What is Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool and its Features?

Google search console is the improved version and new name of Google webmaster tool. It gives users a detailed report on how visible their pages on google. Using the search console, numerous settings can be made for website or apps, statistics can be viewed and optimization actions can be implemented. Once your website is submitted to the Google search console, it will take less than no time to figure out why Google has troubles crawling or accessing your content. Webmaster tools are offered by other search engines and social engagement websites, but none of them has the power and insights google’s search console. The coolest and important thing about search console is that it reveals the overall number of different site URLs Google has indexed, as well as the keywords that matter the most to your website and related information. It is a smart and free way to obtain business intelligence and collect information that can improve the quality of your business decisions. The metrics from the google search console can be linked to google analytics for data enhancement. 

Features of search console:

  • Storing an XML sitemap
  • Robots txt-tester
  • Ignores URL parameters
  • Data highlighter
  • Removing URLs from the index
  • Control of structured data
  • Test mobile device friendliness
  • Check AMP pages
  • Control of rich cards 

Overall Google search console is an important resource for different types of people besides webmaster. Overall search console is an important resource for different types of people besides webmaster. It gives a detailed report on your websites such as crawl status and its errors, keyword position, security issues, indexing status, ranking etc.

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2 thoughts on “What is Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool and its Features?”

  1. Thank you so much for great post. But you forget to add an important and current part, which is creating Property Sets and Search console replaces search engine optimization tab in GA.

  2. It’s was really amazing.
    Google search console is a great tool for all webmasters.
    One can easily diagnose any infection spread into your website.
    There are tons of feature that can guide a beginner to investigate all issues from sitemap errors to security issue.
    A drawback is that it only tells you about the problem but doesn’t clear it.
    Thanks for sharing…


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