A Handpicked List of 6 Best Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best payment plugins to accept the payments for your website? You are the right place, in this post, we will list a collection of best-handpicked Stripe payment plugins for WordPress website. Everyone will be wondering what is the term Stripe and how can we use it to accept payments?.

Stripe is actually a third party payment processor company that makes it easy for companies to do business online. It allows you to accept payments directly onsite and has an option to accept Payment Requests, SEPA, and much more payments methods. It lets the customers to easily pay using their credit card or debit card without any inconvenience.

Stripe payment is amazing for all type of business. Stripe comes with wonderful pricing, 24/7 customer support, game-changing features and much more. It is actually similar to PayPal but more secure and comes with plenty of user-friendly tools. It makes the payment process very easy for customers without loading additional pages, so customers will be satisfied and need not wait for a long time to make their payment.

That brings a good impression on your website. It has very impressive features and you can set up the Stripe very easily. This platform supports all most all credit and debit cards over 100 currencies as well as payments from Alipay, Bitcoin etc. Whatever your business is, the Stripe is the most suitable payment gateway.

You will be charged around 2.9% +30 cents for each payment. It is more reasonable compared to other payment gateway methods. Overall it is very easy to integrate and offers a great user experience as long as you choose the correct Stripe payment plugin.

Why Stripe for WordPress?

Stripe is a straightforward payment solution where it reduces the task process simple both for the customers as well as for you. To integrate Stripe with WordPress initially you need a Stripe account and then Stripe insists you to use an SSL certificate on your website to accept payments.

Because it makes the customers feel more secure and it will also encrypt personal information that is been shared between your server and the customer. Just with this, you can easily integrate the Stripe payment gateway in your WordPress website. Other features include,

  • The setup process is very easy
  • There are no hidden charges like PayPal
  • There is no redirection page so the customer will stay on your website as soon as the process is completed
  • Only you much have a Stripe account, customers are not required to have the Stripe account

How to create a Stripe account?

Creating a Stripe account is an easy task, anyone can do it within a few minutes

  • First, move to  https://dashboard.Stripe.com/register in order to create an account in Stripe
  • Fill the necessary information that is been asked and the account will be created
  • Once completed, you will receive an email notification for confirmation to verify your account, click the link and it will redirect you to Stripe account
  • In the Stripe dashboard, select the “Account” drop-down menu and then select “Active Account” option
  • Then fill the necessary details on the form in order to verify your organization
  • Once the activation form is completed, click the “Activate account” button. That’s it, you  Stripe account to be activated and you can make use of it.

There are dozens of Stripe payment plugins available. But choosing the right one will be a hectic task and you may want to spend much of the time with it. To reduce your burden we have listed the best Stripe payment plugins, You can choose them as per your wish.

List of best Stripe payment plugins for WordPress

1.WP Simple Pay Pro

WP simple pay pro

WP Simple Pay Pro is one of the super cool and simple Stripe plugins that is used all over the world by many companies. It lets the website owners accept one-time and recurring payments. It comes as first in the list because of its active number of installs.

It allows you to accept payments on your website using Stripe without even adding any additional shopping cart plugin for your website. You can create any number of payment forms with a Stripe payment button. In the payment form, you can add all the required fields.

In case if you wish to create a beautiful pricing page then you can use easy pricing tables plugin along with this plugin. Through Stripe you can collect payments for services, single products, donations etc form your website. The payment information will be stored on the Stripe website so that your database is not loaded with huge stuff and helps your website load faster.

With the help of this plugin, you can even add coupon codes for discounts and custom fields to capture more information from users. This plugin is translation ready and supports nearly 12 languages, 25 countries, and 135+ currencies in Stripe.

You can even customize the Stripe checkout screen by your logo and any personalized button text. If you are not satisfied with the plugin, they give a 100% refund within 30 days.


  • Unlimited payment forms
  • Users can pay any amount, that is you can collect money for products, donations etc
  • You can easily integrate easy pricing tables
  • Lets you create customizable forms with a drag and drop form builder
  • It is optimized for mobiles
  • You can collect one-time and recurring payments
  • Can create and offer coupons and discounts
  • Subscription setup fees, trial periods, and installment plans


It comes with three pricing plans such as personal plan, business plan, and elite plan

  • Personal plan costs $49 per year. It can be used for one site and includes more features
  • Business plan costs $99 per year. It can be used for 3 sites and including recurring payments
  • Elite plan costs $249 per year. It can be used up to 25 sits and includes all the features


WooCommerce stripe

WooCommerce is one of the free and most powerful eCommerce solutions for WordPress website, with its free extension, it lets you collect payment directly on the website through Stripe payment gateway. This plugin enables you to sell physical goods, digital downloads, subscription courses, membership etc.

It nearly has 48 million active installs. An additional advantage for iOS users is that it support for Apple Pay. While configuring the WooCommerce plugin it allows you to choose the payment providers, by default it gives you to select either PayPal or Stripe. Even at the time of configuring you missed choosing Stripe, then you can just install and activate the free Stripe for WooCommerce addon.

In the repository, you can find hundreds of free as well as premium WooCoomerce extensions that let you include enhanced features to your website.  This plugin lets you accept payments from Debit card, Credit card, Bitcoin, Alipay, and Apple pay via Stripe gateway.

With the help of this plugin, you can create a wonderful website with easy acceptable payments. In case if you are already using WooCommerce plugin, then you an addon the Stripe payment gateway extension. It lets you easily accept payments with no much time.

By adding the Stripe payment request button you can check out the process easily and quickly right away from the product page or cart page. The Stripe customers can save the card details on your website which is fully secured and safe. It gives you a smooth interaction between your website and strip account. You can include any number of hooks and filters that are required for your website.


