7 Best WordPress Table Plugins For Your Website

Are you worried about searching for the best WordPress table plugins for your website or blog? Don’t worry we are here to help you. In this post, we have made a checklist of the best WordPress table plugins that will definitely satisfy you at the end of the article. Tables are an effective tool to attract people and persuading them to buy a product.

It is the most important tool for a website to sell their products or to provide any services. Through tables, you can easily and clearly display the features and pricing of your products or services. It makes the users to easily identify the best product/ service rather than reading page by page. You can create a table with the HTML coding in WordPress.

But beginners might find it difficult initially. Also, coding requires much time and effort. In order to make your task simple, WordPress comes with dozens of table plugins for you to work with fun. These table plugins come with features that help you to create a beautiful looking table without any coding. Any WordPress users can use these plugins easily.

You can create a table anywhere as you like within a few seconds. Having a table plugin will definitely attract the users by comparing the pricing, services directly and insist them to do it immediately. In this article, we have made a collection of both free and premium WordPress table plugins. Let’s take a look at the best WordPress table plugins.

1. TablePress


TablePress is a completely free responsive WordPress table plugin. You can install this plugin directly from the WordPress repository. This plugin has more than 400,000 active installs. This plugin allows you to create all type of tables and you can insert them into any posts or page through shortcode.

You will be able to edit the data in an interface that looks like a spreadsheet and then you can insert it. Working with the plugin you don’t have to touch even a single line of coding. It lets you create a beautiful table in your WordPress website within a few minutes. TablePress is very user-friendly and helps you to create a feature-rich table.

This plugin comes with an additional JavaScript library that is included with features like sorting along with pagination and filtering. You can easily export and import tables from/ to excel, HTML, JSON, Google sheets URLs, and other files. The plugins extensions are also entirely free. Such a wonderful plugin with amazing features comes for free of cost.

In order to work with full features, you need to include add-ons to create beautiful tables. It includes features like custom CSS feature, user-friendly filtering, creates unlimited tables, can insert any type of data, and much more. Overall its worth using this plugin to create stunning tables.

2. WPData Tables

wpdata tables

wpData Tables is a feature-rich premium WordPress table plugin. This plugin gives a complete solution for spreadsheets, graphs, charts, and responsive tables in WordPress. wpData Tables plugin has nearly 10k active installs. Configuration and execution process is very simple with this plugin, you can create tables directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Here you can simply add your table or chart in the spreadsheet-like interface. This plugin supports multiple languages and also allows you to prepare charts from the table data directly. With this plugin, you can create an elaborate table and illustrations that will definitely attract all the users of your website and make your website stand out from the crowd.

This plugin works as a data manager with integrated CRUD functionality for MySQL and other related data sources. This plugin allows you to create an interactive table and charts that make your website more credible and functional to the users. In this plugin, there are 35 chart types for you to choose. You can even create advanced pre-column filtering with this plugin.

Though the tables are created and published, at any time you can edit the tables. Allows you to build a responsive table without any coding. The plugin allows you to use any data sources like excel files, XML, CSV, JSON, MySQL etc. This plugin gives complete table customization in styling, fonts etc.

This plugin comes with advanced features like filters and search, table to charts, highlighting, real-time table data customization, multi-criteria live filters, mobile responsive, chart rendering, and lot more. Allows you to build a responsive table without any coding. With this plugin, you can create stunning tables and graph and worth the money you pay.

3. Go Pricing

go pricing

Go Pricing is one of the best premium WordPress table plugins. This plugin is very helpful in creating beautiful comparison tables. It is the most advanced responsive plugin which helps you create attractive pricing tables for your website. The plugin comes with wonderful features like 650+ Google fonts, unlimited color combinations, 250 starter templates, 1900+ font icons, supports PayPal button shortcode, and much more.

You can easily use the templates with just one-click demo import. This plugin supports different media elements like audio, video, maps, and images. It gives you full customization for editing the cell spacing, assigning different colors, fonts etc. This plugin is very easy to install and configure. It comes with a lot more features and functionalities that lets you build stunning tables. It has a clean user interface and gives you a unique table.

One notable feature is that it has a small footprint which enables your website to load content only when it is required. This feature helps to load your web page faster. Though this plugin is launched in 2013, it is yet the best premium table plugin. It is visually appealing and grabs the attention of the viewer’s. You can easily export and import data to store your table.

This plugin works effectively and you don’t have to touch even a single line of coding. It comes with additional features such as compatible with Visual Composer, advanced column settings, bulk actions, live preview, easy to use admin interface, custom CSS code, column animations, shortcodes to easily add tables, font awesome icon integration, and lot more. Though the plugin is paid, you will never regret to work with this plugin.

4. League Table

league table

League Table is yet another most popular and powerful WordPress premium table plugin. This plugin lets you create elegant, responsive tables whenever you want. This plugin has nearly 11,000 active installs. It has a simple interface and lets you set up the number of columns and rows, key in the table heading etc. You can create powerful tables inside your post, pages, custom post types, widgets area etc.

This plugin was initially created for sports websites. But later its flexible options make it suitable for business as well as personal websites. League Table plugin is very effective both beginners as well as webmasters. This plugin allows 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, and 13 general options to create different tables. It allows you to customize typography, colors, size of elements etc.

You can add media and links to the cells and present your date very beautifully and lively. It has an embedded spreadsheet editor where you can easily insert data, edit, and publish it. It allows you to copy your data directly from MS Excel, LibreOffice, Google sheet, OpenOffice to the league table editor and you can do it vice versa.

