Wix pricing 2021: 6 Important things to know!

Wix is a cloud-based page builder used by over 100 million users worldwide. It’s popular features and great pricing makes it the most recommended website builder (by 88% of users) beating Weebly, Squarespace, and Godaddy in just a few years.

Anybody with no knowledge of code can use Wix’s template editor to build a complete website of their choice in less than an hour. Wix allows you to create both HTML5 websites and mobile sites and has over 100 + applications and 500 specific templates that you can choose from.

Wix Plan pricing

Wix offers one basic free plan and eight different paid premium plans. All the prices below are the price of yearly billing. Monthly billed prices are slightly higher.

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General Website
Wix plansMonthlyYearly
Connect Domain*$7.50/month$5/month
Business and eCommerce
Wix plansMonthlyYearly
Business Basic$25/month$20/month
Business Unlimited$30/month$25/month
Business VIP$40/month$35/month


* Plan is not available in all countries.

Before you choose which plan to pick, here are 6 things to consider.

The basic plan is great for everyone but not enough to grow:

You can create stunning sites for restaurants, small businesses, e-commerce, pet store, clinic, or even online resumes with even the free plan with many stock images and templates to choose from this makes the free plan makes popular among beginners.

Wix pricing

Build even an online store and showcase products, create marketing videos, list services, and event calendar but to receive online payments, bookings, and allow shopping online, an upgrade is necessary.

You can start out with the free plan but for scaling your business or improving your blog, experts recommend upgrading to more flexible plans. Wix ads and banners do not go away until you upgrade.

The higher the plan and the more advance you pay, the better the features:

As you move up the Wix paid plans, you get access to advantages like a free domain for one year, improved bandwidth, more storage, Wix’s professional logo design, premium support, and other key applications, etc. The monthly pricing of plans, custom email are slightly higher than the yearly pricing.

Wix feature

But again if paying monthly is flexible for you, you can. Paying for one to two years in advance can save 25%-43% of the price and the hassle of paying ahead of the deadline. This gives Wix a much competitive advantage.

Non-profits have a special waiver here: If you own a Non-profit outside of the US, you can get two free years of the domain name by entering  THE REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER or TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE.

Wix has auto-renewal for domain names and an upgrade downgrade feature:

Most site owners lose their domain names if they forget or delay the renewal even if they were reminded in advance. Losing your domain name can be a competitive disadvantage and can cause you to lose customers and visitors. Wix fixes this with an auto-renewal 10 days before it expires, where you will be made and payment is done even if you actively don’t do it.

But if you prefer it the old way you can turn off this feature. If you had upgraded to a higher plan and do not like it, you can downgrade to a lower plan anytime unlike most of its builders.

This is a very important thing to consider while choosing a pricing plan and allows you to save money if the website isn’t serving your purpose. Again you have to note that you cannot change the price of the domain name you have bought after the first year of free use.

There are two popular plans for businesses and online stores:Wix Email

Wix App market has over 44000 app downloads per day, and choosing a plan that gives you access to premium apps considering also the pricing is important. If you want to successfully sell online the Wix’s Business unlimited plan is the best, offering you 20 email campaigns a month, 35 Gb storage.

Wix’s e-commerce features are better than Shopify’s add-ons. You can quickly add product galleries. The checkout features in Business unlimited are simple and secure, which send you popup messages and emails to notify you of the purchases.

Best value for money for a personal or business website comes with the $14 Wix Unlimited plan, which is the most popular plan among users.

There are some downsides to Wix  builder too:

  • Once your website has gone live, you cannot change the template you started out with
  • Wix depends on too many third-party apps to customize and scale your site
  • The Wix blog editor is very basic and has limited editing options.

Wix has some additional costs and offers  a money back guarantee:

You need to pay ( either monthly or yearly) for the premium personalized e-mail box for business ($4.08 to $5.00) with G suites (from Google). Apart from that is the domain renewal fees.  For the first year, the domain name is free after which you will be charged around $14.95 per year.

Squarespace charges $20/ year and Weebly at $19.95 per year, in contrast Wix’s pricing is fair, transparent, much lower than its competitors and does not involve hidden costs.  Wix comes with a 14-day money back guarantee to test your plans and if you are not 100% happy, you will get your money back.

The money back, however, does not refund the purchase of domain name, ie after the first free year if you upgrade.


If you are just starting out Small Business Websites which do not expect a lot of traffic, Combo Plan is best for you which can go a long way.

Best value for money for a personal or business website comes with the $14 Wix Unlimited plan, which is the most popular plan among users and you don’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth. Form Builder app is useful if you plan to generate leads which are bundled with Wix Unlimited plan.

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