7 Best Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites from One Dashboard

Are you looking for a solution to manage all your WordPress websites from a single dashboard? Stay calm and connect with us. In this post, we will clearly explain to you the best WordPress tools to manage your multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. In earlier days, managing multiple websites is really a tedious task.  

With multiple websites, you have to update each and every plugins, theme, keep track of everything right from the updates to backups. You have to perform these tasks on all the websites that you manage. Each and every time you have to log in to your website to perform these tasks. It is a burden to you, because once if you miss any update or forget to backup your website, your entire effort will be dropped.

Having an eye on each and every website is extremely difficult. You will feel it as a pressure maintaining multiple websites. But in today’s world that too with WordPress platform managing multiple websites is very easy. You can manage all your WordPress website under one dashboard by using the WordPress management tools. These tools will save you time and make it simple for you to manage your websites.

It is like “multiple branches under one root”. There are tons of management tools in WordPress. But finding the best one will also be a difficult task. In this post, we will list you the best WordPress tools to manage multiple websites. You can pick anyone who will fulfil all your requirements to maintain multiple websites easily from one dashboard.   

All the listed tools will launch website logins and gives you a way to manage all the updates of your website from one location. Rather than logging into each individual site, it is easy to maintain using a single dashboard. It reduces your time and effort where you feel easy to maintain your multiple websites.

Features of WordPress management tools

  • Updates themes and plugins
  • Updates WordPress core
  • Making backup
  • SEO
  • Speed optimization
  • Security measures for multiple sites
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Analyzing statistics and compiling reports
  • Manage users, comments and other options
  • User/Account management
  • Web hosting and domain management and much more

1. ManageWP

managewp Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

ManageWP is the ultimate solution to manage all your WordPress websites from one dashboard. It is the best tool considered so far and widely used all over the world. This plugin has nearly 1+ million active installs with frequent updates. It is tested up to all the latest WordPress version. It is a freemium tool where you get all the basic features for free to use and if you want an advanced feature then pick the pro version.

The pro version comes with three plans such as standard, professional, and business. You can choose the plan as per your requirements.  The first and foremost step to using this tool, you have to log in to the ManageWP account with the email and website. Using this tool you can maintain unlimited websites with just a click. All the tasks like updating WordPress core files, themes, plugins, migration or database optimization etc can be done easily using this tool.

With minimum resource utilization, you can back up any website effectively. You can definitely reduce your time, effort, and boost your business using this tool. You will be able to manage multiple websites simultaneously under one dashboard. It has more access and control to manage your websites. This plugin helps you to perform bulk actions, bulk updates, spam cleanups, security checks and much more.

It is a complete package to maintain your multiple WordPress websites. Using this plugin, you will be able to manage recent comments showing approved and pending comments which you will be able to edit or delete. There are tons of features embedded with this tool to manage your multiple websites easily.


  • Can perform all the tasks such as updates, backups, migration for multiple websites
  • Real-time migration, backups, and cloning
  • Manage multi-site logins, posts, security checks, etc
  • SEO ranking tools, client report creation, statistics tools
  • User-friendly maintenance mode and interface
  • Works effectively with Google Analytics
  • Can schedule the timings of the update when there is less traffic
  • Have a reliable backup cloud that is been scheduled on a monthly basis with single click restoration, management of files and folders, off-site storage, etc
  • Can collaborate through a team dashboard
  • Gives smart service for both beginners as well as advanced users

2. WP Remote

wpremote Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

WP Remote is another effective tool to manage multiple WordPress websites. The tool is completely free and hasn’t locked with any add-ons features. The service has nearly 50,000+ active installs all over the world. Same as ManageWP to use this tool you have to log in to the WP Remote account using your email and website. The tool comes with an easy to use interface and you perform all your task with a single click manually.

Alternatively, you can even decide whether every update can be done automatically.  It offers you analytics, maintenance mode, backups, performance checks, etc. They use API for security rather than for login credentials to manage your websites. Using this tool you can even download the snapshots of WordPress websites.

