Part 7: How to Add and Create Custom Post Formats in WordPress?

Create Custom Post Formats in WordPress

WordPress has a nice support inbuilt feature called post formats that help you to display certain posts format in WordPress theme. It gives a WordPress complete blogging platform.  Many theme developers allow post formats by default, if you are creating a theme from scratch, or if your theme doesn’t have post format, then you can … Read more

Part 6: How to add Features in WordPress Using add_theme_support() ?

Wondering about this add_theme_support() function and how to use it to add_theme features. Nothing to worry, we are here to help you out to get sorted with the query. Read this article to understand how to add Theme features with add_theme_support.  To register support for certain theme features in WordPress, the add_theme_function needs to be … Read more

Part 5: How to Include Custom Body Class Function in your WordPress Theme?

Custom Body Class Function in your WordPress Theme

Body class is a WordPress function that lets the body element to give different classes so the WordPress developers or the theme developers can style their website with CSS. It can represented as body_class() function. By using this function, you can easily modify the style of each page using CSS. This function is mainly used … Read more