10 Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Your Website

You need to make your WordPress website multilingual by adding the WordPress translator. English is the most commonly used language around the world. So whatever you are looking for on the internet or on a website, it is written in English. Even if it is easy to understand, it can be difficult for users.

If you make your website multilingual, your website will be understandable and easy to use for everyone. Your global market can also grow if you can easily connect with users. In this case, you will benefit from improving your SEO ranking as well as your business.

In WordPress, it is very easy to add a language translator to a website. You just need to download and install one of the best WordPress translation plugins. The process will only take a few minutes.

After that, you can translate your website into any language that suits users’ needs. Finding the best WordPress translation plugins is a difficult task for beginners. In this post, we will list the 10 best WordPress translation plugins for your website.

List Of The WordPress Translation Plugins

WordPress translation plugins will make wonders for any website. It lets users communicate with the website easily. Here is a list of these plugins one by one.


WPML stands for WordPress Multilingual. This plugin is both versatile and user-friendly. It is one of the most advanced translation plugins. This plugin supports almost 40 languages and you can add your own languages.

The process is very simple: you just need to install it, choose the language of your website, and then it will be translated automatically. This plugin takes care of managing multiple languages and you can connect your website to a language translator that can translate your content (that is, this plugin supports both manual and automatic translations).

You can translate custom posts, pages, tags, taxonomies, widgets, theme texts, and much more. Some important features of this plugin are: it is the first plugin to offer full language translation, it provides you with regular updates and improvements, has a fantastic support team, has powerful translation management, and works with the most effective

WordPress themes, there is a language switching option for users. It may translate all WordPress themes and plugins. However, this plugin offers many additional features in both free and premium versions. With this plugin, you can create and run a multilingual e-commerce website or a website that uses the multilingual features of WooCommerce.

Loco Translate

Loco is another powerful translation plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can translate the themes and plugins into your browser. It provides you with in-browser editing. If you need additional features, there is an option with a localization tool to extract strings and create templates.

This plugin is integrated with your WordPress dashboard. This plugin has great functions and features. With the help of this plugin, you can directly create and update the language files for themes and plugins.

The notable features of this plugin include Support for PO features, PO backup configuration, a built-in editor, direct creation and updating of themes and plugins, a native MO compilation, built-in locale code, a PO editor with keyboard shortcut support, and much more.



The TranslatePress plugin is used to translate a WordPress website. You can translate the content of the website with this plugin. The TranslatePress plugin helps developers automatically translate their websites into many languages. For example, if you have a Spanish version of your website, the plugin will automatically translate your website into Spanish and let your visitors choose whether they want to see the website in English or Spanish.

Developers can also specify which languages should be translated and which should not. Then all the content will be translated automatically and the plugin will display it on the screen.

You can have your website translated into multiple languages, for example, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, and many others.

Developers can control all aspects of translation settings. The free version supports up to 100 languages; the paid version supports thousands of languages. The plugin is easy to use, and you do not need any special knowledge to install or configure it. You can also specify the language of the text that will be translated with the plugin.


Weglot is considered the unique translation plugin. It is one of the most powerful and user-friendly plugins. It is compatible with all plugins and themes. This plugin is the easiest way to translate your website in minutes. With the help of this plugin, you can translate your WordPress website into multiple languages.

With this plugin, you can edit the translations manually and even buy professional translations to get the best translation quality. The setup process is very simple, you do not need any code for it. It works effectively. The biggest additional advantage of this plugin is that it is SEO compatible.

This plugin follows all the conditions of multilingual SEO and provides you with the best-translated website. All translated versions of your website will be indexed by Google. This plugin saves your time and delivers you a clean translated website. This plugin offers you almost 60 languages and everything can be managed from your WordPress dashboard.

Weglot is available in both free and premium versions. You may want to get professional translations for specific languages. Even if you opt for the paid version, this plugin is worth investing in because you can customize the language switching buttons. You do not have to search for translation files (.po) or WordPress core files.

Due to the short time span, this plugin became very popular and is used for e-commerce stores, mobile apps, corporate websites, SaaS companies, and many more.


Polylang is a well-known multilingual WordPress plugin. You can use its maximum features for free. With this plugin you can add languages and manage the translation process for your WordPress website.

With this plugin, you can translate your posts, pages, categories, media, menus, widgets, tags, images, and much more. This plugin allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual website. With this plugin, the translation has to be done by the editor himself, as Polylang is not integrated with an automatic translation service.

With the help of this plugin, you can use as many languages for your website as you want. It is considered one of the most efficient and user-friendly plugins. The process is very simple. You just need to create the languages you want, add them to the language changer and the translation is ready.

This plugin does not require any shortcodes, it directly relies on the WordPress core functions. This plugin supports RTL scripts, so you can translate any number of languages. Since the administration interface of this plugin is multilingual, the user can set the WordPress administration language in his profile.

With this plugin, it is possible to translate custom post types and taxonomies. You can even use subdirectories, subdomains, and even separate domains. This plugin is compatible with major SEO plugins and works effectively. While the free version offers you a lot of features, the premium version offers you more advanced features. Just make use of it.

