7 Most Common Things to Consider Before Updating to WordPress 5.0

WordPress is been the topmost CMS widely used all over the world. WordPress comes with frequent updates with additional features. Now the next version of WordPress is 5.0 which was released on December 6th, 2018. 

They named WordPress 5.0 as “Bebo”. Most of the WordPress users are waiting to use this latest version. But there are certain things you need to know before updating to WordPress 5.0. In this post, we will guide you through that.

WordPress 5.0 Features 

WordPress 5.0 is the latest updated version and it comes with plenty of features with an inbuilt Gutenberg editor and a default Twenty Nineteen Theme.  Gutenberg comes with a drag and drops option which is completely user-friendly.  

With Gutenberg, you will be able to customize each and every block without changing the sections of entire web pages. You will be able to add multiple styles and designs in the same section of a web page. This updated version will be more useful for developers and programmers.

They can play with the tools and create a mesmerizing WordPress website. Though WordPress 5.0 has the default Gutenberg editor, many users find it difficult to work with it. So users feel it is difficult to use.

In that case, WordPress users can install the Classic text editor and disable Gutenberg until you become familiar with the Gutenberg, they can use this classic text editor. But before installing WordPress 5.0, there are certain things to be known in order to protect you and your website from any worst situations.

Steps to be taken before updating to WordPress 5.0

Create a backup

Before updating your WordPress website to any new version, it is best practice to backup your website. Because while updating to a new release, there are chances that your website may get corrupted. While at that time, you don’t have to sit and worry for it, because with a minute you would have lost your entire hard work and time.

In case if you have a backup of your website, even if the site is corrupted you can just click on the restore button to backup your data. You can use any best WordPress backup plugins and keep a backup up to date. Whatever you install new to your website, take a backup before installing.

Decide whether to use Gutenberg or classic text editor

It’s up to your decision whether to use Gutenberg or classic text editor. Because some users may feel Gutenberg is really amazing and user-friendly to use if they know to work with.

Other may feel classic editor is good. A better idea is that working with Gutenberg, if you are not comfortable with that, then install classic text editor and disable Gutenberg. At any time you can use Gutenberg by enabling it. So decide as per your convenience.  

Make sure all your plugins are up to date

It is important to update all your installed plugins are up to date. Updating your plugins is actually a good practice and by updating it will be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

After the release of WordPress 5.0, almost all the plugins are updated with their new version. So make sure your plugins are updated to work with WordPress 5.0 with any bug and try to check out that all the plugins work fine with WordPress 5.0.

Make sure PHP is up to date

PHP is a programming language that connects your plugins, themes, and WordPress to the database. It helps to process your workflow. Most of the theme, plugins, and WordPress with run itself with the minimum version of PHP 5.6 as it is backward compatible.

But you cannot mention that even software will be compatible with it. In that case, you have to install PHP that is compatible with WordPress release to avoid bugs.

Check cache and performance plugins

In case if you receive any issue regarding caching and performance related plugins, check if your classic editor was not to solve the issues, then make sure you empty your cache and minify your JavaScript.

It is actually important to empty the cache and minifying all the scripts before updating any plugins, themes, and WordPress.

Stage your website

Staging your website is like creating a copy of your site and can try making changes to that copied site without after your original website. This is good because your original website won’t be affected by any conflict if your changes are not compatible, and it won’t be visible to others.

You can stage your website using test server or by using a plugin, or on your local environment. There are many plugins available. You can go with your convenience and go ahead.

Get ready with the latest version

All of us will be eager to use if any latest update has come. But at the same time, we would feel like what if we face any bugs while working with it. Always be prepared to face any conflicts.

The decision is in your hand, so be bold to face the issues. Before updating try to read the articles about the latest update and check if users come across any error. Try to find out the solution for it and go ahead with your work.

Note: WordPress 5.0.1 is released now by fixing all the flaws in WordPress 5.0, and comes with a security release. It’s an immediate note to update WordPress 5.0.1, to overcome all the flaws of WordPress 5.0


The release of WordPress 5.0 is good and ensures you to update. But you need to know certain things before updating to WordPress 5.0. The above is the list of 7 things to consider before updating the WordPress 5.0.

Hope you got an idea about the things to know before updating to WordPress 5.0. If you haven’t updated WordPress 5.0, you can directly update the WordPress 5.0.1 by considering these things.

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