WPEngine Makes Local Pro Free for All Users

WP engine announced that Local pro, the local WordPress development products are made available for free. Actually, starting from WordPress version 6.0 all features are paid subscriptions but now WP Engine announced that paid subscription is now available with a free Local account. That means the paid subscription is available now free to all. The free subscription includes Live Links Pro, Instant Reload, Link Checker, and MagicSync.

Local means that it contains a set of local WordPress developer tools and gives the solutions for three lakh users who enjoy development to build sites, test, and speed up their development. WP Engine Senior Vice President Seth Halpern said that “We believe Local Pro features benefit a broader WordPress developer community and we want to deliver the full value of Local to more developers than ever”.

As of now, WP Engine will have the WordPress economy at $596.7B found in the recent research. Still, now, there are 3 lakhs users gain the advantage in Local and if the company makes the Local free then they would get more customers. Since the Local gained more popularity due to its ease in development and testing environments.

Version 6.0 introduces Local’s new cloud backup feature, which allows the user to backup their entire development into the cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then the backups can be downloaded from the Tools tab. In the 6.0 release, some features have been moved to the new locations in the interfaces below”

  • Link Checker and Instant Reload have been moved to the cloud to the Local Addons library.
  • Live Links Pro, will be accessible for all users by connecting your local account.
  • MagicSync, the default push/pull experience can be toggled in the preference menu.
  • Xdebug Add-ons have moved from the utility tab into the tools tab within Local.

The subscribers of existing Local pro will get their access to priority support until 1st September 2021. After that, the support using tickets will be discontinued and the Local Pro subscribers will be directed to the community forum and help docs.

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