16 Best WordPress Gaming Themes for Websites 2022

We have the listed best WordPress gaming themes, specially designed for websites and blogs that require a game element on the website. 

WordPress Gaming Themes 

Gaming themes for WordPress are extremely popular now. They offer tons of cool and unique features, making them the perfect solution for every game website or blog. In this list of best WordPress gaming themes, you can find something for every genre and purpose. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality WordPress Gaming Themes, with a special focus on developing themes for gaming, such as gaming blogs, website games, website blogs, etc. All themes include support, installation, and setup assistance. 

Why WordPress Gaming Themes

WordPress Gaming Themes are designed for WordPress websites or blogs that want to make the experience of playing games online easy and fun. They have different themes for different kinds of games like Action, RPG, Racing, puzzles, shooters, sports, online games, word games, board games, casino games, and many other types of games. These themes are fully responsive and work well on all major browsers.

We have the most comprehensive list of the best WordPress gaming themes that will help you create a gaming website or blog. The best part is we have done the research for you and have included the most popular WordPress gaming themes so you don’t need to spend time finding out what is good and what is not. 

Let’s have a look at the 16 Best WordPress gaming themes

Best WordPress gaming themes



Avada WordPress gaming theme is an advanced WordPress theme designed for creating a WordPress-based game website or a community site. It includes a full-featured video player and an advanced drag-and-drop content builder. This theme supports many popular features such as social media integration, post types, widgets, SEO, etc.

You can use it for many different things including blogs, forums, photo albums, etc. It is very easy to use and modify this theme. The Avada template is available in three different skins; black, white, and orange. Each skin comes with its own set of unique features that are not included with the other two skins.

 It is an amazing premium template, which is completely Responsive, Optimized for SEO, Retina Ready, translation ready, cross-browser compatible, and Clean Design, with a powerful admin panel. This theme comes with lots of customization. It has integrated Google Maps, WooCommerce, and WooComerce plugins for easy integration of eCommerce into your site.



Blackfyre is one of the best WordPress gaming themes on market. The theme provides a powerful set of tools to create stunning games and websites. It has all the basic features a developer needs to build his/her own website. It can also be used as a simple blog or just for social networking sites. The theme provides more than 300+ pages for your design.

The theme is also designed with the latest technology and high quality. It contains lots of features such as a multi-store, advanced blog page, video background, a dark color scheme, a menu that shows all the pages on the site, etc. It has features like a video player on the front page, a customizable header, a sidebar, a menu bar, and a footer. 

This theme has built-in plugins like search, user authentication, contact form, comment form, a news feed, a rating system, polls, a single image or video gallery, and much more. Blackfyre also has the option to change your site’s color. This theme allows you to create a completely new theme for your WordPress website that will look as if it were created on a black background.

The most unique thing about this is that it is designed for high-resolution screen displays. It works well for monitors of all sizes and makes your site stand out amongst other sites.



PlayerX is a WordPress theme for gaming sites. It is based on Genesis Framework and gives you a sleek and clean look. A PlayerX theme for WordPress is designed with the goal of creating a website that is easy to navigate for both new and advanced users. The theme is designed to allow you to change the look of your site without having to create any coding skills.

With the PlayerX theme, you can customize the page design, navigation bar, sidebars and content area. PlayerX is easy to use and comes with lots of features to make your site awesome. The theme is compatible with all major browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems.

It has many features including a responsive layout and multiple skins for you to choose from. PlayerX offers various WordPress gaming themes for various games like Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Word Game, etc.



Gameleon is the most popular gaming WordPress theme with the best user experience. It is a very professional theme, which allows you to create an amazing gaming website. Gameleon is a perfect choice for all kinds of websites including gaming, mobile game, social media, blog, fashion & apparel, photography, business, food, technology, etc. 

It’s very easy to use and the price is very affordable. You can create different page layouts such as blogs, galleries, games, and more. It’s also equipped with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to quickly add different features to your website.  The theme is designed for players who want to take their games to the next level and give them the tools they need to be successful online and in-game.

