What is CloudFlare? – Advantages and Disadvantages

Cloudflare is a service that helps to increase the performance and speed of your website. It has services like CDN, DDoS attack protection, Free Domain Name Server(DNS) services. It caches the static content of your website and delivers the result in a much faster way. It will download all the static pages of your website to its server and the server display the result to your website visitors very quickly. Cloudflare CDN stores all your content in the data center around the world and they have 152 data centers. So when a user sends a request to your website, this Cloudflare will take the content from the data center which is geographically located nearest. By this, the loading time drastically reduces and the speed of the website will be high. 

It gives a Web Application Firewall(WAF) to your website. Cloudflare is good at providing security to your website. It fights against DDoS attacks, spammers, and malware injections. 

Cloudflare is available in premium as well as free versions. A free version will be suitable only for small websites. If your website is quite large then you can go for a premium version. The plans for Cloudflare include Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. In the free version, it gives a shared SSL certificate and in the Pro version, it gives a custom SSL certificate. 

Advantages of CloudFlare:

  • Cloudflare is free for basic users and it very easy to set up
  • Your IP address is hidden, so it difficult for the hackers to attack the server
  • It protects your website from hackers
  • It allows only genuine users to access the website so that the resources of your website are saved and the speed of your website is improved
  • Cloudflare protects your website from Dos and DDoS attack
  • Even if your website goes slow, Cloudflare will serve the cached files until your site comes back to normal
  • It provides a free SSL certificate

Disadvantages of CloudFlare:

  • There is a worth using CloudFlare only if your site is having enough traffic or you to protect your site from hackers
  • Since Cloudflare acts as a middleman, if it goes down, even your website will drop down
  • There is a possibility to block the genuine users of your site as well
  • If you are using shared hosting, then you have to check whether Cloudflare can access the shared hosting
  • The options for security is limited

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