The tool is integrated with Maekit, a web design platform that lets the users deploy new WordPress websites and also process the payments through Maekit’s invoicing system. In order to use Maekit you have to pay $20-$40 per month for around 2 to 10 users. While signing up you can just add a single website, then you can subsequently add multiple websites. This tool is best to use for beginners and intermediate users. It includes additional features such as


  • Integration of WP Remote functionalities into the current process
  • Manage and send invoices
  • Restful API for developers
  • Everything is white labelled
  • Using Maekit, WP Remote offers client management capabilities including domain management, invoicing clients for all maintenance work, deploying new websites, and much more
  • All theme, plugins, and core updates with just a single click

3. MainWP

mainwpMainWP is actually an open-source and self-hosted WordPress management plugin. This plugin is free and allows you to manage virtually all multiple WordPress websites. It allows you to perform scheduling backups, managing content for posts or pages, uptime monitoring of your websites, public extension hooks, protection, cloning, updating, and much more.

This plugin has nearly 10,000+ active installs with frequent updates. You can install this plugin directly on your website and not the server. So you will have all the control and cannot be mined without your knowledge. You will be able to manage an unlimited number of websites from a single dashboard. It will take care of all your maintenance tasks, hence saves your time.

This plugin is suitable for those having multiple websites, developers, WP Shops, affiliates, marketers, etc. This plugin performs a security scanner by Sucuri, client and substance management, refresh management, topic scanner, powerless modules, etc. You will be able to perform all the tasks with just a single click. It will send notifications for the updates.

If you want to navigate to one of your sites, you can just click on the link in MainWP and it will direct you to that website automatically by logging in. So that each time you don’t have to remember the login credentials. Almost the basic features come for free. If you want extensions then you can opt for a premium version. Even lifetime license is also available with a one-time payment.


  • You will be able to monitor and manage all your individual websites through the website is on a different server or host
  • Can easily do the updates and manage the plugins and themes from the backend
  • It has a security solution and user security scanner
  • Can monitor both website uptime and downtime
  • It sends notification about the vulnerable plugins and themes
  • WordPress version will be auto-updated to all the websites
  • Pricing is per account and not per website
  • Has a search engine discovery protection
  • Unlimited site management with single sign-on

4. InfiniteWP


InfiniteWP is another worth multisite WordPress management plugin. It is an open-source and self-hosted management plugin just like MainWP. The plugin is available for free with basic features and the premium version has extensional add-ons. The plugin comes with nearly 300,000+ active installs with frequent updates.

You have to install this plugin on your server by extracting the zip file and have to upload all the contained files into a hosted directory. Now you have the run the software by moving to the directory in your web browser. After entering your database details and creating a login, now the InfiniteWP plugin will install. It maintains all your WordPress website from a single dashboard.

You can just hover to each of your websites to perform updates, WordPress version, backup, etc. All the tasks can be performed with just a single click. Directly from this plugin, you can even publish the posts to your multiple websites. Once you sign up for the service each and every time you don’t have to log in to your individual website. This plugin has a powerful admin panel for you to manage all your websites.

This plugin offers unique features such as dedicated malware monitor, client reporting, test/ staging for website changes, protection service, and more. The premium version comes with 4 plans such as starter, developer, freelancer, and agency. Based on your requirement you can choose the plan.

The pro version of this plugin offers malware scan, migrations, staging website, two-factor authentication, uptime monitoring, broken link checker, front-end editor, backup to amazon s3 and Dropbox, manage users, and much more. It is the only plugin that runs locally and manages both the local websites and remote websites.


  • Instant backup and restore
  • One-click access to all the WordPress websites
  • Can manage bulk themes and plugins
  • Provides a detailed report to the clients
  • Malware and security protection services with SSL encryptions
  • 14 days money-back guarantee

5. CMS Commander


CMS Commander is one of the powerful multiple WordPress management plugins. It manages multiple websites easier and faster. The plugin states “Time is Money”. It allows you to restore, backup, clone, updates etc. It has nearly 10,000+ active installs. The free trial of this plugin is available for 14 days and then you have to switch to the premium version.

The plugin is like an allrounder if you are looking to manage all your websites under one location. You can even create new websites directly from this website. Using this plugin you can also post articles, videos, images to the website. This plugin has to rewrite software that will automatically spin contents and allows you to post unique variations on multiple websites.

