What is VPS Hosting? Its Benefits and Drawbacks

What is VPS hosting will be a tricky question for the beginners? initially, you will be confused which is suitable for your website. In this post, we will explain you and give you a clear idea.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) can also be called as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), Virtual machine, Virtual server etc. It acts as a bridge between the dedicated server and shared server. A physical server can be divided into any number of the virtual server.

A single computer can have several virtual computers and each has its own operating system and they can perform their task for each user need. This works on a software called hypervisor. This hypervisor will interact with the hardware using device drivers. All the users can access the virtual machine, but not the physical machine.

The physical machine will share its storage, RAM, resources, disk space, bandwidth etc. The VPS hosting will give you complete control of access to the server. Many customers prefer for VPS hosting because they have a lot of control and access than that of shared hosting. When compared to pricing, it is cheap that the dedicated hosting, with a lot of features.

The customer can install their own operating system, the software they wish to use. If they want to switch to another operating system they can easily reinstall the existing one and install the new operating system. This VPS hosting can be used for large organizations, websites, business etc.

The cost is also distributed among all the users so the amount for a single user will be low. To use VPS hosting, you need to know basic knowledge about networking. It gives a complete protection to your website. Even if any of the Virtual machines get crashes, it won’t affect your physical machine.

VPS is one of the best scaling hostings because even in the hyper situation due to heavy traffic, it will be able to handle the traffic and share the resources in a flexible way. There are many VPS hosting companies available.

The most commonly preferred companies are DreamHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, InMotion, FastComet Hosting. Each company has their own pricing system and features. You can choose them based on your websites need. Guess you got an idea of what is VPS hosting? Now we will see what are its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Gives better performance and the loading time is very fast

  • The resources are not shared by other

  • You have full access to your server

  • You will be able to customize based on your own needs

  • It is cheaper than the dedicated server

  • You can pay just the space you used

  • Provides you an extensive support

  • It is very flexible, you can even trail and use the new features

  • Gives a complete security to your data

  • VPS hosting is good for both individual users and large business

  • You can easily upgrade it. If you need additional space as your website grows


  • If a physical server fails, all the virtual servers get affected

  • It is high in rate than shared hosting

  • You can operate only one operating system on the physical server

  • If your physical server is been hacked, all your virtual server details are been hacked

  • You need to know more technical knowledge

  • It is more complicated and hard to control

    Hope you got an idea of what is VPS hosting? If you have any comments or queries please feel free to comment us. Your comments are most awaited for us to improve our article. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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