What is WordPress.Com?

WordPress.Com is a hosted platform. It is an online platform where you can go, sign up and create your website/blog all in one place. When you create a blog on WordPress.com,  you will get a web address like “name.wordpress.com”. Your blog will be hosted in the WordPress.Com web server. It is a good choice for hobby bloggers. It is a blogging platform that you can turn it into a static or hybrid blogging platform. It provides you free sub-domain. It has a very good connection with social networking. It is really easy to set up and maintains. In WordPress.Com there are mainly four plans and you can prefer which plan you want. They are Free, Personal, Premium and Business. All these plans have the primary features that make WordPress.Com so awesome: it has a growing collection of well-designed themes, basic customization, and unlimited bandwidth. Here you don’t have to worry about the hosting, security, backups and other software updates. It is free up to 3Gb and you can pay more for the customization and other additional features. 

WordPress.Com Pros:

  • Companies needing to have a web-space for announcements, where factors like designing and brandings are not important
  • People who want to start a blog as a hobby

WordPress.Com Cons:

  • Companies using content marketing blog as their marketing channel
  • People who are planning to make money from a bog
  • People wanting to create a blog for affiliate marketing purposes
  • People wishing to use ad networks like AdSense or Infolinks
  • People who wish to have the total control of their website

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2 thoughts on “What is WordPress.Com?”

  1. I agree. WordPress.com is really good for bloggers that are just starting out, but it limits are ridiculous.Sure, some of it makes sense; you can’t install plugins because you could code something a little sketchy and upload it which could compromise data in other directories of the server. I get that. But in general, it seems too controlling.
    One thing I’ve seen people complain about is the fact that WordPress.com don’t allow users to use affiliate links. The users that complain, don’t want to spend a few bucks monthly for shared hosting and a self-hosted WordPress install.I don’t get it.I think it’s only good for hobby blogging. For anything beyond that, it’s not valuable.

  2. Hello
    Your article is good. It would have been much more in detail. One question is, I’m thinking about migrating to .org and was wondering whether the premium theme I purchased over in .com will still be available to me in .org or do I need to Re-purchase it?


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