XAMPP Vs WAMP: What’s the Difference?

Quite back in taking a step in choosing WAMP or XAMPP which local server is best to work with WordPress. Stay calm and shuttle, we are here to help you out. Just read out this article to know the difference between WAMP and XAMPP and choose it as per your needs. Using these local servers developers can test their website before making it live. 


wamp server
WampServer Screenshot

The word WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. WAMP will work only in the Windows system. The best advantage of using WAMP is that the set configuration is very easy. The key elements representing WAMP is Operating System, web server, database, and programming language. 

This software works in Windows operating system, then the Apache webserver that runs in windows, the MySQL database is used to store the content of your website, and the process to connect all this using the scripting language PHP. This package is called the stack server. 

It comes with a combined package. You can just install it in your drive, starting up with the necessary services. This local server is very useful for a web developer to develop and test their website, before making it live. Seems to be a wonderful tool for WordPress developers. At any time they can start working with it even offline.   


XAMPP server
XAMPP Server Screenshot

The word XAMPP stands for Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB(MySQL), PHP, and Perl. It is a free open-source platform. This software works in cross-platform like windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Apache is a web server that helps to carry your content through the internet. 

Then MariaDB is a database used to store your content, it is an updated version of MySQL. Then PHP and Perl are scripting languages, where PHP is a server-side scripting language and Perl is used to develop web applications. XAMPP is considered as one of the lightweight local servers and very easy to set up and use. 

This local server includes features such as Filezilla, mercury mail, supporting Perl, and much more. With the help of this server, you can easily perform testing without any issues. Since it is open-source anyone can download it on their system and start working. 

With XAMPP you can test your website how many ever times you want before making it live. It seems to be an important tool for any WordPress web developer to develop and test their website before making it live. 


  • WAMP works only in Windows operating system, whereas XAMPP is cross-platform, it works in Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Configuring and setting up XAMPP is very easy compared to WAMP
  • WAMP provides support only for MySQL and PHP, whereas XAMPP provides support for MySQL, PHP, and Perl
  • You can start the process easily in XAMPP but just clicking the start button, whereas in WAMP there is no such button
  • In XAMPP you can add additional features like Perl, mercury mail, file server, and much more, whereas in WAMP you cannot add any additional features
  • XAMPP is simple and lightweight compared to WAMP 


Both XAMPP and WAMP are good local servers, each has its own advantages. Both these local servers play an important tool for web developers to test their websites locally. As per our suggestion, if you using windows OS, and want to work only with PHP language, then it’s a good choice to use WAMP for beginners. 

But XAMPP is the best choice for high-end developers if they want to add additional features, use multi-scripting language, and present a unique website to the outside world. 

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