Most Awaited and Excited WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” launched

Waiting so long for the release of WordPress 5.0, here you go WordPress 5.0 is launched and people started using with a lot of happiness. Each WordPress release will definitely come with updated features and users are excited using it, WordPress 5.0 is also nowhere out of it.

It comes with a bundle of features with an inbuilt Gutenberg text editor and a default Tweety Nineteen theme. If you are WordPress user for quite some time, definitely you would the importance of WordPress, how it changes over time.

In order to know the features and how to use Gutenberg check out this

The Tweety Nineteen theme is fully compatible with this new editor. This theme includes front-end and back-end styles to give you an exact look of what you feel. It also supports a wide and full image alignment options.

Everyone is set ready to use this new version. If your website host is managed by WordPress hosting, then automatically your provider has done the update. If it’s not updated automatically, check with your hosting provider that whether you will be able to work with WordPress 5.0.  Your published post remains the same, nothing to worry about it.

If you face errors working with the new release make sure that all your plugins and themes are updated and that is capable of working with WordPress 5.0. If not contact your themes and plugin providers to update it or switch to a plugin and theme that meets up the WordPress 5.0 standard. If everything is set fine, you can experience the new editing features with WordPress 5.0.

But still some providers like WPEngine, are not updated to work with WordPress 5.0, they have commenced working with WordPress 5.0 in January 2019.  But nothing to worry, stay calm if you are not updated. The complete features of working with WordPress 5.0 will be posted in the upcoming article.

Hope everyone feels happy and excited for this release WordPress 5.0. If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to comment to us. You can subscribe to us at Facebook and Twitter.

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