  • Includes support for subscriptions extensions
  • You can customize each user-facing elements with various setting options
  • Currency conversion feature is included
  • Just a one-click payment action
  • You can review the payments by dedicated Stripe transaction overview page
  • Allows the customers to reuse the cards on return purchase
  • It is WPML supported
  • Offers support for Apple Pay


You can download the extensions for free of cost from the official repository.

3. Stripe Payments

stripe payments plugin

Stripe payments are one of the free Stripe payment plugins that are available in the WordPress repository. This plugin lets you accept credit cards payments easily through Stripe gateway. You can easily add a buy now button on your website with a shortcode. You can then customize the buttons using CSS.

This plugin is very responsive and compatible with all the devices. All the transaction information will be captured in the order menu and you can view all the payments received from your WordPress admin dashboard.

You can set up the Stripe payments in two ways either by configuring the product page from your dashboard or by using the shortcodes. It sends an email notification to the customers who made their transaction and customize the checkout results. Though the plugin is free, it gives you many features and full control to collect the payments via Stripe without any difficulties.

You can accept payments from the customers for buying products as well as for donations. You also have a remember me feature that lets the customers easy buy the products again and again. It gives a one-click checkout for the customers where they find it very easy and effective.


  • You can sell digital goods using the Stripe account
  • Once the transaction is completed, it allows an automatic download of digital files
  • Options to collect the tax as well as for donations
  • Allows you to customize the buttons using your own CSS
  • All your card details will be saved in Stripe account
  • One click payment with a remember me feature
  • Check out results page offered post-transaction so customers can verify details
  • Lets you create a description for each item
  • You can create a Stripe payment button widget and add it to your sidebar
  • User-friendly and flexible


You can download this plugin for free from the official WordPress repository.

4.WP Full Stripe

WP full stripe

WP Full Stripe is yet another powerful Stripe plugin. This plugin lets you accept payments easily and create subscriptions from your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can embed the payments forms in any post or page and takes payments directly from your website without directing it to any other page or website.

This plugin is compatible with any WordPress themes and you can style the forms as per your wish. This plugin supports multiple languages and also supports Stripe in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, UK, US,  Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and preview versions in India, Brazil, and Mexico.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.0.0+ and with the latest version 4.9.8. Lets you incorporate shipping address forms, subscription popup button, language selection, multiple payment forms into one page, and payment security.


  • You can embed single or multiple forms anywhere as per your wish using shortcodes
  • All the card details are stored securely
  • You can set up one time, custom, or recurring payments as well as installments with non-standard intervals
  • Can create payment forms and customize with CSS and custom fields
  • Accepts payments and donations
  • It has a responsive design and allows you to create a ThankYou pages
  • Send custom payment emails
  • You can easily view and manage the received payments, subscribers, plans and other payment information
  • You can set a custom account  to the customers
  • This plugin has an auto-update feature to the latest version with just one click


You can get the regular license for $39 per year and the extended license cost of $184 per year.

5.Easy Digital Downloads

easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is yet another powerful eCommerce plugin that lets you sell digital goods from your website. This plugin by default comes with PayPal, test payment, and Amazon pay gateway.

If you want to add Stripe, then it is a paid add-on extension. Along with the right extensions, you can make wonderful use of this plugin. This plugin is simple to accept credit cards directly on your website. It doesn’t allow the users to redirect to any page while payment is processing.

It includes complete support for the recurring payments extension, allowing you to create and process recurring subscriptions for customers. All the card information is stored in Stripe and the logged in customers can select the used cards during the process of checkout, so they don’t have to enter the card details again and again.  


  • Faster checkout of saved cards
  • Supports Stripe checkout form, so you can easily add buy now button to any product
  • Includes support for Alipay
  • International support


The extension cost for a single website is $89, for up to 5 websites it is $129, and for unlimited websites, it is $209.

6.Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress

stripe payment terminal

Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress plugin is one of the most cheapest Stripe payment plugins. This plugin simplifies the way to accept the payments and subscriptions on your WordPress website.

With this plugin, you can create multiple buttons for payments and you can place it anywhere on your website. It also lets you create products that offer a free trial.  Easy plugin for accepting credit card payments. This plugin has a pre-set 42 button designs for you to choose from, or you can use the button generator and create a button as you wish.

It has an inbuilt 369 FontAwesome icons which can be used on the buttons. One notable feature is that “Sync from Stripe” option. For example, a customer has subscribed to monthly payments through this plugin.

Then the next customer charge won’t be visible in your application, but by adding “Sync from Stripe” lets you easily load the last 100 transactions which are not in the app database. By this option, you will be able to have all customers recurring charges in one place. This plugin is yet to come with more features.


  • Accept custom amounts
  • You can even send email confirmation “payment received” to the customers
  • Can collect payments from any page
  • You can set a thank you page for each button
  • Unlimited services additions
  • Transactions viewer with filters
  • Sort and search transaction list
  • Can assign services to the buttons
  • Very customizable button generator
  • Easy switch between the test environment and live environment
  • Optional custom fields and lightbox popup and much more


It comes with a cost of $21 with 6 months of support. You can extend the support time by paying an additional charge of $6.38.


Payment plays an important role in any online business. Just through the payment gateway, you can easily sell your goods and at the same time lets the customer do transactions easily.

Just through a proper payment gateway, it builds trust in your business and customers will be satisfied. In that case, the Stripe payment gateway takes a head and manages the payment without any difficulties. Hope you got an idea about the best Stripe payment plugins for WordPress.

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