How to Fix Cloudflare Error 520? – Web Server Is Returning an Unknown Error

How to Fix Cloudflare Error 520

Cloudflare error 520 is an unexpected response or empty message returned from the origin server. The main reason for this error message is that the server appears to be busy or unable to respond in time. So how did you fix this error? In this article, you will find the answers to fix Cloudflare error … Read more

A complete Tutorial on How to Setup CloudFlare Free For WordPress CMS?

how to setup Cloudflare and add a website

Before knowing how to setup Cloudflare, initially we have to know about Cloudflare for better understanding. So first let me give you a short introduction about Cloudflare. CloudFlare¬†is a company that¬†gives services such as Content Delivery Network (CDN), Security, Domain Name Server (DNS), DDoS Protection. It mainly concentrates to increase the network performance and security … Read more

Comparison of CloudFlare Vs MaxCDN – Which One is Best?

CloudFlare Vs MaxCDN

Before getting to know about MaxCDN and CloudFlare, we will a brief description about CDN. The full form of CDN is Content Delivery Network. In general, CDN has several servers which are located all over the world. The content of your website will be located in the data center. It caches the static copy of … Read more