7 Best Review Plugins for WordPress to increase your website traffic

Are you searching for the best review plugins for your WordPress website? In this post, we have made a collection of best review plugins for WordPress. Nowadays all the business patterns have changed. People nowadays rely on reviews rather than advertisements. Many online users first check out the reviews before buying their products.

Customer feedback and reviews play an important role in shaping customers perceptions and influence the buyer’s behavior. Whether you are planning to buy a brand, any WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, or for restaurants the first thing people look for the reviews. Online reviews are effective right from small business to large business and can benefit from the rating system.

Today, many webmasters are developing review websites to boost their accessibility and visibility for their targeted web visitors and search engine platforms. If you are a WordPress user then you can easily add reviews to your website. You don’t have to know even a single piece of working for adding a review system to your website.

WordPress gives you a wonderful review plugin that helps you to add a review to your website within a couple of minutes. In order to gain better results, you have to choose the best review that helps you to generate more leads for your business. But finding the best plugin is really a tedious job and consumes more time. So to reduce your job we have made a collection of best review plugins for WordPress.

Why use review plugins in WordPress?

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Adding a review for a product or service to a website helps the site owners to increase their business standard. It helps to generate user content and WordPress review plugins make it easier for everyone to upload and update content. These plugins add additional functionality to your website and encourage user feedback on products, content, services, and much more.

These plugins help the readers to have a look at the important points and read the findings of the product/service. People will swap over the website if your website doesn’t provide much feedback or review about the particular product/service their searching for. Review plugins help to grab the viewer’s attention. Having a genuine review on your website will definitely bring an impact on your website and your website will gain heavy traffic.

It lets you create beautiful looking reviews without taking much effort. Even there is a trick over here, to find the best review plugins for your website you have to look for the ratings and review. We have made your selection process easier by listing the best review plugins for your WordPress in an effective way.

1.WP Review


wp review

WP Review comes top in the list for best WordPress review plugin. It is a freemium plugin which gives you a beautiful looking review on your website. It lets you create powerful reviews within a few steps. You can pick up the star, percentage or point-based rating strategies to your testimonials. This plugin is fully responsive and can be customized with unlimited color options.

You can even personalize the review by allowing custom CSS. You can even add extra fields to this plugin and edit it. This plugin is very lightweight and lets you add reviews before or following the article content. It helps you to exhibit the reviews on the sidebar using the shortcodes. This plugin is WPMU compatible which gives you full support for Google rich snippet, WP Review is available for the users for free as well as for paid versions.

It lets you create a clean and organized boxed review that gives space for a large product image, an affiliate link button at the bottom, product details, and the related information with the latest updates.  WP Review plugins let you display the overall user ratings, recent reviews, and top reviews. This plugin is an ideal choice to build reviews on your website.




Taqyeem is one of the professional review plugins that has a sleek design, light and dark theme which is readily available in the market. It is a premium plugin comes with affordable pricing where website owners can make use of it. This plugin is very responsive and lets you customize the fonts, color, images, style etc on each and every review. 

You can even add the custom review criteria based on the product and your needs. The notable feature of this plugin is summary boxes which come in two sizes such ad half width and full size.  This plugin supports RTL(Right to Left) and also comes with custom widgets such as recent reviews, best reviews, and random reviews. This plugin provides both PO(Portable Object) and MO(Machine Object) files, it allows you to easily translate the plugin to support other languages.

You can include several add on features with this plugin. You can build wonderful reviews on your posts, pages, and custom post types. This plugin is preferred by many users because of this clean design. You can even add this plugin to any page virtually by including a meta box in the editor.

This plugin comes with 3 review styles such as stars, points, and percentage and has 3 widgets such as best, recent, and random reviews. It includes other features such as rich snippets, typography options, localization support, responsive layout, multiple options for the rating image, and much more.


3.WP Product Review

wp product review

WP Product Review plugin is created by the Themelsle team. This plugin is freemium which is available for both free as well paid. WP Product Review plugin lets you add the section all the bottom of your posts where the products are being reviewed in different criteria and help you to gain aggregate score.

With a clean table, you can even add the pros and cons of the product that gives an additional note to make your website unique. You can even customize the table, can create comparison tables and import Amazon product information. This plugin comes with a detailed setting section that lets you choose and display the reviews on your website.

Adding a product review is very easy with this plugin. You can even use this plugin to collect the user submitted reviews or allow the users to add their own reviews in the comments. All these reviews will be displayed in schema.org rich snippet format in order to maximize SEO benefit. One of the important plugin to have in every business.

You can also add a lot of shortcodes which lets you position the reviews wherever you want on your website without touching a single line of code. With this plugin, you can also include the Amazon link directly from amazon.com along with its pricing, images etc.

It includes additional features such as valid schema code, preloader functionality for improves user experience, Direct CTA button, global display customization, and custom icons, affiliate links, and much more.  




