What is Dedicated Hosting and Its Ups and Downs?

People who are new to this field will be wondering what is dedicated hosting and how can we make use of it. In this article, we will give a clear note of it.

Dedicated hosting is different from shared hosting. In dedicated hosting, you own the server and its resources, it is not shared with any other websites. Web hosting companies will give the server for lease. They give you full control of the server.

You can access the root of the server. You can customize it based on your needs. Like hardware, software, CPU, memory space etc. Dedicated hosting can be used for large business because the cost of it is not so affordable for small business. Using dedicated hosting, it saves your network cost, router, system security etc.

Since you have access to the server, it gives you a secured protection for your website. You will be able to adjust the resources as per your needs. You can use a dedicated server as a database server, name server, web server, mail server or of any combination.

Dedicated hosting is very useful for handling heavy traffic. Even if the server faces such issue, it easily allocates the resources without any delay. It makes your website work effectively with good performance and speed.

In the dedicated hosting, you need not share anything, everything is free for you and the server will handle all your transactions and traffic. If your website needs much more resources, then you have to upgrade it. Dedicated hosting is more reliable and flexible. There are numerous companies that provide dedicated hosting for your website.

The top most companies are BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, SiteGround, DreamHost, and FastComet etc. Each company provides you different plans and features, you can choose them based on your website requirement. Guess you have a knowledge of what is dedicated hosting. now we will see this major advantages and disadvantages.


  • You will be able to access full resources

  • You can customize it as you required

  • Enough to handle heavy traffic

  • Your website is secured

  • Cpanel will provide you more features

  • You will have more storage space and bandwidth

  • Your website speed will be fast, greater connectivity and upload time

  • It is more reliable and safe

  • Very useful for large business or websites


  • Its cost is high, so small business cannot afford it

  • Setting up, maintaining is quite complicated as compared to another type of hosting

  • You need to know technical knowledge

  • If your server crashes, it is very difficult to repair

    Hope you came to know what is dedicated server and its ups and downs. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. Your comments and suggests are most awaited to improve our blog. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Your article is quite simple. Hope you can elaborate it. I have a doubt. Can we use the dedicated server for long-term business?. Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Prabhu,
    It was very useful.One question in mind, if I want to have a payment gateway on my e-commerce website then which web hosting would be preferable?


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