-managed WordPress hosting. It offers a ton of different features like powerful security, solid speed, and a ton of different and useful customer service features. 

It is basically designed for providing amazing services for a WordPress-based website. WP engine gives its users innovation-driven technology which means that they always have something new for their clients at all times. The technology used is absolutely wonderful and offers a world-class network infrastructure. 

The data centers for the WP engines are based in London, Tokyo as well as the midwest of the United States. This hosting service is considered one of the best by its users because of its capability to secure the WordPress websites of its users. A few more features that have led to the WP engine being powerful in the eyes of the users are the faster load time, and the ability to make sure that the data is not lost by maintaining daily backups. 

If updating is never your game, WP Engine might be the best choice because it automatically updates all of the plug-ins in WP. It will take care of all of the updates as well as other technical stuff so that you can focus on growing your website or business. If you are willing to migrate, the WP engine allows free website migration as well as daily backups. 

Let’s talk about a few other features of the WP Engine, it has content delivery network integration which actually results in a faster load time. WP engine also offers SSL certification by third-party and a staging environment. I could keep going on and on about the features that the WP engine offers but let’s just take a look at some of the other stuff. 

With the 60-day money-back guarantee, WP engine has become one of the fewer web hosting providers that offer this service. It is a WordPress-specific hosting so it also has some WordPress-specific tools which you can take full advantage of. Such tools help add a really professional touch to your work. It is also capable of rectifying any mistakes you might have made in your word. It points them out and shows a suitable and correct suggestion which you can replace with the wrong text. 

7. A2 Hosting 

In this extremely fast-moving world, not a single person is patient enough to wait for a slow website to load. They would rather figure it out themselves or go to a different website than wasting their for a website to load. People want everything to be as fast as possible so you going to maintain that in your website. 

You don’t want people to click off even before seeing your content, right? If that’s the case, A2 Hosting is the best web hosting provider in terms of speed. In fact, it has gained popularity for being a fast and feature-filled web hosting service. 

It is really fast because A2 Hosting ensures that the bounce rates are lower and the conversation rates are higher which also leads to the SEO rank is higher. It has a very high-speed swift server platform which indeed gives you a really strong website opportunity to make a lot happen with your website. 

This web hosting provider is a lot wanted by the people because of its high reliability and incredible speed. A2 Hosting also has a wing on the turbo server which increases the loading speed of your website up to 20 minutes in comparison to other web hosting providers. 

Among all of the competition it has between the other web-hosting providers, A2 is really popular for its shared hosting services. When we say shared hosting, it means that A2 is incredible for beginners. Like all of the other web hosting providers in this article, A2 Hosting also offers all types of hosting like shared, dedicated, VPS, and others. 

As we’ve earlier mentioned, it’s best for beginners, so how does it become best for beginners. The one condition is that it has to have some easy to use features and a ton of them, A2 checks the boxes for this. And the second is that it should have affordable prices, once again, A2 checks the boxes. Which makes it perfect for beginner bloggers and small businesses as well. 

Another amazing feature that also happens to be my favorite is the one-click installs. With A2 Hosting, you get access to one-click installs for the most popular software like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and phpBB. 

Now that we have covered most of the stuff regarding A2 Hosting, let’s get into the last aspect which is customer support. It has one of the most highly efficient customer support services which is called the Guru Crew Support. They offer 24/7 customer support so no matter when you have a problem, just contact them and your issue will be cleared. 

If you are not willing to risk your money just like that, there are good news guys. A2 offers a money-back guarantee so if you can pay up first and start using the services, just play around and determine whether it will work for you or not. If you figure it does, then just continue on but if you feel the opposite, cancel the plan within the time and get your money back. 

What to consider while choosing a web hosting provider? 

If you are just starting out, a good and affordable web hosting provider is a must. It’s definitely true that you won’t have a lot of money while starting out so it’s really difficult to afford an expensive web hosting service no matter how many amazing features it has.

If you are someone that doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about websites and stuff, here is a little information about the things you should consider while picking a web hosting provider. And yeah, that’s pretty much all I had to say, let’s get into the things you should consider. 

Customer Support

One of the most important things you should do in a web hosting provider to determine whether it is good or bad is customer service. Easy access to expert solutions for any sorts of errors or misunderstanding is necessary. Good customer support is very crucial especially if you are a beginner at this. I have been in this for quite a while but sometimes, it’s just hard to get our head around what’s wrong. In such cases, customer support will turn out to be really helpful. 

A web hosting service is considered good if it has an amazing customer support system. If you are in a situation where you’re unable to figure stuff out, how can you get a solution if there is no customer service? No matter how easy to use the interface is, there will still be one or the other kind of a problem, in such situations, it is mandatory that a customer support expert picks up your call at the right time and answers your question. Do good research about that before you put your valuable money into the services.  


