9 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins to Prevent Spam Comments

Spam comments seems to be one of the biggest problem for WordPress websites. If your WordPress website is enabled with comments, then comment spam would be one of the nightmares for an administrator. Such spam is always annoying to the people. 

Developers are very eager to avoid such trouble. In case, if you decide to manually moderate each and every comment, checking them for spam, it really takes an ample amount of time and it is quite difficult process. 

In order to overcome this, you can use the anti spam plugins, that helps to protect your website from comments spam. Anti spam plugin helps you to filter spam from the contact forms and comment sections. 

With these plugins, it is very easily to handle spams. There are dozens of WordPress anti spam plugins that can used for your website. In this post, we will list the 9 best anti spam plugins for your WordPress website.

List of 9 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

1. Akismet

akismet anti spam

Akismet is considered one of the most popular and top rating anti spam plugin for your WordPress website. It is one of the best spam protection plugin. This plugin is developed by Automattic, a team behind the WordPress.

With this plugin, you can automatically check all the spam comments and contact form submissions to check for spam. By doing so, you can increase your website speed and save disk space. This plugin reduces the burden of site owners in order to filter the spam.

If you wish to setup Akismet, you need a free account and a unique API key. Akismet can be used for both personal and commercial purpose. If it is used for personal purpose, it is completely free.

Incase if you use it for commercial purpose, then you need to moderate almost 50,000 comments per month and then you need to upgrade the paid plan. With the paid plan, you get additional features like malware scanner, backups, and stats. If a new comment is posted within your post, now Akismet will check the comment through the web service to determine whether it is spam or not.

Then the suspected comments will be marked as spam and then the admins will review them in the admin interface to double check. This plugin is integrated with Jetpack and Contact Form 7 plugins.

This plugin works by uploading all the incoming comments to the Akismet server. The incoming comments will undergo hundreds of anti spam algorithms and the correct comments are published. While the spam comment is trashed.  

2. Anti-Spam Bee

antispam bee

Anti-Spam Bee is a free WordPress plugin, that can be used for both personal as well as commercial purpose. This plugin doesn’t require any user registration. This plugin accepts only the trusted and appropriate comments. 

Anti-Spam Bee works extremely fast, it is easy to configure and extremely productive. It watch over  IP addresses of commenters and search for the local spam database to find the previous spammers. This plugin blocks the spam comments from the specific IP addresses, countries or with a different language and trackbacks effectively without captchas.

Anti-Spam Bee plugin maintains a spam database which it clears within  few days so that the website speed boosts up. This anti spam free plugin will clean your spam folder periodically and automatically. 

In order to filter the spam, this plugin will compare the spam requests to an existing spam database, uses the IP address checks, and Gravatar validating. This plugin doesn’t rely on any cloud-powered spam detection algorithms. This plugin will send a notification to the admins in case of any spam comments. 

3. WangGuard

wangguard wordpress anti spam plugin

WangGuard is yet another cloud based anti spam plugin with many more amazing spam validators. This plugin is similar to akismet, you have to connect to their service using an API key. This plugin can also be used as an Akismet alternative. 

WangGuard is compatible with WordPress MU, BuddyPress and bbPress. This plugin checks the spam comments on external server. It gives you a strong protection layer in the registration area and makes sure that the unwanted users are not allowed inside. This plugin is cloud based and it has additional features like blacklisted words, registration notice etc. 

Here the obtained API key is completely free and helps you to protect the spam that is detected. It also provides more information to better block spam registrations for other users. This plugin not only protects your site from comment spam, it also protects registration page form loggers and cleans up your database. 

4. WordPress Zero Spam

wordpress zero spam

WordPress Zero Spam is one of the best anti spam plugin. You need not require any APIs and the setup is very easy and quick. This plugin helps to block spam comments and spam account registration. 

This plugin will block all the spam comments or trackbacks automatically while you need not fill any captcha. Developers states that this plugin will stop 99.9% spam comments and registrations. WordPress Zero Spam easily integrates with Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and BuddyPress. 

In order to prevent bots from spamming, this plugin uses server and client side JavaScript key for validating. You need not require any additional configuration and setup in order to block the spam comments and registration automatically. This plugin has an additional logging facility, that helps you to identify who is trying to spam.

5. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam is a popular free plugin for WordPress. This plugin uses a double-layered protection service to protect your website from spam. The first layer of protection works to block most automated spam tools. While the second layer uses an algorithm to filter out any spam requests that have made it past the first layer of protection.  

It has wonderful features and doesn’t require any registration. It blocks multiple types of spams such as registration spam, comment spam, trackback spam, pingback spam, automated spam, and contact form spam. 

This plugin supports Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, JetPack Contact Forms & Comments, BuddyPress, s2Member, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, bbPress etc. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam keeps your website safe from unauthorized access and keeps an eye on proxy powered spammers.  

It works to block both spambots and human spam using JavaScript/Cookies and Algorithmic anti-spam layer. It displays a count of the blocked spam comments on WordPress dashboard as well. This plugin has no captchas. This plugin helps to prevent hundreds of spams from queuing up in the WordPress database and helps your site from being corrupted. 

5. AntiSpam by Cleantalk

spam protection, antispam, firewall by cleantalk

AntiSpam by Cleantalk is a premium cloud based WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to monitor spam comments and registrations across your site, registration pages, contact forms etc. 

This plugins server will undergo multiple validation checks. These checks include JavaScript disabled, blacklisted HTTP links, comment submitted too quickly and much more. This plugin is compatible with W3 Total cache, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, and WP-Members. 

In this plugin, there is no mess of captcha, spam bots or questions, maths, puzzles etc. This plugin helps to stop spams in comments, contact emails, bookings, orders, registration, subscription, and much more. AntiSpam by Cleantalk works on all devices and it is GDPR compatible. 

There is a free 30-day trial available, but users will need to pay for the service at the end of that period. Although it is paid, the services is as cheap as $8 for a single site with unlimited protection so it is certainly affordable if you decide to continue using it.

6. Stop Spam Comments

stop spam comments

Stop Spam Comments is a JavaScript based spam comment blocker for WordPress website. You don’t need any setup, just activate the plugin and use it. This plugin doesn’t add questions, Captchas and other interactions for users.

This plugin will never add any script files or other assets to your theme which will never affect your performance and server at all. Stop Spam comments seems to be one of the top most anti spam plugin due to its efficiency and user friendly approach. It is a lightweight anti spam plugin and very responsive. This plugin prevents Pingbacks, trackbacks, and spam comments.

7. Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

stop spammers

Stop Spammers Spam Prevention is a wonderful server and client side anti spam WordPress plugin. This plugin nearly has 20 different checks for spam comments. It helps to prevent spam comments as well as limits login attempts. 

The unique property of this plugin is that the users are offered a second chance to post their comments and this is met by a Captcha. This plugin has an options of 12 pages to customize the plugin and you can use it as per your needs. The Captcha can range from OpenCaptcha, Google reCaptcha, or SolveMedia Captcha. 

This plugin works quite well in validating Spambots, spam registration, logins and comments. In its own methods, this tool tests which users and comments are actually spam or legitimate. 

This plugin integrates well with Gravity Form plugins. Stop Spammers utilizes “Honeypots” which stays hidden from the users and catch spam and then block and it counts the number of blocked spam comments. This plugin is very easy to use and one of the most effective anti spam plugin.

8. Anti-Spam

anti spam

Anti-Spam plugin as the name implies it is very simple and works effectively. This is a free WordPress plugin and doesn’t have any settings page. This plugin helps to eliminate spam messages in WordPress. Anti-Spam plugin has an option of storing the blocked comments in the spam area through enabling/disabling in the settings page. 

Here there is no moderation queues, so all spams comments will be deleted immediately. This plugin doesn’t use any captchas.  This plugin blocks 100% of automatic spam messages, it does not block manual spam. If you want additional features of this plugin, you can go for pro version.


Choose these one of the top best anti spam plugins for your WordPress website to stay away from spam. These plugins helps to protect your website from spams and maintains the quality of your website. Hope you got an idea about the best WordPress anti spam plugins. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaiting. You can subscribe to us at Facebook and Twitter.

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