This plugin also comes with import and export feature that lets you collect the tables as XML files and you can use it them for multiple purposes. The plugin comes with multilingual, lightweight and you can use it for multiple websites. Also, the plugin has excellent customer support where the team supports you 24/7.

You can insert the table anywhere you wish with shortcodes. It includes other features such as 135 customizable options, can create sortable and responsive tables, HTML or JavaScript can be used inside the cells, allows you to add formulas, widget facility, and much more. A most required plugin that everyone must try and it’s worth spending for the plugin.

5. Easy Pricing Table

easy pricing table

Easy Pricing Table is yet another popular WordPress plugin that is widely used. This plugin comes with both a free and premium version. The plugin has nearly 30,000 active installs. This plugin helps you to add stunning and responsive tables to your WordPress website.

If the table is created, you can easily insert them in your posts, pages, widgets area wherever you wish using shortcodes. You can create an amazing table within seconds and you don’t require even a single line of coding. This plugin is very compatible and works effectively with all the themes. This plugin lets you control everything as per your need such as colors, font size, border settings, text, bullets, tooltips etc.

A notable feature of this plugin is it allows you to drag and drop the position of the columns easily to change their order. This plugin is mobile friendly and works effectively on all the devices. Easy Pricing Table implements a feature Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) practices. You can even add custom CSS to increase the functionality of the website.

This plugin comes with 10 pre-designed pricing table themes, 10 predefined colors,5 hover effects, 120+ribbons, 100+ icons, 9 ready to use content elements etc. You can have a preview of your table before making it live. You can easily connect the pricing table to your shopping cart within a few steps. With this plugin, you can tweak and customize until you get a perfect look for the table.

Using this plugin you can show monthly and yearly pricing strategies or multiple currencies with just a click. You can even track your pricing table with Google analytics. It comes with additional features such as video integration, intuitive user interface, feature your recommended pricing column, unlimited pricing table rows, and much more. The free plugin itself comes with a bundle of features and if you required additional feature then you can switch to the premium version.

6. Data Table Generator

data table generator

Data Table Generator is yet another effective free WordPress table plugin. This plugin is powered by Supsystic.  Once the plugin is activated it will automatically add a new menu called “Tables by Supsystic” in the WordPress dashboard. With the help of a menu, you can effectively manage the tables directly from the admin panel.

This plugin has nearly 30,000 active installs. It lets you create graphs, charts, filtering, pagination, and responsive tables. It allows you to create SEO friendly tables and gives a great user experience. This plugin is very easy to setup and use. It comes with multiple customizations options like you can edit the table caption, header, footer, color option for cells and fonts, font styles etc.

You can easily import/export data from Excel, Google sheets, CSV etc. A notable feature of this plugin is that it supports an auto-update option for Google Sheets. One more key feature of this plugin is server-side processing so you can load huge tables. This plugin comes with both a free and premium version.

It has wonderful online documentation with includes tutorial, video, support options, and FQAs which will be helpful for the WordPress users. It includes additional features such as supports formulas and HTML tables for data cells, gives easy searching options, allows you to enable/disable table caption, header, and footer, and lot more. One of the most required and must try a table plugin which comes with a pack of features for free.

7. Ninja Tables

ninja tables

Ninja Tables is another powerful responsive WordPress table plugin. This plugin comes with nearly 20,000 active installs. This plugin allows you to create different types of dynamic tables. The users feel very much comfortable using this plugin when they create tables. Ninja Tables is completely responsive and works effectively on all the devices.

It comes with several features like predefined schema, table design, custom CSS, custom schema built-in, filtering, sorting, pagination, and much more.  You can create a stunning table and place it anywhere on your website using shortcodes. The plugin is extremely robust and has an advanced WordPress table builder allows you to create different types of HTML column builder. You don’t have to handle any coding working with this plugin.

The plugin comes with wonderful frontend table styles such as Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, and Footables. This plugin is super fast and easy to configure and use. With the help of this, you can easily export and import data from even other plugins like Ultimate Tables and TablePress. The plugin comes with excellent customer support where the team will be very responsive 24/7.

This plugin comes with a powerful search and ajax feature which helps your users to filter data easily. It comes with 100+ table styles and the styles include fixed layout, hover rows, single line cells, and much more. With minimal load time, it has a lot of front-end table configuration actions. The plugin is available in both free as well as premium version. This plugin allows you to easily integrate your tables with WooCommerce and Google Sheets.

Ninja Tables has multiple configurations and renders you a high-performance table. It includes additional features such as table inverse, compact table, fixed layout, table duplication, custom, filterable, SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, dedicated support, the design studio for table design, and lot more. It comes with complete detailed documentation that helps the WordPress users know much about the working and usage of this plugin.


Tables are important to compare pricing, services, features of a product etc. It gives a complete overview rather than reading the entire documentation. People always prefer short and crisp words, which helps them to save time. Creating a table from scratch from really a tedious and time-consuming task even for the WebMaster. So to reduce your effort and time WordPress table plugins have been introduced.

All these mentioned plugins allow you to create feature-rich and responsive tables. The most required features of the table plugin are visually clear tables, easy to customize, and responsive design. All these plugins satisfy these features and you can create stunning tables within seconds as per your requirement.

These plugins are very effective and easy to use. Now it’s your turn to choose the right WordPress table plugin for the list and enjoy working with it. Hope you got an idea about the best WordPress table plugins. If you have any queries, or if you find some other best table plugin which is not mentioned in this list, please feel free to share with us. It will be helpful for upcoming readers. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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