Adding IndexNow in WordPress to Speed Up SEO Results

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS) used for blogs, personal websites, online stores, etc. If you want to add IndexNow to your website or blog, we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial that will help you do it easily and quickly.

When the keyword-rich content of your site is not indexed, you will suffer a huge drop in traffic from search engines.


Indexing is an integral part of search engine optimization. If you are not indexing your content, you are losing out on potential traffic. When it comes to blogging, the faster you can publish new posts, the better it is for you and your site. 

It helps search engines find and index your content quickly, which makes it easier for your content to appear in search results. But in order to make sure your content is indexed, you have to do some extra work. 

Indexing is critical for search engines. In fact, many search engines like Google and Bing are known for being aggressive in their indexing. That said, there is a catch to it. You must index in a way that is not harming your site’s performance.

In this article, we will show you how to add IndexNow in WordPress to speed up your SEO results.

The best and easiest way to speed up your SEO is to add IndexNow to your WordPress website.  As everyone is aware that search engines are responsible for website traffic.

 The search engine quickly grabs the updates of your website. Ig=f you make any changes to the content on your website, that will be discoverable to your users. So this helps to speed up your SEO. 

What is IndexNow?

IndexNow is the simplest way to index your WordPress website in search engines. It is an automatic ping that allows the search engine to know whether any post or page URL on your website has been added, modified, or deleted. 

Now it can update the changes in the SEO to speed up the results. Also, it removes all the unwanted crawls, which improves internet efficiency. In the initial days, the search engine used XML Sitemaps to search for new content and URLs. 

In this process, the search engine takes time from a day to even a week to discover the new content as it visits your website on a regular basis. So what happens is, that your customer will be able to reach your website only after your page is been indexed. 

In order to overcome this problem, Microsoft initiated this new method IndexNow supporting Microsoft Bing and Yandex in order to give a better user experience and make sure that the contents are recorded quickly and correctly in search engines. 

Another most significant feature is that one ping search engine is more than enough to alert all the new search engines when new content is published.  

Let’s see two different methods to add IndexNow in WordPress

1. Using AIOSEO Plugin

2. Using IndexNow Plugin

  • Using AIOSEO Plugin

AIOSEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins all over the world. This plugin is quite simple to use and allows you to add IndexNow easily. 

Setting up AIOSEO Plugin

Initially, install an active AIOSEO plugin. This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. When you get on to the premium version it has a few more advanced features.

Once activate, right from your WordPress dashboard move to AIOSEO>>Feature Manager.

You will be able to see a few features on the screen. Here you will find the IndexNow feature. You enable the IndexNow feature and it will automatically generate the API code and that’s it ready to use. Everything is automatic and you need not worry about it. 

In order to verify, move to AIOSEO>>General Settings and then click the Webmaster Tools Tab. There you will be able to see the IndexNow icon. Just click on the icon. Now your website IndexNow API key is pre-configured.

There are many more features available in this plugin to improve your SEO ranking. You can just try it out and make use of it. 

That’s it you have successfully added IndexNow in WordPress using AIOSEO plugin.

  • Using IndexNow Plugin

If you are looking for an effective SEO plugin for WordPress, then IndexNow is what you need. It works great, has lots of useful features, and is easy to use. Adding the IndexNow plugin to your WordPress site will speed up your website’s SEO results, and you’ll never have to worry about whether your page is indexed by Google again. Index Now is a plugin that helps you optimize your site with keywords. It adds more options to search engine optimization (SEO) and makes it easy for your readers to find your site.

Setting up IndexNow Plugin

First of all, install and activate the IndexNow plugin.

Once activate, from your WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings>>IndexNow. Just click on the ‘Get Started’ option. Now the plugin automatically configures everything and generates the API key. 

That’s it a screen will appears with IndexNow stats stating successful URL submission and more.

Finally, the IndexNow plugin is configured successfully in WordPress.


Indexing the site allows search engines to find and rank the content on your site. Without it, you may have a difficult time getting your content found. Adding a plugin like AIOSEO and IndexNow can help speed up your site and increase your rankings. 

Hope you got an idea about how to add IndexNow to WordPress and speed up your SEO results. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment. Your comments are most welcome. 







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