12+ Must-Have Tools For Scaling Your Ecommerce Business

The world of digital business is highly competitive. It is not very easy to become a relevant and successful eCommerce entrepreneur at this time. You must optimize and customize your online store’s multiple factors, such as SEO, website design, speed, and product information, frequently based on your market demands. 

For this purpose, you need multiple tools to speed up the growth of your business.

Which tools are most beneficial for you? No worries!

In this article, we will discuss some must-have tools for eCommerce business. Through these tools, you can easily optimize the performance of your business.

17 Must-Have Tools For Ecommerce Business Growth

In this section, we are going to discuss some important tools which are highly beneficial for your business.

With the help of these tools, you can optimize the growth of your eCommerce store. 

Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that can be used to track user behavior on the internet. It helps you understand how your website’s content, design, and other components impact your business. It also shows you how people find your site, where they click on it, what they do after they land there, and what they do as they leave. You can use this information to make decisions about where to place ads or how much time to spend on social media.

It can be used to help you with:

  • Your marketing strategy by identifying areas of opportunity for growth and improvement.
  • Your product development by helping you find out which features people like best and which ones don’t work as well.
  • How is the site performing in terms of speed and accessibility?

Key Features

  1. Real-time reporting data.
  2. Powerful built-in automation.
  3. Integration with other Google services.
  4. Engagement and acquisition reports



Canva is a website that allows you to create your own graphics, images, and designs. But you don’t have to be an artist or designer to use Canva. You can use their templates to make your own graphics without any advanced design knowledge. They also offer a wide range of pre-made templates that are easy to use and fun to customize.

You can use these templates or create your own with Canva’s drag-and-drop editor. Canva has an extensive library of freebies on its website, which means that you don’t have to pay for anything if you aren’t into that sort of thing. The site also offers paid plans if you want more features than the free version provides.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with eCommerce business management or design, this is definitely the site for you. Because you can create banners, blog images, infographics, and charts for the marketing campaign of your business.

Key Features

  1. Drag to drop function.
  2. Multiple pre-designed templates.
  3. Teamwork opportunity.
  4. Effective workflow management.



HubSpot is a software company that specializes in helping businesses grow through social media and online marketing. They’ve built an ecosystem of tools and services that help companies build their brand, increase engagement with their customers, and drive sales through social media channels.

Especially for marketers, HubSpot has a powerful CMS that allows you to manage your website and keep track of your customers. You can easily edit your website pages with an effective drag-to-drop function. It gives you the ability to sell digital products through your website, and it can help you grow your business by helping you create more targeted campaigns and improve conversion rates.

Key Features

  1. Marketing automation function.
  2. Advanced CMS option.
  3. Effective analytical data.
  4. SEO recommendations.



Well, for the growth of the eCommerce business, you must focus on proper research about your competitors and trending topics around your marketplace. So that you can reach your target customers and promote your product and services. BuzzSumo will help you to do that. Because this tool has a powerful content discovery function.

Content discovery will help generate effective content ideas for your marketing campaign. Because if you can provide quality content to your audiences, it will help you to build long-term trustworthy relationships with them. Along with that, it will provide you with powerful SEO insights such as highly demanding keywords, top-ranking headlines, etc.

One of the biggest and most effective benefits of BuzzSumo is you can find the right influencers for the promotion of your eCommerce brand.

Key Features

  1. Effective SEO insights.
  2. Right influencers for promotion.
  3. High-performing keywords based on your demands.
  4. Powerful competitor analytical data.



In this era of digitalization, the majority of people purchase their desired products online. They usually search on Google search engine to research about the product and finally take the decision to purchase. So an eCommerce business, you must improve the Search Engine Optimization of your online store website. Otherwise, your target customers will not be able to find your products or website.

For this reason, you can choose Moz. It’s a powerful SEO tool to improve the visibility of your products in search results and increase traffic to your website. Moz has an effective site audit function. It will crawl your website and find your technical SEO problems and help you to solve the problem.

Along with that, it has a powerful backlink analysis function. With the help of this function, you can optimize the off-page SEO of your site.

Key Features

  1. Improve technical SEO.
  2. Powerful competitor intelligence.
  3. Backlink and keyword research.
  4. Effective SEO analytical reports.



Mailchimp is one of the prominent marketing tools available on the internet. You can use this tool for multiple purposes to smartly grow your eCommerce business. Can easily build your eCommerce website and sell your products with the help of Mailchimp. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create your website. Along with that, you can customize your site for mobile users.

Also, in Mailchimp, you can access email marketing automation features to connect with your customers more passionately. It will help you to create engaging emails with various pre-organized templates. With the help of Mailchimp, you can build the most attractive landing page for your eCommerce store.

Key Features

  1. Advanced email marketing automation.
  2. Generate websites with built-in marketing tools.
  3. Integration with various famous tools.
  4. Effective A/B testing functionality.



Well, Semrush is another powerful tool to boost the progress of your marketing tasks. This tool will help you to do proper market research, such as competitor analysis, paid advertising, market analysis, etc. With the help of Semrush, you can optimize your website’s content. It will provide you with multiple functions, such as content marketing, analysis, content optimization, etc.