The notable point of this plugin is that you automatically become an affiliate. So you can get a 30% commission for any referrals who sign up for the paid account. This plugin allows reinforcement management, essential malware scanner, one-click refreshes, custom marking, and much more. This plugin has an auto-posting option where you can retrieve contents from 15 sources.

You can also post ads offers from Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale, etc. Using this plugin you can also schedule the bulk posts to several sites and also has an import function that supports RSS feeds and text files. This plugin has the ability to clone websites, backlink monitoring, Google PageSpeed Insights information, etc.

This plugin manages multiple types of CMS such as Drupal, phpBB, Joomla websites not just WordPress websites alone. Best tool if you are managing multiple CMS websites. This plugin has various APIs and you can manage and affiliate ads, media, etc.


  • Has a wonderful backup system and lets you backup your website completely to cloud storage with a single click
  • Approve or delete new comments
  • Create new users and categories
  • Secures all communication with SSL
  • Login with two-factor authentication
  • Database optimization
  • Complete article management

6. iThemes Sync

iTheme sync

iThemes Sync is the most effective plugin to manage multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard. This plugin is free for up to 10 websites. If you need additional websites then you have to choose the premium plan. The plugin has nearly 80,000+ active installs. This plugin was developed by the team that developed the BackupBuddy plugin.

You can manage all the tasks from a single dashboard. The pro version offers you a client dashboard, uptime monitoring, client reporting, security, user management, integration with BackupBuddy cloud storage, Google Search Console, and much more. This plugin offers you the benefit of both the BackupBuddy and iThemes security plugin.

A super cool plugin for someone with ten or fewer websites to manage because they get all the features for free. It has one central dashboard to manage, monitor and customize all the websites from a single server. You don’t have to log in to each and every website. Saves you valuable time by reducing your effort.

The admin tasks can be controlled remotely such as user registration, theme, and plugin installation, comments management, running updates, etc. It generates white-label reports for your clients. You can easily and quickly update your websites from the mobile app.


  • Notification emails
  • Site uptime monitor
  • Two-factor authentication for additional security
  • Switching between user accounts
  • Yoast integration can be used to check the Google Analytics, Search Console stats, SEO
  • Can perform theme and plugin activation and updates simultaneously

7. Jetpack


Jetpack is one of the most popular and best plugins to automate and manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. This plugin has nearly 5+ million active installs with frequent updates. The Jetpack multiple site management tool is called a Jetpack module where you can manage, control, and customize one or multiple websites simultaneously.

Beginners will fall in love with this plugin because all the features come in handy. Using this plugin you can view all your websites statistics and also can switch between the websites without any hassle. The plugin is available for both free and premium version. It has a module to manage all your websites through its interface.

You will be able to easily update and create content on your multiple websites, check and monitor various websites data, manage theme settings, and much more. Even bloggers will love using this plugin where you can create, edit, and publish posts to different blogs from a single editor. For a self-hosted website, you have installed this plugin and connect it to a WordPress.com account.

You will use the WordPress.com dashboard to deal with all your websites. It seems to be like a single plugin but has plenty of modules that act just like separate plugins. It’s your wish that you can enable or disable the modules from the admin panel. The free version comes with basic features and if you want advanced features like malware scan, backup schedule, selective updates, uptime monitoring etc then you have to switch to the premium version.


  • Bulk posting
  • Selective updates
  • Manual and automatic updating for various websites and their plugins
  • Single interface for all the content management and security features
  • Can view individual website stats and much more


The WordPress management tools are effective to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. All these listed plugins come with a one-click update option and allow you to manage multiple websites. Running multiple websites is not at all a difficult task using these plugins.

You can manage, control, update, backup, clone, migrate, customize etc all from a single dashboard. These plugins reduce your time and effort to a higher extent. Most of these plugins mentioned have their own dedicated dashboard which controls all your website from one location. You will be able to manage all your websites easily. You can state these tools as Bird’s eye view where nothing can be missed out.

Hope you got an about the best WordPress tools to manage multiple websites from one dashboard. If you have queries or if you find any other best tools that are not on our list please feel free to share with us. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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