Disabling the Language Switcher on WordPress Login Screen

We are all using the WordPress login screen to login into our WordPress blogs and websites. We can see it under the log-in button where we type in our username and password. If you are not happy with the English language that you are using, you can use another language. But, what if you want …

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The Ultimate Guide to Bulk Schedule Posts in WordPress

WordPress is excellent blogging software, but when you have too many posts you may find yourself having trouble organizing them into categories or making them look nice. One of the finest features of WordPress is that it has an inbuilt schedule post option. You can schedule the date and time for your blog posts. Based …

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Best WordPress Widget Plugins: 21+ Must-Have Picks for 2022

Best WordPress Widget plugins

Since version 2.2, WordPress allows its users to add widgets to their page. This is one of the game-changer because it helps many users to display their requirements using the widgets available. In simple terms, Widgets let WordPress users display useful and eye-catching features on your WordPress sidebar, and also you can add widget plugins …

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