Most Common WordPress Errors and Solution to Fix Them

In some situations, WordPress bugs or errors may not look serious from the admin side but think from the customer side. The bugs may reduce your credibility and affect your income. There are some common errors like downtime, missing resources, failed updates that will prevent your visitors from accessing the resources. So, bug fixing is an important process in improving your website credibility.

So, as a WordPress site admin, you should be aware of the common WordPress bugs or errors and the steps to fix those bugs. There are many categories of errors that occur on your site. This article explains one after the other by categories.

400 Error Series

At this moment, there are 20 types of 400 series Errors available, but most of the errors are very rare. So, this article will discuss the 400 series errors which occur frequently.  

Actually, the 400 series errors occur when something has gone wrong during the communication between the visitor’s browser and your site’s server. This error originates on the client’s end of a connection. This shows there is no problem with your server. 

Now we move on to discuss the list of 400 bug series and bug fixing to rectify that.

400 – Bad Request Error

400 Error

Bad request error is one of the most common types of 400 errors, there are many causes for this error. Basically, the error will be raised when there is an error raised from the client end through its requests. Also, the error may be raised because of the following problems. They are,

  • When uploading a huge size file to the server.
  • Corrupted browser cache or cookies.
  • Incorrect URL is given by client-side.
  • General server error

The solution to fixing this bug is just checking the URL you typed, emptying your cache, and clearing the cookies in your browser. Finally, you can clear deactivating browser extensions.

403 – Forbidden Error

403 Error

The forbidden error occurs when a user accesses your website without any prior permission or the particular user doesn’t have any permission to access your website. If both conditions exist then you’ll get the 403 – forbidden error. Sometimes, the same error will be raised for other users who have permission for accessing your website.

The main solution is to reset the file permission on your website or generate a new .htaccess file. In some cases, the plugins used in your WordPress may stop accessing your website resources. So, try to uninstall the unwanted plugins in your WordPress site.

404 – Not Found Error

404 Error

Not found error occurs when a user accesses a webpage that does not exist in reality. If the request doesn’t find the page in the server then it returns 404 – not found error. This looks less harmful to the user but it frustrates the viewers. 

The solution is that the broken links should be reviewed periodically and implement the redirect options if you’ve removed the page. For WordPress users, there are many plugins to implement redirect options. 

405 – Method Not Allowed Error

405 Error

Method not allowed error occurs when the request is not completed, which means the client is connected to the server but the request looks incomplete. This is because of using incorrect HTTP method. The error looks uncommon but sometimes it looks available. 

The solution to overcome this error is by installing some needed plugins or modules, etc. If the error still occurs then you should backup your site. 

408 – Request Timeout

408 Error

Request Timeout error, from the name you could identify that the client sends a request to server and client, doesn’t process the request to display within the time limit. This will be the main cause of this error. Actually, the error is made on the client-side.

The solution is very simple, just reload the page again else check your internet connection is properly connected. 

429 – Too Many requests

429 Error

Too many requests error occurs when a user sends a request to access a resource much time in a short span. The main aim of this error is to overcome suspicious activities. 

To overcome this error, you should access the website after a few seconds. Another solution is to reset your default URL. 

500 Errors series

Any errors labeled between 500 to 599 will be brought under the category of the 500 series. In main, the server is not capable of processing the request from the client system for some reason, this is the cause of the error.

500 – Internal Server Error

500 Error

Most WordPress users may get experience with this error while connecting with their site. This error usually appears when the server is not capable of processing the client request. 

This error message will not have the proper guidance to rectify the error. In simple, this error could be resolved by clearing the browser cache and reloading the page again. In deep, you can check the server log to know the details of the error, also check the database connection in the server. 

501 – Not Implemented Error

501 Error


If the server doesn’t recognize the request from the client-side then you will get this not implemented error. In detail, this error means that the server doesn’t have the functionality to complete the request received. 

Compared to other errors, the 501 error will reduce your search engine rankings. This error could be resolved by performing basic functionality like clearing the browser cache, disabling some active proxy settings enabled.

502 – Bad Gateway Error

502 Error
This Bad Gateway Error will appear frequently on your WordPress website. It appears when the server takes too long to process the request received from the client-side. In Other Words, the error may get raised when a gateway receives an invalid response from the inbound servers.

In simple, the error could be easily resolved by reloading the page and clearing the browser cache. Still, the error exists then check your DNS or disable the firewall.

503 – Service Unavailable Error

503 Error


Service unavailable error from the name you could identify that for some reasons the server is not reachable. This means the server is not accessible to users at the moment. This error may be due to heavy traffic, serious problems, or maybe routine maintenance. 

There are many ways to fix this error like deactivating unwanted plugins, Disabling CDN, increasing server resources, and switching back to the default theme.

504 – Gateway Timeout

504 Error

Gateway timeout error raises when there is a communication problem between an inbound server and a proxy server. In main, this error will reduce your SEO ranking which brings a negative impact to your website. 

This error can be rectified by disabling the active proxy settings, checking DNS issues, and disabling CDN temporarily. 


A website admin doesn’t want their website to show bugs while loading to their viewers because the bugs may reduce the reputation of the website if it is an online sale website. Before that, an admin should know the list of errors/bugs raised frequently to solve those bugs. This article provided the most common bugs and bug fixing as solutions. Hope this article would help you in fixing those bugs.

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