A reviewer is yet another WordPress review plugin lets you insert reviews and comparison tables in your blog posts and pages very easily. It is a premium plugin and offers 8 customization themes. This plugin supports user rating so you blog users can leave their reviews on the blog without any inconvenience. Reviewer plugin comes with 5 rating modes such as five star, bars, single criteria.

You can publish the reviews of your own site products or services, or even other sites products/services through your blog. This plugin is very easy to use and learn even for beginners. Reviewer comes with various customization options and it is very responsive. There are a number of rating systems and you choose the color as per your wish.

You have any limit in positioning the number of reviews.  Crating a review box or comparison table you don’t have to touch even a single line of code, just you have to embed the shortcodes. This review plugin comes with advanced review systems with different rating modes, collect names, and emails of reviews etc. It also has a Google reCAPTCHA system to prevent spamming and a lot of Google Snippets.

With this plugin, you can display your own review as well as the user’s reviews. It also includes like/dislike feature that will be helpful for the other users to filter. Reviewer includes other features such as unlimited templates, templates manager, affiliate links, user review widgets, review boxes widgets, manage & edit user reviews, retina ready, sort comparison tables, and much more.


5.WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews

WP Customer Reviews is a wonderful WordPress plugin that lets you add reviews to your website. This plugin is perfect for multiuser, multisite, reviewing platforms. All the reviews are displayed in a very pleasant manner. It is one of the best lightweight and SEO-optimized review plugins. Even if you use the custom rating scales and icons this plugin will never slow down your website.

This plugin comes with an external stylesheet that lets you customize and modify it as per your website theme. WP Customer Reviews plugin has several anti-spam measures that help your website prevent spambots. This plugin will not only gather product-specific reviews from users but also design a testimonials page for more generalized reviews.

This plugin offers some shortcodes that you can add to your reviews anywhere on your website. You have complete control of customization and gives you the best experience working with this plugin. You don’t have to know any technical stuff to work with this plugin. Without touching codes you will be able to posts the reviews on your website.  If you wish to receive a review in a very reliable manner the WP Customer Reviews is the best choice.


6.Rich Reviews

rich reviews

Rich Reviews is an open source WordPress plugin that lets you display reviews on your website. This plugin uses shortcodes to display their reviews and you can display the reviews anywhere on your websites such as posts, pages, footer, and sidebar widgets. In this, if you want to collect the user submitted reviews, this plugin will manually approve each review before publishing it.

It helps you to collect customer reviews to display as Google rich snippets. Rich Reviews plugin gives three types of shortcodes such as shown, form, and snippet. Users have an option to copy all these shortcodes to show reviews by specific users, add forms where visitors can drop their comments, and also the overall ratings. Even authors can add their own reviews and display them along with the user’s review.

This plugin gives complete control over the review system. This plugin is very lightweight and offers you a 30-day free trial pack. It allows you moderate submissions and you can choose the reviews that are to be published in each products review page. This plugin comes with translation ready and you customize the reviews as per your wish. Rich Reviews plugin will definitely make your review website look awesome.

This plugin lets you customize 3 types of reviews such as per page/per cost, category, and global reviews that helps the users to review the products, categories, or the entire website. It includes additional features such as flexible CSS, moderated submissions, gravatar image integration, unlimited color options, support available for queries, external style-sheets, and much more. Though the plugin is free it comes with a bundle of features that lets you create a fantastic review system.


7.Good Reviews

good reviews

Good Reviews is a straightforward WordPress plugin that lets you add reviews to your website. This plugin lets you add the reviewer’s photo or someone’s business page to the review. This plugin is trustworthy and will definitely guarantee the users true reviews while reading. Good Reviews gives you complete customization options and you will have full control over the review system.

This plugin will definitely increase your SEO performance and website traffic. With using shortcodes you can insert the reviews anywhere on your website without touching a piece of code. You don’t require much technical stuff to work with this plugin. It allows you to add reviews as well as testimonials to your website and display them anywhere using a search engine schema markup.

Then it will give the reviews using schema.org markup to help the search engines like Google and then it will identify and integrate the reviews with your listing. In this plugin, you also have an option to display a single review or a pack of reviews that your visitors want to see. It is a feature-rich plugin helps you to customize your review system as per your wish.



Reviews are essential for any websites you deal with. Only through the reviews nowadays people are confident enough to take a step to get things. All the above-listed review plugins are very flexible and work effectively. These plugins come with a bundle of features that lets you create an awesome review box.

These plugins have common features as well as certain unique features. You can choose the plugin as per your website’s requirement. Hope you got an idea about the 7 best review themes for WordPress. If you have any queries or if you find any other review plugin that is good apart from this list, please feel free to share with us. So that it will be useful for upcoming readers. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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    • Both are different in a sense.

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