MalCare Review WordPress Security Plugin – Updated

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in today’s world. WordPress is used right from personal use to any large business. It works effectively and considered one of the best Content Management System (CMS). Nowadays millions of people are interested in using this CMS to publish their website.

Due to its popularity, many hackers are keen on hacking the WordPress website. It is very important to safeguard your website and its data from the hackers. Because hackers may inject any kind of malware into your website to make it slow down or they may collect all your personal information.

At last, they will completely break your website for no use. To overcome this malware, there is numerous security plugin for WordPress. Among them one of the most important considered plugins is Malcare. We will let you know about malcare and malcare review.

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Malcare Helps to Remove Malware Injections

If your WordPress website is been hacked until you fix the problem your website will be unavailable to everyone. Due to this, the users will face bad experience visiting your site and your site Google ranking will drop down.

MalCare is a software that is injected by the hackers to attack your website. Because of this Google may blacklist you as infected and even blocked by the web hosts. In order to overcome this problem, there is an excellent plugin calledMalcare. It is premium security plugin.

Malcare is actually developed from the team of Blogvault which is one of the most trusted WP backup plugins. It is must that any WordPress website should be free from malware scars and vulnerabilities. Malcare gives you a complete WordPress security and backup of your website. This plugin effectively identifies the suspicious files and scans them with the advanced algorithm. This algorithm will run on their own server. So you need not worry about your server load.

It gives you a complete automatic protection with just one single click. It saves your server load because the scanning is done on their own server so it doesn’t overload your server, unlike other plugins. Also while scanning the visitors need not wait for it.

This Malcare scanning is considered as the effective one. It is good to know about Malcare review before you start using this plugin. Malcare plugin used 100+ signals to identify the malware, So the scanning process is done quick and simple. This is the only plugin which comes with both security and backup. Malcare helps you to detect the malware before it attacks your website.

An email notification is sent to you as soon as they try to attack so that you can easily remove their attack. Malware scan can go deep into your website in order if your website is been injected. It limits the number of login attempts and untrusted IPs. So that the unauthorized users cannot enter your website.

It is integrated with firewall protection which does not give access to third-party and keep track in case of any high traffic. With the help of this plugin, backup is also done with a quite simple process. You can restore the data whenever you are in need of it. This Malcare protects your website from various attacks such as MYSQL attack, Brute-force attack, malware injection, Trojan, Disable file editor etc.

It includes all the security features such as Protection, Prevention, Cleaning, Scanning and even Back up. This plugin will send you an alert only if there is an actual malware. Just by simply sending the alerts they won’t make you frustrated. It gives you neat clean up without affecting your entire website.

Malcare gives you a 24/7 protection to your WordPress website. So that it gives you a relaxation. The unique features of Malcare include Security, Backup, Management, Staging, and Reporting. Malcare review will definitely make you know more about malcare and its features.


UnderMalcare security you will find three main features Early detection, Instant malware clean and powerful malware protection.

Early detection→ This features will alert you if there is any malware at the early stage. So that before it injects your website you can take the protective step to overcome it.

Instant malware clean→This feature is mainly used to remove the malware as soon as you find it on your website. It cleans up your website with just as a single click. It is a simple process.

Powerful malware protection→ This feature is actually a complete protection. With help of this, you can restrict your files from unauthorized users. You can even block the PHP execution from thirty parties.


Malcare completely backs up your entire WordPress website. You can restore it whenever you need it.

Real-time backup→ As the name indicates, this backup is done in real-time. Whenever any new post or changes are done on your website, it automatically backup the updates.

Auto restore→ Restore option, is very simple and quick. You can directly restore your website back up by clicking this option

Upload to DropBox→ You need a safe remote location to store your backup files. With this option, you can directly leave your website files in the DropBox. This is given by the cloud.

Migrate→ With this option there is a possibility to migrate your backup files from one location to other.

It gives you Real-time backup, Auto restore, Upload to Dropbox and migrate.


It gives a complete information about your website. It provides information such as about what version of plugins & themes are used in your website, how many active plugins & theme, disabled plugins and themes, the total number of users, and intimate you if there is any latest version of plugins & themes.


This option is mainly used to create a copy of your website to test your website if any changes are done. So what will the developers do is, initially they take the copy of your website and test it once they make an update. If there are any bugs, then the developer will resolve the bug and bring this updated website making it live and delete the old website.


This option gives you a complete report about Malware to the administrator. Here you can fix a scheduled start and end date. So once fixing, it will automatically send the reports to the administrator through email.

Malcare plans:

Malcare has four plans such as Personal, Business, developer, and Agency.

Personal Plan→  You can use this plan for only one site. In this plan, you have an option of getting only security or security + backup. You can choose anyone for an annual price. A lot of features are available in this plan.

Business Plan→ This plan can be used to protect up to 5 sites. In this plan, you have an option of getting only security or security + backup. You can choose anyone for an annual price.

Developer plan→ This plan will protect up to 20 sites. In this plan, you have an option of getting only security or security + backup. You can choose anyone for an annual price.

Agency→ This plan will protect up to 100 sites. In this plan, you have an option of getting only security or security + backup. You can choose anyone for an annual price. It can be mainly used for large companies.

Depends on the requirement of your website you can make use of this plan. There is also 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these plans, you can get your money back. Malcare gives you the excellent discount. You can use the malcare coupon and get the attractive discounts for your website. You can also get the MalCare coupon code from our with attractive discounts. It is really worth knowing about the Malcare review before you start using this plugin. So that you must know its merits and demerits.

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Merits :

  • Very effective in removing malware

  • Due to its off-site scanning, it reduces your server load

  • Just one click malware removal

  • Keep track of your website 24/7

  • Gives only genuine alert

  • It is integrated with web application firewall

  • Blocks number of login attempts and untrusted IPs

  • Easy backup and restoration

  • It alerts you before any malware is injected

  • Helps you keep updated with your plugins and themes

  • Informs you if your plugins and themes are affected

  • It completely removes the malware from your website without affecting your site


  • There is no separate scanning for database

  • In the free version, there is only firewall + site hardening security

  • Only in a premium version, there is malware scanning

  • It is still under development, so yet more features to come


This Malcare security plugin is worth using it. Many might have faced malware injections on your WordPress website. Due to this malware, your website will be blocked by the Google and nowhere your visitors will be able to keep in touch with you.

If so your entire money and work come to an end. In order to protect your website, Malcare will be a right choice. It gives you numerous features at affordable price. It completely scans and backup your entire website. You can automatically scan and remove malware from your website.

We hope you got an idea about Malcare and Malcare review. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaited. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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