Most Attractive 8 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

In this article, we will see the list of WordPress photo gallery plugins. The plugins included in this article is considered as the best among different gallery plugins. In WordPress core, there is an option for the gallery for you to enhance your website. But this option has very limited features. In order to have additional features, there are many WordPress gallery plugins for your website.

A gallery is one of the important attributes of your website. It makes your website more attractive. For any professional website, the gallery should be very responsive and user-friendly. WordPress photo gallery plugins take an important role in forecasting your portfolio through images, video etc.

It is mainly to be focused on user experience. Your portfolio replicates your work through the website. A website should look very creative and professional in order to attract the visitors.With gallery plugins, you can add any kind of features that make your website looks attractive.

One more to be noted is that the gallery should be very responsive. It is not a difficult task to use WordPress photo gallery plugins for your website. You can just install the gallery plugin and use it. There is numerous free gallery plugin available online.

Before installing any gallery plugins, you should focus on the features, a number of installs and its rating, speed, ease of use and compatibility of that plugin. Then based on your website requirement you can choose the plugins. In this article, we will explain the best WordPress gallery plugin.

WordPress Photo gallery Plugins:

1. Envira Gallery

Envira is one of the most responsive user-friendly video and photo gallery plugins. It is available in both free and premium. The drag and drop option in this plugin makes the user more beneficial. It allows you to create attractive images quickly. It doesn’t take any span of time to load.

In this plugin, you will be able to organize your gallery using albums and tags, then you can arrange it as you wish. It seems like the best WordPress gallery plugin for beginners.This plugin is very responsive and mobile friendly for users.

It is a very light-weight, flexible plugin. You can easily integrate this plugin with social media like Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox etc. With this plugin, you can display high-quality images that make your website attractive. There is an option for full screen and slideshow for videos and images.

This plugin will protect your image by watermarking so that others cannot access your image without your permission. In addition, you can even protect your photo gallery by giving a password. Envira is SEO friendly plugin.

You can easily embed the videos from youtube and Vimeo with this plugin. Importing images is also very quick and easy process.  With premium version you get additional add-on features like dynamic add-ons, supersize add-ons, deep-linking add-ons, defaults add-on etc.

2. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN gallery plugin comes with the most active installs of nearly 10 million. With this plugin, you can add the images easily to the gallery from your computer or any from any media files. It is the best choice WordPress photo gallery plugin for your website. Even in the free version, there numerous features that make your website grab the users intention.

It is also very responsible and user-friendly plugin. NextGEN is integrated with social media like Instagram, Pinterest etc to share the images, videos easily. You will be able to protect your images from watermarks, hotlink protections etc. It’s just a one-click process of uploading the images, managing them and importing.

Another feature is that you will be able to import metadata with this plugin. You can even use shortcodes in this plugin, that makes your website load faster. Here you will be able to add/delete, sort the images, group the galleries into albums etc.

What’s need to make your website attractive, all the features are available here. In Premium version there are two NextGEN gallery plugins. One is NextGEN plus and another one is NextGEN pro. With premium version, you can include many skin and lightbox options. But this plugin has great features in free version itself.

3. Go Portfolio

Go portfolio comes with the premium version. But it is worth spending money for this plugin. You will be able to access all the features you need for your gallery. This plugin gives you great designs for your website. Go portfolio plugin helps you to create ideal portfolios, teasers etc for your website.

With this plugin, you can create unlimited portfolios with the advanced features of export and import. In this plugin, you can create the existing blog posts, or create new custom posts types. This plugin is very responsive, you can use it on mobiles, laptop, desktop etc. It seems to be a good user-friendly plugin.

If you want a complete managing portfolio for your website, then go portfolio will be the best choice. This plugin can be integrated with any WordPress theme. With this plugin, you can display the items in a grid or horizontal slider layout. This plugin is capable of supporting google web fonts. It is good for supporting audio, video, images etc.

Go portfolio can be used for any type of websites, it works effectively rite from small websites to large. It gives you a very clean and responsible website, to make the user feel a better experience. If you are not sure of how to start a design, then this plugin offers 38 starter templates, where you can make use of them. Here there is a feature called visual composer compatible which saves you lot of time.

4. Foo Gallery

Foo gallery plugin is the most extensible, creative and management tool plugin ever created. With this plugin, you can start creating beautiful websites. Foo gallery is easy to use and flexible. It seems to be one of the most responsive WordPress gallery plugins. It is very easy to add galleries to your posts/pages since there is an option on the top of the post editor.

Foo gallery comes with both free and premium version. It gives you attractive and stunning layouts for your website. It is very responsive WordPress photo gallery plugins. If you are integrating images to your website, this plugin will be considered as the most powerful plugin.

This plugin is great for supporting videos as well. It has some good features like drag and drop option, NexGen import tool, multiple gallery templates, shortcodes, custom CSS and FooBox support. There are many built-in features available in this free gallery plugin.

If you want additional support, you can go for a premium version. By default, all the galleries you create are retina ready, so that you won’t take much time. This plugin easily integrates with your WordPress dashboard. One drawback is that this plugin offers many features so that it might slow down your website speed.

