6 Best Image Lazy Load Plugins for your WordPress Site

You may have experienced that the loading time of some websites is frustrating because it takes a long time to load all the content. This is because a website with image content takes a long time to load.

The main reason for images is that the browser sends a request to load all images. So that is the reason for the delay in loading a web page.

So what’s is the solution to this problem? Lazy Load! The solution.

Lazy loading is a technique that loads only the content that the user needs. When the user scrolls down a page, the next content is loaded.

This article will show you the 6 best lazy loading plugins for WordPress that will optimize the loading speed of images on your website.

Does Lazy Image Loading improve performance?

Images look bigger and take more time to load compared to other content on the website. This can frustrate the viewer and he will leave the website soon.

So, Lazy Image Loading is the right method to reduce the website loading time. Below are the advantages of Lazy Image Loading.

  • Customer experience is improved because Lazy Image Loading provides an uninterrupted website experience.
  • It increases the loading time when someone enters the website.
  • It reduces bandwidth consumption because only the content needed by the customer is loaded. It loads other content as the user scrolls down the page.
  • Faster loading of web pages increases search engine optimization and improves search ranking.

In the next section, you will find the 6 best lazy image load plugins available for WordPress.

Best WordPress Image Lazy Load plugins

A3 Lazy Load

A3 Lazy Load Plugin is a well-known plugin that is entirely dedicated to lazy loading, which is user-friendly for mobile devices and websites. So you do not need any experience to use it.

This plugin has simple on and off functions that allow you to add or remove the images on your website.

A3 Lazy Load is available with a 14-day trial period. During the trial period, you will get full support and free upgrades for the trial version.

It costs $24.99 per month for use on up to 5 websites and $49.99 per month for unlimited websites.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

The Lazy Load by WP Rocket is a lightweight plugin that does not affect the website loading time. It is a popular tool that helps load the web page or content that the user needs and load other content as soon as they scroll down.

The main process is that this plugin inserts a small javascript code into the header of the website, which helps to delay the loading of images on the website.

If you are using the WP Rocket Cache plugin, you do not need to install the Lazy Load plugin in WordPress.

This plugin is available for free. So you can use it and make your website load faster.


Smush is an image optimization plugin that has won awards for its performance. The plugin was developed by team WPMUDEV and has features like lazy loading images, compressing images, and optimizing images.

Smush is a plugin that does not affect the loading speed of the website. The plugin can be installed with a few clicks and helps optimize images in bulk or individually.

Smush can be tested for 7 days and costs $7.5 per month.


The Optimole plugin has many features like smart lazy loading, cropping, and image optimization. The entire optimization process is handled through the cloud. Once the plugin is installed, it replaces all images with cloud-based URLs.

With this plugin, you can resize images or compress them to make your images load faster.

Prices start at $22.52 per month as a starter package for 25000 visits monthly, $46.12 per month for 100K monthly visits, and the price increases with the number of monthly visits.


Autoptimze is a popular plugin that has more than 1 million active users. It has some advanced features to optimize the images on your WordPress website. It also supports other image formats like AVIF format and Webp format.

Autoptimze optimizes all scripts and CSS of all themes and plugins on your website through caching and mining.

First of all: The autoptimize plugin is available completely free of charge.

EWWW Image optimizer

If you have this EWWW Image optimizer plugin, you no longer need to edit the images for optimization as it does all the work for optimization. This plugin has advanced features for optimizing bulk images or single images.

It has features like cloud image processing and unlimited image optimization. Moreover, the plugin optimizes png, gif, and pdf files. It also has lossy and lossless compression features.

Pricing starts at $70/year per website and $250/year for unlimited websites.

Final thought

I hope this article helps you choose the 6 best lazy load plugins for a faster WordPress website. I would go for WP Rocket and Optimole, with these tools you can easily get your work done.

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