Is your website safe and secure from any possible threats that might occur? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before picking the web hosting provider. A recent survey has proved that at least one out of thirteen web requests lead to malware and other viruses. 

In order to protect your site from such sorts of situations and protect yourself from any possible crimes online, a web hosting service that provides amazing security to your website is necessary. Your website can actually be hacked which may lead to the website you’ve bought to be misused. When such misuse happens you can be the victim of cybercrime without actually knowing what the hell is happening.

Day after day, hackers are growing in number and the fact that a website or mobile is hacked has become quite normal. When you purchase web hosting from the best web hosting provider, you are also paying for the safety and security they are going to provide to your website. 

So, when you pay for something, you should definitely get the service, a good web hosting provider should protect your website from hackers and form a strong fundamental unit for your website’s further growth. It has to keep the server safe and secure from any hackers. The server is the medium through which your website reaches its audience and when the server is strongly protected from hackers and other malware, your website is in the clear regarding safety. 


This is absolutely very important if your website is as slow as a tortoise, the visitors are going to be gone way before you win the race. We are not against the tortoise and rabbit story but that’s just not going to work in this modern world where people want everything to be done as soon as possible. 

If a person ends up clicking on your article or product, they are willing to get in there, take a look at what’s going on, and get out. When people want everything to go by as quickly as possible, you going to play into it as well. You are following that and have made all of your content easily understandable and straightforward so that the visitor can get in, take a look, and get out.

Now, all of that’s great but what if the web hosting is the one to blame. You are making straightforward and easy to understand the content but the hosting provider is just killing your audience by being as slow as possible. That’ll be really bad if your website takes forever to load, the visitor will be out of there even before taking a look at your content. 

I just wanted to throw it in the speed section, you need speed but at a consistent rate. If you didn’t understand that, let me elaborate. You need your website to be fast and quick to appear as soon as the visitor clicks on the link or searches for your website. But if your website is really fast and works at jet speed sometimes and becomes extremely slow on the other, that’s also not very acceptable. 

You are still losing traffic in the times your website is running slow. You need the website to be fast but consistently fast. If you ask me, I’d rather have a website that is moderately fast all the time over a website that is extremely fast sometimes and the opposite to that other times. 

The speed definitely depends on how you are taking care of the server. If the server is not taken care of perfectly, it causes a huge effect on the speed. So, as the server is looked after by the web hosting provider especially for shared plans, it’s definitely their fault. 

Now comes the uptime reliability 

Before actually going on and on about why uptime reliability is important, let me just tell you what it means so that you won’t have to Google it now. Uptime reliability is basically the time in which a website or server is available and is functional for its users or customers. 

Now that you guys know what uptime is, why not take a look at downtime as well. You can just guess based on the definition I’ve given for uptime. While uptime is the time in which a website is available, downtime is when the website or server is not functional or available for its users. 

So, if you want your business or blog to be successful and reach as many audiences as possible, you going to make sure that the uptime is really high and the downtime is really low. Your website is available for people all over the world and different people find it at different times. You don’t want your website to be down half the time. If that’s the case, the growth of it will be delayed a lot. 

You have to make sure that the web hosting service you are choosing keeps your website up and running most of the time. 


As easy it is to store data with the help of technology, it is also very easy to lose it. When we talk about a website, one small issue with the server and millions of websites just vanish from the internet as they’ve never existed before. A ton of issues go around the server every single minute, some of them are solvable and some don’t have a solution. But one among those issues can kill your website. 

If you don’t want that to happen, you will have to be careful from the beginning itself. By beginning, I mean from the time you start searching for a web hosting company. You have to make sure that the provider backs up all of your data so that it’s not completely lost if any issue arises. 

One of the main aspects that complete a website is the content on there and if that’s lost, you’ll be standing in the middle of nowhere. And this is the reason restoring data or other media after some glitches is a complete headache. 

If there is an absence of backup, everything you’ve worked so hard for will be lost in just a glimpse. All of the time and energy you’ve spent on growing it will be in the trash the very minute. Some of you might be planning to make a living out of the website and if the backup is not available, you on the roads. So, think about it really well because it is a really big thing and shouldn’t be neglected. 

These were all of the things you need to keep in mind while picking a web hosting provider. If you find a web hosting provider that checks all of these empty boxes, it’s the one you need to go for. The web hosting provides we’ve mentioned above are also worth giving a try, all of them offer a money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the services, you can cancel within the given period of time and get your money back. 

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today, hope you found the content helpful. If you are starting a blog keeping all of these in mind, just keep going and you’ll succeed.

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