What is Shared Hosting, its Advantages and Disadvantages?

what is shared hosting seems been to a tricky question for the beginners? This post is here to explain to you about it.

Shared hosting is suitable hosting for beginners who start their website. In shared hosting, multiple websites utilize the resources of the single server. Since it is shared, the hosting companies afford you with cheap rates.

You can utilize the resources to a certain limit. For the beginners who start WordPress website doesn’t require many resources to share. So it is good initially if they start with shared hosting. It is really beneficial for medium scale business, small business, for individual blogs, etc.

Though it comes with affordable pricing, it has numerous features, they provide you many resources and gives attractive discounts. You can purchase it based on your needs for monthly or even annual pay. Even though the server is shared, you will have your own account to access your website.

The third party cannot access your website without knowing your login details. It is considered as the most cost-effective hosting. There are many companies that provide shared hosting at a reasonable price. The top most companies are SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator, Namecheap, NameClues, Bluehost, FastComet, etc.

These companies make offer you free domain name, website building tools, website transfer, memory, RAM, bandwidth utilization and additional features. Based on your WordPress website requirement, you can purchase the plan and utilize its resources.


  • Easy to set up for any basic website

  • It is one of the best affordable hostings

  • For the beginners who are new to the WordPress website, this hosting seems to be the best choice

  • Doesn’t require much technical knowledge to work with

  • Provide you numerous features with minimum cost

  • It is reliable and flexible

  • You can even upgrade as you extend the website

  • Within a few clicks, your website is connected to the server and visible to everyone


  • You won’t be able to access the root server

  • When your website is faced with high traffic, then you cannot use shared hosting

  • There is not possible to customize your server environment

  • In shared hosting, for no reason, you may not know why your website slows down

  • Since it is shared, even if there is a problem with other websites, your website might get affected

  • You may not be sure of secured data

  • Even if your neighbor website is spam, due to the same shared server, your website may also be considered as spam

  • If you are in the high scale business, then you cannot use shared hosting

  • Limits you to certain software and features

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