It comes with several options and features that are very useful for game developers. It includes support for all major languages and frameworks. The theme includes lots of useful features, such as custom widget areas, multiple menu options, responsive layouts, and more. It also has a built-in SEO functionality, which makes it easy for users to rank their websites in Google’s search results.



Youplay is an awesome and easy-to-use WordPress theme for building professional gaming websites or blogs. This theme is very good at making gaming sites look cool! You can customize this theme with over 100 different options for various needs. The layout is intuitive and optimized for modern devices.

The theme has all the features of a blog website. It has a homepage that shows recent posts from users, a blog section for publishing user posts, a contact page, a menu bar, and a footer area. With Youplay, you can create your own games or you can buy ready-made games for your site. You can choose from hundreds of themes to suit different kinds of websites.

Youplay has a set of tools that are designed to help developers create their own games. The tools include an admin panel, a drag-and-drop editor, and a built-in game framework. You can even create unique games from scratch using only a few simple drag-and-drop pages. You play with your customers directly and use real-time chat and email notifications to communicate with them. Youplay has been featured on websites such as Mashable, and Geeklog.



A godlike is a WordPress gaming theme with a unique look for any type of gaming website. You can play any type of game like online poker, Freecell, minesweeper, bingo, and many more. This theme is suitable for both beginners and professionals. They are quite popular among gamers because you can use them on their blogs and other gaming sites.

It comes with 12 demo sites which are ready to be installed on your WordPress site, as well as many more features like featured posts, sliders, custom backgrounds, a custom menu, a fullscreen background slider, an easy-to-use admin panel, two custom post types for games and games players and it has the ability to create unlimited categories and pages for your game content.

The theme also has a fully responsive layout. The best thing about them is that they have a built-in theme installer. Also, they have many features which allow you to create different kinds of games with just one click. This attractive and sophisticated WordPress theme helps your site become a successful gaming website.



Arcane WordPress Theme is a WordPress gaming theme designed for gamers, video makers, word press enthusiasts, and others who are looking to build a website for their gaming community or blog. It allows you to create your own website or blog with custom graphics, animations, and effects.

Esport X Gaming 

esport x gaming

The Esport X Gaming is one of the free and professional WordPress themes for any esport website. It provides many great features like easy customization, mobile-responsive design, a clean and modern look, and much more. It is a very well-designed theme, which is best suitable for professional websites.

This theme has all features like search engine optimization, contact form, social links, custom widgets, etc. This theme has been designed with the latest WordPress features, custom widgets and templates, multiple blog layouts, WooCommerce support, a shortcode generator, an image slider, and many others.

The most important thing in this is that EsportX is a clean & lightweight WordPress theme that is best for all esport games websites such as CSGO, DOTA 2, and FIFA 19. The theme has many features. You can set up the look of your website by using the built-in editor.

You can also change the colors and fonts, or use a custom CSS code for special effects. And, if you need help setting up a website, you can ask the community for help in our forums.



The pixiefreak WordPress theme is a clean, minimalistic and responsive WordPress theme designed for gamers. They are developed by WordPress developers and they are suitable for websites of games or any kind of website where users can play games like casinos, flash games, arcade games, etc. It’s very easy to use and install.

It comes with hundreds of amazing templates that you can customize according to your own needs. They include customizable widgets and elements such as a custom logo, header, footer, and slider. They also include the latest games, widgets, and social plugins. The theme has a unique and very colorful design, which makes it attractive and appealing.



Plaxer is a WordPress gaming theme from ThemeForest. A plaxer WordPress gaming theme. This is a professional and easy-to-use WordPress theme for creating a gaming website. It comes with lots of features and widgets to help you build an awesome gaming site. 

The theme has a lot of features including a blog, comments, posts, portfolios, polls, contact form, e-commerce, etc. It also supports multiple languages and has a nice clean design. You can change almost everything with just a few clicks. It is completely responsive, which means that it looks perfect on any device. 

Raider Spirit

raider spirit

Raider Spirit is a WordPress theme for gamers. This theme allows you to create an easy-to-use and visually stunning website. Raider Spirit is a complete theme, built from scratch and coded in a way that provides maximum customization and flexibility for you.

