Vulnerabilities in ProfilePress WordPress Plugin and avoid using security patches

profilepress wordpress plugin

Hello, WordPress admins. There is an important announcement, there are many security vulnerabilities were discovered in ProfilePress WordPress plugin that could take over site completely. WordPress released some security patches make sure you have your WordPress updated. Discovered Vulnerabilities in Multiple ProfilePress WordPress Plugin As a team in the Wordfence has shared some of the … Read more

WPEngine Makes Local Pro Free for All Users

local pro for everyone

WP engine announced that Local pro, the local WordPress development products are made available for free. Actually, starting from WordPress version 6.0 all features are paid subscriptions but now WP Engine announced that paid subscription is now available with a free Local account. That means the paid subscription is available now free to all. The … Read more

Research states that Half of all phishing sites display the padlock

We always think that a website with the green padlock states that we are connected to a secured connection and nothing to worry surrounding our details. But new research states that half of all phishing sites display the padlock, making people think they are safe. The report by the PhishLabs states that 49% of the … Read more