Top 6 Best WordPress Calendar Plugin

Finding a best WordPress calendar plugin might seems to be a tough job. Because most of the calendar plugins have same features. In this post, we will help to find the best calendar plugin for your WordPress website.

Calendar plays a very important role in day to day life as well as for websites. Calendar seems to be one of the most important tools for any WordPress website. Makes your website more realistic. It is important having a calendar for websites like event booking, organizing, hotel booking, tour booking, ticket booking, booking appointments etc.

In order to create a calendar for your website, there are numerous WordPress calendar plugins available on the market. Each plugin has its own unique features. Some may be used for basic requirements and others for higher end requirements.

Depending on one’s own use, you can use the plugin. It is not such a big task to insert a calendar on your website. You can easily install the plugin and activate it. Calendar plugin is very useful for organizing your events and keeps the user up to date.

#1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

The events calendar plugin allows you to create and manage custom events in a more simple way. It is considered as one of the best free calendar plugins for your WordPress website. Used as an event management plugin. This plugin is very simple to use and you can also interface it easily. It is considered as one of the topmost event management plugins for WordPress.

It allows you to display the venue locations on Google maps. With this plugin you can set the date, time of the event, details of the organizer, venue locations, cost details and event websites. This plugin includes two calendar views one is list view and the other is month view with tooltips. It has an upcoming events widgets.

Here you can view the events in a day, week or month. It is a fully responsive plugin, works well in smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. Even if the organizer and venue are saved, you can easily use it for new events.

You can easily import and export your events, venue etc into your calendar. To export full events or single event, it is good to use iCal or Google calendar. If you need additional functionalities then you can go for Pro add-ons plugin.

#2. Event Manager

Event manager plugin is considered as one of the most reliable and flexible events booking plugin. This plugin is mainly used for event registration and booking. You will be able to create single day and even multi-day event.

It is very easy to create recurring events with this plugin. Integrates well with Google map. This plugin gives you a  great visual appearance for your calendar. It is built in order to work well with BuddyPress plugin, WordPress multisite and Google map. Event manager plugin seems to be one of the best event management plugins for WordPress.

 You have both free and premium version available. With this plugin, you can also make offline or online payment via PayPal. Even the coupon codes are accepted. You can monitor and manage all the events staying in a single location. With pro version of this plugin, you can sell the tickets through the website.

#3. All-in-one Event Calendar

This is one of the best-advanced calendar plugins. It has an attractive design and dynamic features. It is a free and user-friendly plugin for WordPress website to create events. Seems to be a great plugin to share your events with the public. This plugin is created by network inc.

Here you can even filter the events by tags and categories. This plugin also allows you to recurring events. The events created in this plugin is optimized for SEO. This plugin gives you a clean design with a great organization. You can even set category images and featured images.

In this plugin, there is an option to view poster-board events too. A color-coded option is available based on your category. There is a widget creator option available in this plugin, that lets you add your events to other sites by embedding codes, but this feature is available in pro version.

It has many features in free version. If you want additional features other than free you can go to pro add-ons. It supports nearly 15 different languages and you can share the events easily with iCal, iCalendar, Google calendar, MS outlook, etc.

#4. My Calendar

This plugin is used for WordPress event management. It is able to show daily, weekly and even monthly events. It is also a free WordPress calendar plugin. Possible to create multiple tags and categories with the help of this plugin.

You will be able to customize CSS and javascript. It has widgets such as upcoming events, event search, compact calendar and today’s events. It is quick hard in configuring, but you have vast additional features.

 You can create a customized view using shortcode generator. With its multi-site support, you can place multiple calendars on different sites. It is also one of the most flexible WordPress plugins. When any events are reserved or scheduled, it sends you an email notification.

Importing to other websites can be done easily. With the help of this plugin, you can easily add the calendar to your posts, pages, and sidebars. With its pro version, you can sell the event tickets on your website. So that users you can pay the ticket through PayPal.

#5. Booking Calendar

This calendar plugin is mainly used for the booking system. With the help of this plugin, you can easily schedule up until the date and book the events, hotels, trips, travels, apps etc. It is designed in a way for easy use.

 This plugin comes with the free version. It is one of the most interactive calendar plugins, in order to allow users to fill their booking form. They can be used for any type of service. This plugin has CAPTCHA in order to reduce the spam.

You can easily import and export this plugin. You can export is using CSV format. It gives you customizable booking options, widgets support and sends you email notifications.

With pro version, you can add notes, edit the booking and export the booking. It is the first booking calendar plugin. Later on, there are many booking calendar plugins. With its pro version, you have many additional features.

This plugin is user-friendly. You can install and activate it by adding shortcodes to your page. It allows multiple booking on the same day.

#6. Google Calendar Plugin

This plugin seems to be one of the easiest and effective calendar plugins. It is presented by Google. This Google calendar is an app, you can easily set up. It allows you to display events for the public.

 This plugin is user-friendly and the user can use it on mobile phones, laptops, desktops etc. You can add events through any of the modes, and it automatically updates. From Google, this plugin will help you to retrieve all the upcoming events and displays in your pages, posts etc.

This plugin is effective for beginners and small site holders. You can take out the information events directly from google calendar so it saves your time. You will be able to choose multiple designs. It is stated as a cool and easy to use the plugin.

It has an out of the box design, that will match your themes look and feel. With the pro version, you have much more additional functionalities.

Wrapping Up

All wrapped up together, WordPress calendar plugins makes your website looks more attractive and lively. The visitors will have a good experience visiting your website since it is more interactive. Calendar plugin saves your time as well makes easy for the users in order of any booking confirmation.

 Each plugin comes with its own features. It is based on your requirement for your website you can choose any of the calendar plugins. Make use of these plugin in order to make your website more attractive. Hope you came to know about the best WordPress calendars plugin. If you have any queries please feel free to comment us. You can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter.

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