What is Open Source Software?

In the world of programming, the word “Open Source Software” is a rather common term. However, for the not-so-savvy technology enthusiast particularly when it comes to software. Open Source Software can mean a whole lot of different things. On this post, we will look at what is Open Source Software, the difference with other types of software. And Importance of Open Source Software.

What is Open Source Software?

An Open Source Software implies a computer program where its source code is open, and it is not encrypted thus can be used or accessed by every person. The term coined by software developers who wanted to create a platform for sharing their codes.

what is open source software? it is software program anyone can view, edit and redistribute to anyone without licence fees


The Open Source Software can be modified and redesigned by any person who wishes to do so according to their preferences and needs.

An Open Source Software also provides an excellent opportunity to study about different applications and programs thereby facilitate development.

The Open Source Software improved through bugging, testing for errors and submitting patches.

An example of popular Open Source Software is the WordPress that can be modified according to preferences of the users to make your blog more attractive. You can use WordPress to build any type of sites and blogs.

In today’s fast-paced world where the technology development both from hardware and a software perspective has become the order of the day. Open Source Software has continued to improve innovation through providing a community for open exchange of skills and ideas.

What are the differences between other types of software and the Open Source Software?

One of the differences between open source software and other kinds of software’s is that whereas the Open Source Software accessed by any person, other types of software exclusive to their creators only.

In other words, they have a closed source. This implies that the program codes only accessed by a limited number of persons. That could be a team, a person, company, etc.

In addition to this, Open Source Software’s typically require every user to accept terms and conditions before the access whereas other types of software’s may not necessarily require its users to accept terms and conditions before they access the software.

What is the importance of the Open Source Software?

Open Source Software has not only improved innovation. But has provided solutions to different software problems through creating an open exchange community.

The Open Source Software has also created rapid prototyping, meritocracy, transparency, and community-based development through collaborative participation.

Open Source Software’s can manipulate and modify their functions through tweaking its features or fixing areas of the application or software that doesn’t seem to work well for programmers.

Different applications for sending messages, chats, emails, and videos through smartphones and personal computers use web pages that have built through Open Source Software.

Additionally, Open Source Software’s have facilitated the development of cloud computing such as Next cloud.

List of Top Open Source Softwares

  • Linux OS
  • MySQL
  • Apache HTTP
  • PHP
  • FireFox
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Node.js and much more.

Bottom Line

An Open Source Software is essential to not only the computer programmers but also to non-programmers also.

Vast numbers of Innovative technologies have primarily built through Open Source Software, for example, the Linux.

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