How to Fix a Slow WordPress Website?

How to Fix a Slow WordPress Website

If your company has an official site, it was most likely built with WordPress. There is a purpose why WordPress hosting and WordPress CMS are of preference for so many professionals and businesses: it is simple to set up and extremely user-friendly. If, on the other hand, your technological expertise is limited and you built … Read more

Add RSS Sitemap in WordPress:How To Using AIO SEO Plugin

Have you heard of RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. In the context of web design, it’s a way to subscribe to specific feeds from websites and get updates in real-time. RSS sitemaps are used to enable RSS readers to locate all the links within your blog and site for their users. It is … Read more

Adding IndexNow in WordPress to Speed Up SEO Results

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS) used for blogs, personal websites, online stores, etc. If you want to add IndexNow to your website or blog, we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial that will help you do it easily and quickly. When the keyword-rich content of your site is not indexed, … Read more

WordPress SEO Checklist: Essential Steps to be on Top of Google Rankings

WordPress SEO Checklist

You would have definitely heard that WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly. This USP essentially flows from the code generated by the platform, which is in line with most SEO best practices. Its built-in features function effectively to take a search engine crawler through the various posts, pages, and categories so your site can ultimately be included … Read more