WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How to use the WordPress Block Editor

wordpress gutenberg tutorial

Like WordPress, most applications haven’t had many changes in their parts, but it still suits the current needs. While other platforms like Medium providing real-time experiences for writers. The WordPress platforms have also introduced a new editor called Gutenberg, which holds a name called block editor. The name ‘Gutenberg’ is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who …

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ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS in WordPress: How to Fix This Issue?


So, you received a “Err_Too_Many_Redirects” error on your WordPress, got confused. Don’t get panic, I am here to troubleshoot your problem. Just follow the guidance over here in this article. It’s fortunate, the error looks not more confusing than other errors. You can identify the error raised by its name because it states that the …

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How to Remove /wordpress/ From your WordPress Site URL?

emove /wordpress/ From your WordPress Site URL

WordPress is the famous CMS(Content Management System) globally; with this software, anyone can build websites easily without touching a single line of code. Sometimes, beginners install WordPress manually and accidentally install it on the subdirectory instead of the root directory; this seems less. For example, they install the “/wordpress/” or “/example/” directory where examples can be anything. This makes …

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