Methods to Detect WordPress Theme Used by a Any Website

WordPress is one of the popular Content Management systems where you can create a beautiful and optimized website using many WordPress themes and plugins. 

However, you may come across many websites which look more attractive and you would like to know the WordPress theme used by that particular website. In recent times, there are different ways to detect the WordPress theme of a website.

This article helps to detect the WordPress theme of a website in two different ways.

Way 1 – Detect WordPress theme using manual Way

Way 2 – Detect WordPress theme using the online theme detector tool

Why do you need to find a theme for a website?

If you want to create a new website with attractive layouts and features, then it is better to use a WordPress Premium Theme. You should be conscious of choosing the right theme. 

Not all website use themes to develop because some website uses custom themes. Rather than that, many websites will use some good WordPress themes. 

So, it is really easy to find the theme used by a website. Now, it’s time to look over the ways to detect the WordPress theme of a website. 

Way 1 – Using the Manual way

Why the manual way is best to find a website theme?

The best way to find a theme of a website is by the manual way because it doesn’t require any tool to install. Here, I would like to demonstrate the entire process by using the website

Step 1: Just load your website into your browser. Once it is loaded completely, just right-click on the screen and choose ‘View Page Source’. 

Now a new screen will be displayed where the actual page source code will be there. Here search for the word ‘Theme’ and find an appropriate link.



Now click on the link identified. It takes you to the new page where you can find the WordPress Theme used in the website.

WordPress Theme Information

Here, the website ‘’ uses a theme called “GeneratePress Child”.

Way 2: Using the Online Theme Detector tool

Using an online detector tool to find the theme of a website is also a simple method. There are many detector tools are available on the internet, choosing the right one will be the right choice.

Which is the best online theme detector tool on market?

Among many online theme detector tools, the IsItWP looks best in identifying the theme of a website.


Once the website got loaded, you can see a text box near the button “Analyze Website”. 

Mention the link of the website inside the text box and click “Analyze Website”. It will show the WordPress theme used by that particular website.

IsItWP - Result

As already mentioned, the website “” is applied to check the WordPress theme used by the website. 

The above screen shows that the website uses the ‘GeneratePress Child’ theme. Not only the theme detail is listed, but it also displays hosting provider information too.


Some websites may attract you by their design or performance. So, it is important to know the theme used by the website. This article suggested two different ways to find the theme of a website. One by the manual way and the other by online theme detector IsItWP. Hope this article would help you in identifying the theme of a website easily. 

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