7 Best Plugins to turn Your WordPress Site into Mobile App

Are you searching for the plugins that convert your WordPress website into a mobile app?. That’s crazy, and you have come to the right place. In this post we have a made a handpicked collection of best plugins to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app. Converting your website into a mobile app is that you are taking your business to the next level and more user engagement.

Creating a mobile app is that it creates a way to interact with users and improves customer relations. You can even gather reviews for your app and get more awareness for the brand. When people download your app, they can get reach your content with just a tap on your app icon. There is proof that mobile traffic is increasing and mobile app or mobile website will stay in the game.

In the current generation, people always prefer doing many things in their smartphones like reading, booking hotels, shopping, booking tickets, checking emails etc. In the earlier days people used the mobile browser more than using application for surfing any online portals, but now everything is changed, people want everything as an app to access easily. A Mobile app is actually very convenient to use and gives you fast access.

Though your website is mobile friendly, users always prefer to have a mobile app rather than entering your web address in the browser. Even if you take a statistics of your website, a large number of people will be accessing your website through mobile phones rather than their taking laptop or any other devices.

At any time if they wish they can access your website through mobile phones, so in order to give the best user experience for your visitor’s mobile app plays an effective role. Even if you want to increase your online business, opt for a mobile app and increase your website traffic.

Most important reasons to use a mobile app over a mobile website

It actually stays as an application in the user device as an icon on their home screen. So that they can just tap and use the app whenever they are in need of it. And people started using mobile apps nowadays rather than going for a mobile website.

A Mobile app is very user-friendly to the device and can provide better features and functionalities to deliver a wonderful experience to the end users. A Mobile app can even send the push notifications and device location based on the given location services.

Few mobile apps can even work without internet connectivity, but the website actually cannot.

Why WordPress plugins for a mobile app?

Though creating a mobile app for your website is very useful, developing your own mobile app make take time as well it may exceed your budget. For the beginners, it will be difficult creating an app since they need to touch the coding part. An App cannot be created all of sudden. Needs a lot of money and effort to create a beautiful mobile app.

But out of the box WordPress comes with plenty of mobile app plugins that lets you create an app for your website very easily with minimum expense. Isn’t effective? Obviously yes, you can make use of this wonderful opportunity if your website is built using WordPress. But there are dozens to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app. In this post, we made your task even simple by picking the best plugins to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app.

List of best plugins to convert WordPress website into a mobile app:


apppresser plugin

AppPresser is one of the leading apps in the WordPress market for converting a WordPress website into a mobile app. This plugin allows your website to be running on HTML5, iOS, and Android under 30 minutes using PhoneGap. Many plugins just create a front-end for your mobile website, but AppPresser lets you access the WordPress admin panel and plugins from within your application.

This plugins pricing will be based on users need. There are no monthly fees, you have to host your application yourself. Having a mobile app gives you a competitive edge where other websites don’t have a mobile app. Your website may be of anything such as a magazine, news, e-commerce, blog etc you have an unlimited possibility with a mobile app.

AppPresser is not an app creator, and it serves as the core for all app development. It has notable features such as can make custom pages from the substance on your website, message pop-up, Geolocation, Social sharing, WooCommerce, BuddyPress etc. This plugin gives you a visual builder option so that you will be able to login to their cloud platform and create an app.

If you are a developer then you will feel easy working with the AppPresser, but if you are not technically stuffed then its quite difficult to use this plugin from scratch. This is a premium plugin starts with a monthly plan of $19.


mobiloud plugin

MobiLoud is a paid app plugin for converting your WordPress website into a mobile app. This plugin gives you an ability to create apps for both Android and iOS. A monthly fee is required for this plugin and you have an option of a lifetime license if you want to use MobiLoud as a long term tool for app creation. They actually have two products: one for creating the blog or news website, and another is for websites using WooCommerce or other sophisticated plugins.

This plugin supports mobile advertising and monetization through Google DFP, Admob, Adsense, MoPub etc.  With the help of this plugin comments and social sharing has become very easy on top of RTL support and multi-lingual interfaces. Once the plugin is installed, it gives you a trial version of 21 days and then you can switch to a premium plan and provides a free preview of the app.

This plugin comes with features such as analytics, mobile advertising support, commenting, push notifications, allows you to customize the design with your logo and favicon, custom branding, provides your app updates and maintenance etc. This plugin can integrate with WordPress through their plugin and then automatically update your app.  It comes with a starting price of $69 per month. The notable feature of this plugin is that you can instantly publish your app in AppStore or Google Play account.


androapp plugin

AndroApp is yet another popular plugin to convert your website into a mobile app. If you have a blog or a news website, then this plugin is best to use to convert your website into an app. This plugin offers offline support, multiple themes, international supports, push notifications, social sharing, infinite scroll, app monetization strategy, deep linking, support for WordPress/Facebook comments, and much more.

