What is .htaccess File?

What is .htaccess File?

The .htaccess stands for hypertext access. It is a configuration file that you can create and modify your site to control various parameters. The dot in front of “htaccess” file indicates that this file is invisible. With the help of .htaccess, you can improve your site’s performance, boost its security and enhance its usability. It … Read more

What is RSS Feed in WordPress?

what is rss feed in wordpress

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but it also means Rich Site Summary or Real-Time Simple Syndication. It is often referred to as feed or news feed. In the early days, if you want to keep track of updates to your favorite website, you have to keep a bookmark and manually you need to go … Read more

What is WordPress.Com?

what is WordPress.com

WordPress.Com is a hosted platform. It is an online platform where you can go, sign up and create your website/blog all in one place. When you create a blog on WordPress.com,  you will get a web address like “name.wordpress.com”. Your blog will be hosted in the WordPress.Com web server. It is a good choice for … Read more

What is Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool and its Features?

what is Google search console or Google webmaster Tool

Google search console is the improved version and new name of Google webmaster tool. It gives users a detailed report on how visible their pages on google. Using the search console, numerous settings can be made for website or apps, statistics can be viewed and optimization actions can be implemented. Once your website is submitted … Read more