Growth Hacking WordPress – To keep your site over the roof of success

Growth Hacking, this word has been discussing less over the internet but having more power when it is applied. Due to the less discussion made on the topic, the people look less educated about growth hacking techniques. As with the term ‘WordPress’, the topic Growth Hacking is very crucial for startups. The growth Hacking concept was first coined up by ‘Sean Ellis’ in 2010 and helps DropBox to achieve its growth, while its competitor Google Drive was a peak in the market.

In this post, you will get many Growth Hacking techniques regarding the growth of your WordPress site. Also, I will provide you some of the plugins to achieve growth.

Let us see ‘what is Growth Hacking’ is and how it helps you in developing your WordPress to bring your site to the next level.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking from the name you can identify, it is a completely growth-oriented approach. It is a market-oriented approach where it helps in bringing growth to your product and websites. Sean Ellis states that “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth”. The main intention of the Growth Hacker is to bring the growth numbers in the right direction also it doesn’t employ hard and fast rules to achieve the numbers. Always the Growth Hacking will be different from classic marketing. The following points will give you the details, how growth hacking is different from classic marketing.
In classic marketing, there will be a link between the product and marketing but in growth hacking the product would be the main part of marketing.

Growth is the main motto in growth hacking. So, the growth hackers use a wide range of skills and tools to achieve the goal. The tools will be related to data analysis, product development, marketing, etc.

WordPress Growth Hacking 

Now we move on to the growth hacking process on WordPress. This section explains to you the right way to grow hacking WordPress.

A/B testing or Split Testing

A/B testing is nothing but comparing two versions of the website to figure out the better performing variance. While applying this technique in WordPress would give you the right idea to develop your website. By coincidence, WordPress has many plugins to do split testing.

Title Experiments Free – If you have doubt in your post titles? Then go with this plugin, this would help you in choosing the best one.

Simple Page tester – This plugin gives you the option to check the different versions of the page without coding.
Nelio AB Testing – This testing is very popular for split testing which allows you to test anything on your website.

WordPress Calls to Action – This plugin gives you the option to test your web pages even the popups. Helps in build an email list and improve lead generation.


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of the growth of Hackers because this would bring you popularity and attracts more customers to you unless the website follows Growth hacker’s techniques. Now, let us see the WordPress plugins having SEO.

Yoast SEO – The search engine is the basic part of creating the traffics to the website. Also, the competition being in steady growth, the SEO should be in part of the website which gives the high search rankings. In this case, the Yoast SEO would be the best suitable for your website. Growth Hacker should have this plugin in all conditions.
Still, there are many plugins available in the market like Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache.

Social Media

You should consider social media as your important source because connecting your website with social media brings you traffic towards your website. Engaging with social media is one of the strategies of Growth Hacking. The following are the plugins used for social media engagement.

Jetpack – The Jetpack modules enable you to share and publish your content on social media. By implementing the social media sharing button on your website.

Ultimate social media – Enables you to add a different designed button on your page. The buttons available are customizable and available as sticky bars, popups, etc.

Better Click to Tweet – Allows visitors to share pre-made quotes from your content with one click.

Build an Email List

Email marketing is one of the parts of Growth Hacking. Here the subscribers are the loyal visitors because they come back every time and spread your content. WordPress has many plugins to do email marketing.

OptinMonster – It is a premium product but looks worthy. It gives you the easy way to add forms in all types and shapes in your WordPress.

SumoMe – Another plugin for building the lists. Allows you to create sign-up forms as fly-ins, full-screen calls, popups, etc. This is freely available in the WordPress plugin.

MailChimp for WordPress – This plugin is the most favorite for all because it allows free up to 2000 subscribers. Also, it is easy to connect with MailChimp to WordPress.

Collect Feedback

Finally, collecting feedback from the real audience will be the best review, you ever get. So, don’t avoid this process because this is the best part of growth hacking. The following are the plugins available for collecting feedback from your customer.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights – This allows you to set up new Google Analytics in your website easily within few seconds.

Reactions – Allows visitors to express their views in the form of reactions. Leading social media like Facebook uses the same process in getting the reactions to the user’s posts.

Final words

As you see in the post, WordPress holds many plugins which help in performing the growth hacking process. This post shows the plugins useful in developing and attracting the audience quickly.

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