Translate WordPress with GTranslate

GTranslate is also the best plugin to translate your website into multiple languages. It is able to convert any WordPress website into a multilingual version. This plugin provides free machine translation of your website. It is a good WordPress translator.

This plugin uses an automatic translation system from Google translate, which allows you to translate your website into any language. You can easily install and configure this plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can translate your website to almost 103 languages.

This plugin offers the possibility to translate your website into a new window, so you can switch between them. GTranslate plugin is compatible with Yoast SEO and WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can set up live chats for queries.

This plugin has several features in both the free and paid versions. However, in the paid version, the translation can be edited manually. Most of the functions are

  • Possible for URL translation
  •  Google automatic translation
  • Posts, pages, widgets, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and media translation are possible
  • There is a floating language selector
  • Language switcher
  • Once you are done with the translation, you can hide the Google top frame
  • There is lazy loading, in order to improve the performance of your site
  • It gives you a fast loading since  they are all combined
  • You can automatically adjust the site data to browser-defined language
  • In this plugin, there is a sub-directory and sub-domain URL structure and many more features.

In the paid version you will have much more additional features compared to the free version. Make the best use of it.

Google Language Translator

google language translator

Google Language Translator plugin is one of the most important WordPress translation plugins. It is very user-friendly and is considered a lightweight plugin. This plugin provides you multilingual support in a simple way. This plugin is not provided by Google, but it is based on the Google translation tool.

With the help of this plugin, you can add the Google translation tool anywhere on your website by using the shortcodes for your pages and posts. It is free and lets you translate your website into any language. This plugin not only helps users read your website in a translated version but also lets your users translate your website.

This plugin works effectively with all themes and updated versions of WordPress. With this plugin, you can translate your website into almost 60 languages. The function of this plugin is based on Google Translation API.

The plugin option is located at the top of the page, so you can translate it to any language you want. If you need additional features for translation, you can opt for a premium version.

Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation plugin is one of the best multilingual plugins. It is a cloud-based translation management tool that helps you translate your content to the Lingotek server via a cloud. This plugin has gained popularity in a very short time.

This plugin combines manual, professional, and community translation with cloud-based translation. You can easily translate your website into any language. It is both simple and user-friendly. All features are available in the WordPress dashboard, you can easily set it up and use it.

You have the option to edit and clean up the machine translation at any time. For machine translation, it provides you with Microsoft Translator API. With the help of this plugin, you can translate the posts, pages, widgets, tags, etc. There is an option for language switching via widgets.

While the translation is being processed, you can track the progress using a live percentage bar. Once the process is complete, the content is transferred to your website. Since it is a cloud-based localization and translation, the translation can be processed smoothly without any issues.

This plugin is much more advanced compared to other translation plugins. Here, the machine translations with Microsoft Translator are free for up to 100,000 characters. This plugin supports RTL scripts and can be obtained from more than 5000 translators. It has a customized workflow and is very cost-effective.

This plugin has an auto-copy option that copies posts, categories, and metadata when a new post or page is translated. It allows you to set the management language for your WordPress. Once the translation is done, it will be published automatically.


WPGlobus stands for Website Globalization. It is a family of WordPress plugins that help you translate your website into a bilingual/multilingual website. This plugin provides you with free translation tools. You can manually translate pages, posts, widgets, tags, categories, etc.

With this plugin, you can add any language you want. This plugin does not allow you to translate your text automatically, you have to do everything manually. With this plugin, you can add country flags and language names to your website.

In this plugin, you can integrate separate add-on features like Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPBakery TinyMCE, WPGlobus mobile menu, WPGlobus plus, and so on. You can use the WPGlobus translation option if the third-party plugin or active themes have their own radio button where you can enter your text. For premium add-ons, WPGlobus is compatible with Beaver Builder, Avada, Divi, Page Builder from Site Origin, etc.

Google Website Translator

google website translator

Google Website Translator is another powerful and fast translation plugin. This plugin is based on the Google translation service. This plugin is very easy to install and set up. It seems to be one of the most user-friendly plugins.

You can translate almost 100 languages with the help of Google’s automatic translation service. This plugin has a unique admin panel and a widget called Prisna GWT for using the shortcodes. The translation process is simple and visible to users. You can optimize this plugin to make your website load faster.

In this plugin, you have the option to import/export settings so that you can easily transfer your configurations. This plugin is an added advantage for your WordPress website. This plugin saves all settings in one record, so your website will load faster. The support team is very active. You can always make a request and they will help you solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

The translation is one of the most time-consuming processes for any website. It is good for any website to have a translation. There are numerous WordPress translation plugins on the market. These plugins help your visitors to easily communicate in their own language. It also makes your website more user-friendly. Thus, the number of visitors to your website will increase and so will your SEO ranking.

The plugins listed above are worth using on your website. In any case, these plugins will not slow down your website. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave us a comment. You can also subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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