How to Set Up WordPress Form Tracking in Google Analytics

Most of them require an easy way to track their WordPress form submitted in Google Analytics. This article will provide a meaningful way of tracking WordPress Forms.

In some cases, you would’ve many forms to monitor and manage, in this case, you will feel hard. So, the total functionalities will be easy by applying conversion tracking in Google Analytics. 

This article will show you the easy way to set up Google Analytics Form tracking for your website. So, we move to the next section.

Why should WordPress Forms be tracked using Google Analytics?

Forms are the best way to connect with your audience which helps in boosting eCommerce and your business. 

By using Google Analytics, you could easily retrieve all information from the forms. It helps in identifying which forms got higher submissions and optimizing lower submission forms. Sometimes, Analytics looks hard for beginners but don’t worry there are many simple ways to compare a form’s performance.

Which Plugin will be best for form tracking in Google Analytics?

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin available in the WordPress plugin store which will set up a form tracking process within a few clicks. 

So, by using the MonsterInsights plugin, the following are the possibilities that can be experienced.

  • You can identify which form gets more submissions.
  • You can track the views made on the forms.
  • The conversion rate of form can be optimized.

How to set up WordPress form Tracking in Google Analytics?

The best way to set up WordPress form tracking in Google Analytics could be possible by using the plugin called MonsterInsights. This plugin has 3 million active users who have used the plugin for their business growth. 

The main advantage of this plugin is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to set up WordPress. Also, the MonsterInsights plugin will automatically integrate with all popular WordPress forms like contact forms, WPForms, etc.

Now, it’s time to move on to know the steps to set up WordPress form tracking in Google Analytics.

Step 1: Plugin Activation

The MonsterInsights plugin can be installed and activated from the WordPress plugin store. 

Once you have done with the activation process. Now you get the welcome screen and to go ahead, just click the ‘Launch the wizard’ button to proceed.

Step 2: MonsterInsight Setup

Now the next step will be the setting up of the MonsterInsight plugin. This requires website categories and mentioning the license keys.

To get started, Navigate to “Insights -> Settings” in the WordPress dashboard menu. Next, you will get the “Connect MonsterInsight” Button to start the process. If you have a license key to upgrade to the pro version, you can mention it in the text field under the License key.

The next screen will ask to select a profile. You can use your registered Google account. Specify the Google account and finally click on the “Allow” button to make a successful connection.

Next, you need to connect your website with MonsterInsight by providing the website address. 

Now, MonsterInsight will now connect with your website. 

Step 3: View your WordPress forms performance

How to view my WordPress forms performing through MonsterInsight?

MonsterInsight enables an easy way to view the performance of your WordPress forms within 2 clicks.

To get the performance report, just click on Insights -> Reports from the WordPress dashboard and then click the ‘Overview’ tab.

Next, to see the individual performance of the forms. Just click on the ‘Forms’ tab and you will get the below screen.

The form shows the impression of the form, which means the number of viewers who viewed the form. The conversion is the number of people who completed the form. 

Now, it is possible to view your form performance in Google Analytics. So, you just need to login into Google Analytics and choose the website property menu. 

Step 4: Top event forms

How to find my website’s top event forms in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, just click on “Behavior” then Events → Top Events from the menu left.

If you click on “Form” under the Event Category, you can get “Impression and Conversion” in the form category.  

Final Words

That’s it! Hope you got the simple way to view the impression and conversion of your forms in Google Analytics using MonsterInsights. This article would help you in identifying the impact of your WordPress forms and it gives a way to improve your website in the future. 


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