7 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins to SetUp an Effective Website

Worried about picking the best WordPress Lightbox plugin for your website. You are at the right place. Don’t worry we are here to help you out. In this post, we have made a collection of best WordPress Lightbox plugins for you to make use off. The Internet is widely spread all over the world.

With more and more emphasis on marketing and online business, no matter whatever business you are running, you have so much competition. Among so many competitors its hard to make people notice your business. Also in other cases, you are running a business and getting enough amount of traffic.

But to move your business to next standard you need to add some additional functionalities to your website. Only if your website attracts people your brand or business will move ahead further. It is essential to create a stunning and appealing visual effect website that gives the users a memorable experience.

So both for the startup business and intermediate business, your website should actually speak and attract the visitors. In order to do that, the lightbox effect came into existence. Lightbox is a new trend that is been growing and people have gained an advantage using this effect.

What is WordPress lightbox?

A lightbox is an approach that helps to design your website with more media engagement. This approach features an image or video on the screen and makes the whole web page dims out. You will be able to see your web page around the edges. In simple, it is like a popup menu or overlay window that displays your media files on top of your landing page.

It is an innovation and creative way that helps the visitors to focus on the image or video. This effect is impactful in displaying newsletters, slides, opt-in forms, creating an email list,  images or videos, etc. So that it might attract the visitors and you tempt them to get into your website to read about more content.

If your platform is WordPress, then it is very easy to add this effect to your website. Because WordPress comes with dozens of WordPress lightbox plugins. To choose the best plugin will be a difficult task for you. In order to reduce your burden, we have made a collection of best WordPress lightbox plugins for your website.

You can pick the one that is apt for your website. With the help of these lightbox plugins, you can create wonderful media content. Let’s get started with the best WordPress lightbox plugins.

List Of the Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins

  1. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery
  2. Simple Lightbox
  3. Easy FancyBox
  4. FooBox Image Lightbox
  5. WP Video Lightbox
  6. WP Featherlight
  7. Nivo Slider

1. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery


Responsive lightbox & gallery is the top rated and best WordPress lightbox plugin for your website. As the name implies the plugin is very responsive, mobile optimized and fits all the screen and works effectively. It comes with nearly 300,000+ active installs with frequent updates.  The plugin is completely free and it is available in the WordPress repository.

This plugin allows users to see a larger variant of photos in an elegant separate window. This lightbox plugin is user-friendly and gives you wonderful settings option that allows you to display your videos, product galleries from your online store, images, and even custom galleries given by JetPack. Responsive lightbox plugin comes with a bundle of 8 premium add-ons and extensions that lets you customize and create a stunning lightbox.

It has general customization options such as opacity, overlay color, transitions, in/out scrolling etc. The plugin has 7 different lightbox styles including SwipeBox, Nivo Lightbox, PrettyPhoto, Image Lightbox, TosRUs, Featherlight, and FancyBox which gives you a wonderful look and feel compared to other websites.

This plugin works effectively with WooCommerce and allows you to automatically add lightbox support to the product images. This plugin works on multisite and it supports multi-language where you can translate and use this plugin on any language website.

Responsive lightbox plugin has 3 different gallery templates such as Grid, Slider, and Masonry. The plugin easily adds video links from other websites such as Vimeo and YouTube. It is also possible to set the caption, description, and image title of the media file that you use.


  • Compatible with Visual Composer which allows drag & drop feature
  • Gallery and single image widget is available
  • Highly customizable options
  • There is an option to enter a selector for lightbox
  • Allows you to modify native WordPress gallery links image size
  • Gallery picker to insert shortcodes
  • Can create galleries from the media library or post attached images

2. Simple Lightbox

simple lightbox

Simple Lightbox is a powerful WordPress lightbox plugin that is available in the WordPress repository. The plugin is free and has nearly 200,000+ active installs. This plugin allows you to give simple and quick lightbox for your WordPress pages, posts, archive, widget, categories, tags, and menu.

You will definitely fall in love with this plugin if you wish to display the image in the lightbox in a minimalist way. Working with this plugin you don’t require to touch even a single line of code. It will activate all the images and media files automatically for lightbox. It comes with customization options such as light and dark themes, animations etc.

This plugin offers features such as infinite add-ons, support image attachments, keyboard navigation, automatic image resizing, loop through images,  and lot more. These features make this plugin stand out from the crowd. You can also display metadata for your image and add captions, description for your image. With the help of this plugin, you can display the image separately and or as a slideshow.

It lets you set the animations, overlay opacity, slideshows, transitions, speed etc. As the name indicates it is a simple lightbox without any fancy styles and plenty of customizations. The plugin is lightweight and very easy to use. The plugin is mobile optimized and also works effectively on all the devices. Overall a clean and simple plugin which is highly effective for WordPress users.


  • Supports links in widgets
  • Several premium add-ons
  • Offers group image links
  • Provides many customizable lightbox animations
  • Provides themes that are completely customizable
  • Display title, caption, description, and other media information

3. Easy FancyBox

easy fancybox

Easy FancyBox is yet another powerful and popular WordPress lightbox plugin. The plugin is freely available in the WordPress repository. It has nearly 300,000+ active installs with frequent updates. This plugin uses the FancyBox style.

You have to just install it and link all your images and photo galleries to their media files. So when you upload or create an image, then the lightbox will automatically engage. It lets you add stunning lightbox to your website and comes with tons of customization options.

