A Complete Guide- Accepting ACH Payments in WordPress

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a system used in the United States to clear money transfers from one account to another. Most people use the ACH to do their banking transactions. ACH payments are one of the fastest ways to accept payments online.  ACH payments are a quick way to pay your …

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AffiliateWP Review-A Must Buy Plugin To Boost Your Business

 If you are a blogger who wants to monetize your site with affiliate products, this is the place for you! The AffiliateWP Plugin gives bloggers the ability to create their own affiliate products in a matter of minutes.  The AffiliateWP is an all-in-one WordPress affiliate marketing plugin with built-in e-commerce functionality, it allows you to …

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How to Fix WooCommerce Not Sending Order Emails?

How to Fix WooCommerce Not Sending Order Emails

Starting and running a digital store is a challenging one. Implementing an E-commerce store has series of tasks before going to live. The important role in e-commerce is to acknowledge your customer through the order receipt which will be sent through the mail.  Stop, If your WooCommerce not sending order emails to your customer? How …

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