What is WordPress? – WP Tutorials For Beginners

What is WordPress? It is a open source software helps to build blog or website easily without using hard coding.

What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). You can use WordPress to build a websites or blogs easily without touching a single line of code. WordPress was introduced in 2003 to improve the typography of everyday writing. But now, WordPress used to build a blog or any website without using complex …

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Growth Hacking WordPress – To keep your site over the roof of success

Growth Hacking WordPress

Growth Hacking, this word has been discussing less over the internet but having more power when it is applied. Due to the less discussion made on the topic, the people look less educated about growth hacking techniques. As with the term ‘WordPress’, the topic Growth Hacking is very crucial for startups. The growth Hacking concept …

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Brizy Pro Review – Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Brizy Pro Review

I have been using Brizy for my agency-related work, and it has been a fabulous experience for me. That’s why I am taking my time writing a Brizy review for the WordPress plugin. No questions asked it the most user-friendly Page builder you find in WordPress and a great alternative to Elementor & Divi. No …

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What is XAMPP? and How to Install XAMPP on Local Computer?

what is XAMPP?

Are you a Web developer? Haven’t you wonder what XAMPP is? If you don’t know it yet, we will explain in detail what is XAMPP & Install XAMPP on the localhost. XAMPP is an open-source software developed by Apache Friends. XAMPP software package contains Apache distributions for Apache server, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. And it is basically …

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