Raider Spirit is a clean and intuitively designed WordPress theme. This theme is best suited for gamers, sports bloggers, and any other sports-related sites. The theme is highly responsive. Raider Spirit comes with a lot of built-in features to make your site fast, secure, and visually awesome.

The theme also includes a custom Google Analytics integration which makes it easy for you to track all of your site’s performance metrics. It includes various features like easy navigation, customizable header, and footer, custom widgets, multiple sidebars, header images, social icons, etc.



Armadon WordPress gaming themes are the best WordPress themes that can create a complete website for all types of WordPress gaming websites, such as games, flash, mobile games, social games, online games, etc. They are designed for gamers and have everything you need to start a website or blog about gaming. It is a collection of customizable templates for a website.

It has many features to create cool games quickly, such as sprites, sounds, levels, portfolios, multiple layouts, custom widgets, sliders, Ajax search, background music, header, etc. Armadon’s designs are easy to use, customize, and most importantly, responsive and SEO optimized. It has all the features that a gamer would need such as the ability to create games with different maps and modes, to create custom menus, and to create multiple levels of difficulty for each level.



Xion WordPress gaming themes can be used for any type of game like arcade, strategy, simulation, etc. It can also be used to build a community website. The best feature of this theme is that it’s highly customizable. In addition to that, the theme has a fully responsive design that makes it look perfect on all kinds of screens. 

They include more than 200 different games, and they come with hundreds of features and options.  Xion is an easy-to-use, user-friendly theme for WordPress. It includes many useful features, such as a drag-and-drop page builder, multiple theme skins, and much more. It’s very easy to use and is compatible with the most popular plugins.

The Xion WordPress gaming themes are a good choice for any developer who wants to create a website for online games or mobile applications. The theme offers a lot of customization options to make your site look unique.



Necromancers WordPress gaming themes are professional, highly customizable themes that you can use for your WordPress website. You can use them for creating your own blog or any type of website. The necromancer’s WordPress gaming themes are amazing for any gamer.

They allow you to create an online gaming website from scratch. You can choose from a huge range of templates, backgrounds, and skins to make your gaming website unique. There are two versions of Necromancers WordPress gaming themes, one is full screen (for desktop view) and another one is for mobile phones (for mobile phone view).

It has many features like a navigation menu bar and a cool search engine on top of the page. It has a lot of features and plugins and it user friendly. This theme has a unique interface that helps you create an interesting page for your WordPress blog. You can also manage the look of the website using the built-in customizer. The theme is highly customizable, it can be easily integrated with your favorite plugins. 

Chit Club 

chit club

Chit Club is a free WordPress gaming theme with a lot of options to create the most realistic look for your online games. It can also be used to create an online store or any other website. Chit Club is a club of gamers who love games. There are over 15 different games like Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat, and other popular games like that.

It comes with an amazing template and many features such as a unique slider, contact form, blog template, games, forum, video, responsive, mobile friendly, social buttons, lightbox gallery, google maps and many more. It is easy to use and fully customizable.



CyberPulse is a premium WordPress theme with responsive designs. It is designed for the creation of online portals and game portals. CyberPulse is a professional WordPress gaming theme, which provides a unique style of web design. With this unique style of web design, you can easily build your own professional website quickly.

CyberPulse WordPress gaming theme that has features such as Two sidebars, Post page: 4 columns, 6 post formats, Multiple theme colors for each page, Unlimited post category, Unlimited post archive, Custom header, Custom background, Custom sidebar, Support for multiple domains.

It’s built with advanced functionality. This theme is highly customizable. You can change almost every setting in the theme to fit your personal style and needs. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to create a gaming community website. 


 If you want to get a blog or a website that has a more professional look and feel, then there are various options available out there and each one of these gaming themes can be used by a blogger to create their own blogs and websites. Each of these gaming themes has its own features which makes it unique from the others and thus it is always good to have several options to choose from.

There are many different gaming themes available on the market today. You can choose one based on your business needs. Here are some of the 16 best WordPress gaming themes for websites and blogs. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment. 













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