WPEngine Makes Local Pro Free for All Users

local pro for everyone

WP engine announced that Local pro, the local WordPress development products are made available for free. Actually, starting from WordPress version 6.0 all features are paid subscriptions but now WP Engine announced that paid subscription is now available with a free Local account. That means the paid subscription is available now free to all. The …

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What is XAMPP? and How to Install XAMPP on Local Computer?

what is XAMPP?

Are you a Web developer? Haven’t you wondered what XAMPP is? If you don’t know it yet, we will explain in detail what is XAMPP & Install XAMPP on your local computer. XAMPP is an open-source software developed by Apache Friends. XAMPP software package contains Apache distributions for Apache server, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. And it is …

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Brizy Pro Review – Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Brizy Pro Review

I have been using Brizy for my agency-related work, and it has been a fabulous experience for me. That’s why I am taking my time writing a Brizy review for the WordPress plugin. No questions asked it the most user-friendly Page builder you find in WordPress and a great alternative to Elementor & Divi. No …

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WooFunnels Review | Get Started Now

WordPress is one of the biggest platforms for creating wonderful blogs and websites, but at the same time, it is quite back in building sales funnels. Many of us are aware that by using WordPress we can create sales funnel easily without any tedious effort. Just with one plugin named WooFunnels, it makes your task …

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How to Use Lottie Animations in WordPress

To attract and engage visitors to your WordPress website, adding animations is the right choice. With Lottie animations, you can add animations to your website that are more efficient, higher quality, and easier. Lottie animations have become more popular in recent days because they look easier and can be used on many platforms like iOS, …

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‘Howdy Admin’ in WordPress–How to Change or Remove It

Howdy Admin is a default WordPress admin page that is automatically generated by WordPress. We know that there are many users who want to remove the ‘Howdy Admin’ message from their WordPress website. This is a very simple step to do. We have posted a detailed tutorial on how to change or remove this message.  …

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