This plugin doesn’t support WooCommerce and BuddyPress. This plugin developer will help you to set up and download the app which can then later launch to the play store or you can even tell the plugin author to do it for you which are general features. The other notable features of this plugin include in-line advertisements, spare substance disconnected, picture zooming, custom subject, and hues to coordinate your website, pop-up messages, profound connecting support etc.

With the help of this plugin, you can create a wonderful mobile app of your website without touching a single line of code. This app will work effectively for both Android and iOS users. You can even monetize the app with the popular mobile app monetizing platforms such as Admob. It gives you a number of themes that fit your design and requirements. You can even change fonts and colors and lets you add your own logo for custom branding.


worona plugin

Worona is a freemium WordPress plugin that turns your website into a mobile app. With the help of this plugin, you can easily convert your blog into an app. The publishing cost varies for Android and iOS users. For iOS developer account it is $99/year and for Google developer account it is $35/ year. This plugin supports multiple extension in order to increase the functionality such as push notifications, rate my app, enhanced list etc.

This plugin works effectively in smartphones and even on tablets. This app is run by Corona SDK, where SDK is a popular tool for creating a mobile app. This plugins team is working together to present fashionable themes and styles to customize your app and to support custom content and support pages in the app. This plugin is free to use but requires an account of the worona service to work.

Once you configured your app, your files are now ready to compile with PhoneGap and self-publish it to the Google Play and App Store. Other notable features of this plugin include new themes, roadmap, support for ads, in-app reviews, compatibility with Google AMP, and Facebook Instant Articles. To publish the app in Google Play for one-time costs around $150 and it is completely free for publishing in iOS.


wordapp mobile plugin

WordApp is yet another popular plugin to convert your website into an iPhone or an Android app. With the help of this plugin, you can even create a mobile website. Once the plugin is installed, you can select the templates for your website and then your website will be instantly transformed into a mobile app.

You can customize the templates as per your preferences. You can create a wonderful mobile app and view the changes live in the mobile app simulator. This plugin comes with numerous features such as can customize your app live, automatic content sync, mobile app advertising and monetization, pre-installed plugins for extendable mobile app functionality.

You can even publish your mobile app to Google play store and App store, send push notifications, fast navigation, customize the menus and widgets for the mobile users, compatible with BuddyPress, Adsense ads, and much more.


web2app plugin

Web2App is one of the leading mobile app plugins that convert your WordPress website into a mobile app. This turns your responsive website into a mobile app with just a few clicks. This plugin comes with a bundle of features such as a hideable toolbar, pull-to-refresh, navigation drawer, tab bar, and much more.

Web2App plugin works on all the devices effectively on smartphones, tablets, and high-resolution screens. This plugin comes with two packs that are the starting price is $19 and the extended license pack at $95. Setting up and configuring this plugin is very easy.

You can easily get reviews on Google to play with the help of smart rate my app dialog that will display once you launch the app. This app provides you complete analytics. With the help of Google analytics you can track your app, find the number of active installs, and you can even find on what day of a week you have most users etc.

This plugin has a download manager that manages all the downloads using the download app. Users can easily upload the data through the app. This plugin allows pop-ups and splash screens. Web2App plugin comes with a detailed online tutorial that helps you with the process. With no doubt, this plugin will make a full replacement of your website into an app.

7. WPMobileMenu

mobile menu plugin

WP Mobile Menu plugin is a great solution to convert your website into a mobile app. This plugin mainly focuses on the mobile menu part of your website. The mobile menu comes with a smooth slider effect, large icons, buttons, and menu text. Setting up process is very easy and it gives you full control of the mobile menu.

The mobile menus look very beautiful and offer Google fonts, naked headers, background images, and much more. You can even configure the menu for three depth levels or you can just stick to the default menu configuration that you already have in your website.

This plugin comes with free as well as premium version. The premium version comes with different pricing plans and features. You can choose them as per your requirements. The main aim of this plugin is to create a visual mobile menu. The setting up process of this plugin is very easy and you need not to require any coding knowledge to work with this plugin. This plugin helps the user to access all the devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.


Converting your website into the mobile app has become a trend in order to make your business spread all around and helps the users to navigate to your online store very easily. Trend keeps on changing, but in the current scenario, the app plays an important role for any website. People wish to have everything in one touch.

Obviously, people wish to check your store through the app rather than entering your web address in the URL and navigating to your page. In order to catch the current trend, it must convert your website into the mobile app which makes it user -friendly and flexible for the customers.

Hope you got an idea about the 7 best plugins to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app. If you have queries, or if you feel that some other plugins are good to use, please feel free to comment to us. So that it will be very useful for the upcoming readers. You can subscribe to us at Facebook and Twitter.

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