The plugin is completely responsive and works effectively on all the devices. It is compatible with all the WordPress themes and plugins as well. It comes with plenty of features for you to create a wonderful lightbox. If you want additional features then you can upgrade to the pro version of this plugin.


  • WP3+ compatibility
  • Automatic detection of media galleries and links
  • Animation effects
  • Supports Vimeo, Dailymotion, flash movies, and YouTube
  • Links inside Gravity forms in ajax mode
  • Uses lightbox for all common image formats such as image maps, SVG etc.

4. FooBox Image Lightbox


FooBox Image Lightbox is an excellent WordPress lightbox plugin. It comes with a modern interface and a social friendly display of your media files. The plugin is available for free in the WordPress repository. It has nearly 100,000+ active installs.

The plugin comes with social icons attached which helps to share your images easily. FooBox Image Lightbox is very responsive and WordPress effectively on all the devices. The plugin also lets you rearrange the button positions to ensure they work great on all the devices. The plugin comes with several customization options and you can enable lightbox for galleries, attachments, and images with captions.

It has features such as image counter, hides scrollbars, shows captions on hover, social sharing options, advanced styling options etc. This plugin is compatible with other gallery add-ons such as JetPack, NextGEN gallery, Envira Gallery, and much more.

With its stunning and visual astonishing effects, you can create an eye catchy lightbox. With this plugin, you can enable or disable each setting to your preference. Using this plugin even beginners will feel like ice on the cake. It allows you to add stunning images, HTML, videos, and other media content. If you want additional features, then you can upgrade to the pro version of this plugin.


  • Zero configuration
  • Works with captions and galleries
  • Metabox available
  • Control options to exclude or include JS and CSS assets
  • WooCommerce products can be displayed in the lightbox
  • You can get full screen and slideshow modes
  • Built-in social sharing for each file
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo video formats for lightbox

5. WP Video Lightbox


WP Video Lightbox is another effective WordPress lightbox plugin. From the name itself you can guess that you can embed video in the lightbox. Something different rite? Yes exactly you are possible to display the lightbox with video with the help of this plugin and definitely your visitors will love it. Surprising this effective plugin is also available for free in the WordPress repository.

It has nearly 70,000+ active installs with frequent updates. This plugin allows you to add videos on the page or post. With this plugin, you can even display images, flash, contents, YouTube and Vimeo files. This plugin comes with plenty of customization options and also gives you full control over the opacity, resizing permission, window themes, autoplay, padding, deep linking, and also the animation speed.

Working with the plugin you don’t have to know any coding knowledge. With the use of shortcodes, you can embed the video from different sources. The plugin is fully responsive, mobile optimized so it fits any size of screens. This plugin works effectively on all the WordPress themes and plugins.


  • Keyboard shortcuts available
  • The ability to disable a video at the end of a YouTube video
  • Allows you to use both shortcode or HTML code to popup media in a lightbox
  • Allows you to show a description of a popup in the overlay
  • Deep linking compatible
  • Horizontal padding option
  • Full control over the display settings and much more

6.WP Featherlight

wp featherlight

WP Featherlight is one of the best WordPress lightbox plugins. This plugin is available for free in the WordPress repository and has nearly 60,000+ active installs. It is a simple jQuery lightbox plugin. You have to just link the media file option whenever you upload a new image or gallery. The plugin is lightweight and easy to use.

With the complete jQuery coding, you can easily create attractive lightbox popup. You can add images, video, iframes, ajax content with the plugin. It even allows you to add custom links to directly link the image files. You also have an option to disable the lightbox to certain pages.

The plugin is completely responsive and works effectively on all the devices. This plugin works on all the browsers as well. It is fully compatible with all the WordPress themes and plugins. It lets you build a stunning lightbox to your website without any hassle.


  • Well documented plugin
  • Comes with a single lightbox style
  • Automatically adds lightbox to your media elements
  • Minimalistic and content focuses lightbox
  • Disable lightbox option

7. Nivo Slider

nivo slider

Nivo Slider is yet another powerful WordPress lightbox plugin. It allows you to create wonderful lightbox slideshows and galleries for your posts and pages. This plugin has nearly 40,000+ active installs all over the world. With the help of this plugin, you can create and display your media files effectively.

You can customize the transitions, size, number of slides, and styles of a lightbox. In order to bring the lightbox live, you have to create a gallery or slider, choose the preferences and then publish it. Later copy and paste the new sliders shortcode in the post or page where you want the lightbox to display.

The plugin is very responsive and works effectively on all the devices. The plugin is also compatible with all the WordPress themes and plugins. It comes with tons of features and customization options.


  • Slider widgets
  • Allows you to create an unlimited quality of sliders
  • Automatic image cropping to make things easy
  • Inbuilt sliders to choose from
  • 16 transition effects to give your sliders and slideshows great look
  • Carousel creating capabilities by using admin dashboard


Lightbox effect is something with makes your website much more lively and lets visitors stay connected with you and grab their attention. In the lightbox, you can add media files and present it in an elegant way. You can add lightbox to anywhere on the page or post.

Adding the lightbox plugin to your website will help you to gain more traffic. All above-mentioned plugins are really effective and very easy to use. You don’t have to worry that adding this plugin will slow your website speed or SEO friendly. All these plugins are carefully picked and they never slow down your loading speed. The plugins are responsive too, so users can use your website from any device and they will never feel any discomfort.

These are the top picked 7 best WordPress lightbox plugins for your website. From the list, you can choose the plugin as per your requirement. Hope you got an idea about the 7 best WordPress lightbox plugins. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to comment to us. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected with us for further updates and articles.

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