What is .htaccess File?

The .htaccess stands for hypertext access. It is a configuration file that you can create and modify your site to control various parameters. The dot in front of “htaccess” file indicates that this file is invisible. With the help of .htaccess, you can improve your site’s performance, boost its security and enhance its usability. It plays a vital role in improving your site’s SEO ranking. It is a server document used to define directory or file permissions, URL rewrite rules or error messages. It is mostly associated with the display of a 404 error message when an end user attempts to go to a URL that simply does not exist.  It is closely associated with the modern permalink structure that dominates content management systems like WordPress.

Uses of .htaccess file :

Most common uses of .htaccess files are:

  • Protecting files or directories
  • Redirecting an old link to a new one
  • 404 error for missing pages or directories
  • It is used for authentication and authorization

Overall we have seen the basics of the .htaccess file. Hope you like this article what is .htaccess file?

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5 thoughts on “What is .htaccess File?”

  1. Hello
    Hope you’re doing good. Many people around the world started using WordPress and it’s quite common in today’s environment. I have come across your article about the .htaccess file which is really a key point in WordPress and is really useful to know about it. It is mainly used to improve the ranking. Try to give some more in-depth points to exactly understand for the beginners. Thanks

  2. Hi
    I have read your whole article and really very help me to improve my knowledge about .htaccess file and its usage. Thanks for that, it’s really simple and easy to understand for me and I guess for others too. But I have a doubt like how to restrict one page remove extension with the .htaccess file. I want to remove the extension from my all pages but I don’t want to remove one file’s extension inquiry.php page from my website.? so what to do?. Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. I am having a question on .htaccess file. I accidentally override with another file content then my website come with error, then I found the file and removed all the content inside .htaccess file then it started working fine but my question is when I deleted the content if I also deleted an important document, pls tell me if there is some content deleted.

  4. I created and uploaded a .htaccess file using the recommendations of an SEO site. My first attempt. Must have done something wrong, as my site crashed. I deleted the file, the site came back, but my nav bars, which are in #include files are gone. Hosting company won’t correct programming errors, and I’m at a loss where to look. Files look fine in Dreamweaver, but viewed locally and on the server, not so much.

  5. By mistake, my .htaccess file took the extension of .txt. now, how I can restore my .htaccess file on my system. is there any way out to gather .htaccess file?


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