To increase the visibility of your eCommerce products, you must focus on SEO optimization of your website. Semrush will provide you with various types of SEO customization functions such as keyword research,on-page SEO, link building, etc.

Along with these valuable opportunities, you will get access to effective social media management. So that you will be able to increase the engagement rate also.

Key Features 

  1. Efficient SEO optimization.
  2. Powerful content customization.
  3. In-depth competitor analysis.
  4. Social media management.



As you already know, marketing is one of the significant tasks of your eCommerce business. Through marketing, you can reach your valuable customers. To do your marketing tasks more effectively, you can choose Optimizely. This is a powerful tool to simplify your eCommerce running tasks more professionally.

Optimizely has an effective function called “Welcome – marketing planning.”With the help of this function, you can manage your marketing campaigns. It has a marketing calendar to set your marketing campaign schedule. In addition, this tool has a powerful content management function. So that you can flexibly organize and publish content for your target audiences.

Key Features

  1. Generate well-organized marketing campaigns.
  2. Powerful content management.
  3. Web A/B testing functionality.
  4. Marketing performance analysis.



If you want to improve the growth of your eCommerce business, you just need to contain proper knowledge about your current marketplace. For this purpose, Ahrefs will help you with various market research such as paid traffic analysis, organic traffic analysis, backlink checking, etc.

With the help of this tool, you can easily understand which keywords your competitor usually uses for higher traffic. Ahrefs will help you to find the most appropriate keywords through the powerful keyword explorer function. Ahrefs allows you to research keywords based on a specific country. Because keyword explorer will provide you with keyword data from 171 countries.

Key Features

  1. SEO performance tracking opportunity.
  2. Advanced keyword exploration.
  3. Website audit function.
  4. Better competitor analysis.

Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor is the combination of various functions to boost the performance of your eCommerce store. This tool will help you in email marketing automation to communicate with your audiences. You can easily design emails with various predeveloped templates. Also, you can customize the templates based on your requirements.

Another effective function of this tool is SMS marketing. It will help you create an SMS marketing campaign for your customers. So you can connect with them more engagingly. Along with that, it will give you powerful analytics about your marketing campaign performance.

Key Features

  1. Advanced email template builder.
  2. Powerful email marketing automation.
  3. SMS marketing functionality.
  4. Integration with multiple famous platforms.



AdEspresso is a must needed tool for the promotion of your eCommerce business. This is a powerful automated tool to advertise your products and services. With the help of AdEspresso, you can create and customize your ad campaign on multiple famous platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

As you already know that dynamic ads are highly beneficial for your eCommerce store. But in AdEspresso, you can easily create dynamic ads for the promotion of your products. Along with that, this tool has a powerful “Asset Manager.” It will store your advertising data in an organized way. So that you can use them based on your further requirements.

Key Features

  1. Generate and customize ad campaigns.
  2. Create dynamic ads.
  3. Powerful asset manager.
  4. PDF ads reports.



Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool. This tool will help you to plan and schedule your social media posts. This tool will give you the opportunity to do multi-channel organic and paid promotions. So that you can improve the reach of your products and services.

With the help of Hootsuite, you can manage your customer’s messages and mentions in an organized way. It will improve the engagement between you and your customers. Along with that, this tool will provide you with analytical data about your social media ads performance. So you can locate the opportunity to improve the ROI on social media platforms.

Key Features

  1. Create highly effective content.
  2. Multi-channel paid and organic promotion.
  3. Real-time audience data.
  4. Integration with the social listening tool.



To become successful in your eCommerce business,  you must need proper analytical data. So you can improve your overall performance. For this reason, you can choose Metrilo. It will help you to monitor and analyze your eCommerce marketing performance. You can get multiple data about new customers, successful orders, top-selling products, etc.

Metrilo is compatible with various famous eCommerce website-building platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, etc.  This tool also has an eCommerce CRM function. So you can analyze complete customer data. It will help you to improve the relationship between you and your customers.

Key Features

  1. Effective product management reports.
  2. Completed analytical customer data.
  3. Email marketing opportunity.
  4. Improve customer retention.



Customer feedback is highly important for your business. Because from the feedback you can know about your customer’s opinion and problems about your products. From the feedback, you can actually improve the product quality.Promoter.io will help you to do that. It is a feedback solution tool for eCommerce businesses.

With this tool, you can collect customer feedback through multiple channels such as email, SMS, and embedded links. To reach your international customers, this tool will give you multi-language opportunities. It supports 27 different languages. After collecting data, you can analyze these data and improve the growth of your business.

Key Features

  1. Essential feedback from the customers.
  2. Multiple language support.
  3. Reach through various channels.
  4. Improve organic business growth.


Running an eCommerce business isn’t just a cup of tea! You have to focus on various aspects such as proper market research, Search engine optimization, proper website design, customer satisfaction, etc, to improve the progress rate of your eCommerce business. To do this task properly, you must rely on some effective tools.

In this article, we have talked about some must-have tools for eCommerce business. We hope this will help you in the long run.

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