5. Gmedia Gallery

If you are looking for the best gallery plugin to manage your photos and videos, then this Gmedia gallery plugin will be the best choice. It is one of the most responsive and user-friendly plugins. Here in this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of galleries, upload as many images you want, you can add tags to each photo, you can group the pictures in galleries etc.

By using tags, you can easily create galleries and automatically you can add images to each gallery. It is considered a versatile plugin. Gmedia plugin comes with both free and pro version. It has many advanced settings, that helps to make your website look more attractive.

Here there is an option to create a playlist. You can create everything you want for your website with much less time. You can easily transfer the galleries between websites using the import function. In this plugin, you can link any file formats easily with images. You can also display your image thumbnails with different customizations. By using this plugin, the user will feel the great experience and your page visit might increase.

6. Global Gallery

Global Gallery is one of the best responsive and adaptive gallery plugins for your WordPress website. This plugin gives you an option to display the images with new photo string layout, fixed sizes, columnized disposition. This plugin can be stated as a complete WordPress gallery plugin.Global Gallery comes with features like ten lightboxes which are ready to use, four gallery layouts, unlimited image sources etc.

Though this plugin comes with the premium version, it is worth spending money on this plugin. It gives you wide range of features. There is a full-featured option for image slider and carousel. You can group all the galleries into collections. This plugin is ideal for professional websites. Once you get to this plugin, you won’t have an option to get back from this.

It gives you an easy interface. Just by drag and drop option, you can perform many actions. This plugin gives you a watermark protection. Additional you have a deeply linked filter option. This plugin easily integrates with social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Creating a classy website will be your aim, so this plugin is best for it.

7. Modula Grid Gallery

It is one of the most powerful and simple WordPress gallery plugins. It seems to be the easiest and fastest gallery plugin. Modula grid gallery is a multi-purpose plugin, helps you to create stunning grid galleries for your website. This plugin lets you create stunning galleries with no matter of time. It is also the best responsive gallery plugin. It works effectively in mobiles, laptops etc.

Initially, if you want to get started with this you have named the gallery, its size and then upload the images and finally paste the shortcode where the gallery has to be displayed on your website. This Modula plugin creates a stunning grid gallery from your images. It is available in both free and premium version.

It gives 6 different lightboxes and 12 different hover effects. In this plugin, the social sharing button is built-in. This plugin gives you a gallery filter so that the visitors can tag the images which they want. There is a vertical/horizontal slider support. You will be able to add individual effects to each image in the gallery.

You can also be able to custom CSS and scripts for future modifications. This plugin is suitable for both the professional as well as personal websites. In this plugin, there is a huge number of demos to perform, so that it is very easy for the users to create their gallery.

Here you can even display your galleries inside the WordPress widgets. The Modula support team is very responsive, at any time they might help you. Once you started using this plugin, you will be fully satisfied.

8. Nimble Portfolio

A Nimble portfolio is one of the most responsive, user-friendly WordPress photo gallery plugins. It seems to be the best plugin to forecast your images, videos, portfolio, media. You can arrange them with tags and album features. This plugin comes with enormous features where you can play around.

With this plugin, you will be able to telecast most wonderful images, you can sort them, you have to option to pick up the thumbnails of your own styles, you can even insert any PDF preview, recordings etc. The nimble plugin comes with both free and pro version.

It comes with large features such as easy to setup and use, works effectively in mobiles, laptops, desktops etc. This plugin has a fast support access, the contents are displayed using post categories and custom posts, it has a built-in gallery for photos, videos and for PDF preview, seems to be one of the best flexible plugins.

The premium nimble portfolio comes with add-on features such as isotope sorting, pretty photo lightbox, magnific popup lightbox, ihover skin, swipe box lightbox etc. It has wonderful add-on features.

Wrapping up

At the last note, Photo gallery plugins are worth using in your WordPress website. It makes your website looks stunning. Not only that, it gives the user a good look and feels experience where your page visitors might increase. There are wide varieties of gallery plugins in WordPress. Each plugin has its own unique style and features.

Based on your website, you can make use of them. Hope you came to know the best WordPress gallery plugin. Your comments are most awaited. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hi
    Out of these photo gallery plugins. What would you suggest for a newbie like me to use. Something that a content manager like me that does not know shortcodes or HTML.

  2. NextGEN does perfectly what so many other photo gallery plugins try to do but always fall short. It delivers a very robust system for the management, categorization, and display of your photos.

  3. Great collection of plugins! No doubt these are the best in the market now. I want to mention another plugin named as “Awesome Responsive Photo Gallery”, which is new and has the ability to display multi-gallery in one page by gallery ID. The image gallery plugin has the option to select the gallery from 3 different gallery scripts. Lots of features are coming soon with Filterable Capabilities and Masonry Layout.

  4. Wonderful post! Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful article. You can try one more gallery related WP plugin called Portfolio Designer Lite. It’s a very clean, elegant and responsive plugin that you can use to showcase your image gallery in your WP website. It’s unique features like inbuilt fancy-box, 8 different hover effect, social media share support, image auto resize are really fabulous.


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