Steps to change WordPress user Password in PHPMyAdmin

There are several reasons that you need to reset or change the password. Most common reasons may be, someone might be hacked your website, or due to some reason, you won’t be able to login to your website. In that case, it is the only way to change your password. With the following steps, you can easily change the password within few minutes.

You can just click on to the lost my password link on your WordPress website login page, in case if you need to change or reset it. But if your WordPress password resets email link not working or some other reason, then you won’t be able to change the password. In that case, you have to enter into your PHPMyAdmin and update the new password on your website database.

The further steps show you how to change WordPress user password in PHPMyAdmin:

Steps to change WordPress user password in PHPMyAdmin:

  • To access your PHPMyAdmin just type URL like this, from your cPanel account then click on to PHPMyAdmin

cpanel login

  • Once entered you have to log in with your cPanel username and password. You will see the PHPMyAdmin link on cPanel.

click the phpmyadmin link from cPanel

  • There you will find a list of MySQL databases, from that select the database for your WordPress website

  • From the list of table, click on the WP user’s table

edit mysql database table

  • Now click the edit button on the left of username to set the password

Edit WordPress usename and password here

  • In this password box, enter the new password

  • Now you have to select MD5 from the function column drop-down menu so that your password will be stored as MD5 checksum rather than plain text

  • Then click on Go button to save the new password.

update the new password and clcik the go

Congratulations! You have changed your WordPress user password using PHPMyAdmin

Hope you got an idea of PHPMyAdmin changes WordPress password. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment us, your comments are most awaiting. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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