7 Best WordPress Database Plugins for WordPress Website

If you are looking for a reliable, fast, secure, and easy-to-use database for WordPress, then you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to share the best WordPress database plugins that will make sure you get the desired functionality you are looking for. Database plugins will allow you to manage your data more efficiently.

Database plugins help you to optimize the performance of your website, so you can enjoy higher search rankings and a better user experience. With WordPress database plugins, you can easily manage all the database tables in WordPress. You can also manage user accounts, posts, categories, tags, comments, pages, etc.  These plugins are tested for stability and performance before adding them to our plugin directory.

Each one will offer its own unique set of features, but all of them can be used to optimize the performance and functionality of your website. These plugins are really useful and they’re easy to use as well. Some of them have even got their own shortcodes. So, if you are looking to save some time then you should take a look at these plugins. 

Database Plugins are an essential part of any website. This list contains 10 of the best database plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Database Plugins


UpdraftPlus is a WordPress database plugin that allows you to have an easy way of storing data on your website. It is an open-source WordPress database plugin designed to help WordPress users quickly and easily build relational databases for their WordPress sites. This plugin is designed to control your database from any point on your website.

UpdraftPlus allows you to add, edit, delete and export all types of data stored in your WordPress database. It comes with a very simple and friendly interface which makes it easier for you to create, update or delete a database. It’s built to integrate into any existing WordPress site and is also suitable for creating custom databases or connecting to other databases.

The UpdraftPlus database plugin allows WordPress sites to connect with Microsoft SQL Server databases in order to store data. This plugin creates a local MySQL database on your computer. It also helps you create tables, views, and columns of data for your site.

This plugin supports the following features of WordPress: importing all posts and pages; supporting permalink structure; allowing post authors to set up their own prefixes (e.g. “foo”, “bar”); It has a clean, intuitive interface and a ton of features.

WP-DB Manager

WP-DB Manager is an amazing plugin for WordPress that makes it easier to create and manage databases on your site. This plugin allows you to easily manage multiple databases on a single website. It lets you create new databases, edit existing ones, import/export databases and even delete them. You can also view and edit the tables of your database.

The most important features are that you can import/export SQL dumps, backup/restore your database, and edit your database directly in WP-Admin. This plugin makes your website easier to use by having all of the functions available through just one application. You can use this for uploading files, creating pages and blog posts, and managing databases.

WordPress DB Manager is an add-on for WordPress which allows users to back up databases, restore them on another site, or perform many other operations. It also helps to keep all the sites to manage up-to-date by adding new features and updates. It is very easy to install and use this database tool.


WP-Optimize is a plugin that keeps the databases of your websites up-to-date with your latest WordPress files and plugins. So, if you update your WordPress files or plugins on your server, WP-Optimize automatically does it for you. 

This plugin optimizes your wp database for better performance, this is the best solution to speed up your site for faster load time. This plugin is used for optimizing the database of the WordPress website by deleting all unnecessary or duplicate content. This process also removes all plugins and themes which are not used and have been installed on the WordPress website.

It keeps track of what queries are run against the database and tries to improve on them. WP-Optimize has the ability to clean, compress or optimize images of the database. It will also automatically resize images with less than 50Kb. It also helps to decrease the size of your database by deleting unused images from the image cache.

WP Reset

WP Reset is an awesome plugin for restoring deleted or lost files in WordPress. This database plugin is a simple and powerful tool for resetting and re-creating the database and table structure for WordPress and other PHP-based CMS platforms. This makes the database clean for the next time you use it.

The plugin supports all popular MySQL databases and all types of tables. In addition, you can choose to restore just one or more tables or restore all tables in a single click. It will delete all the posts, categories, tags, custom fields, themes, plugins, and more. And then, it will recreate the whole thing. It also gives you the option to delete all the contents of your database or reset it back to its original state. 


 The WP-Sweep WordPress database plugin lets you sweep your wp database from an external location, such as a website or FTP. This lets you see what was saved to the database and delete or modify any of the contents. WP-Sweep plugin allows you to clean up your database by automatically deleting old entries from your site’s tables. You can configure the plugin to clean out old data from any of your databases or just from a specific table.

This plugin helps you to easily remove any posts or pages from your site if you wish. This is useful when you want to remove posts you no longer want to appear on your site. WP-Sweep will help you remove all unused or orphaned files from your website. This includes all theme images, scripts, and CSS files, as well as orphaned plugins.

WP-Sweep WordPress database plugin allows you to automatically backup, restore, and recover your WordPress databases. This is very helpful if you have lost your website or database because of any reason.


The wpDataTables database plugin helps you to create a custom table. This plugin is a useful tool for managing and creating tables in WordPress, including the columns, rows, and indexes. This plugin allows you to connect your site to a database in order to store data. You can use this to store comments, posts, user information, etc. It also provides many advanced features, like filtering, pagination, etc.

This plugin allows you to display data from a MySQL or PostgreSQL database directly within your WordPress posts. wpDataTables makes it easier to create complex HTML tables in WordPress websites. It also adds a lot of useful features to existing data tables and makes the creation of fully custom data tables super easy.

Advanced Database Cleaner

The Advanced Database Cleaner is a great plugin to help you to clean your database tables of old data. The Advanced Database Cleaner plugin is an advanced solution for database cleaning. We can use this plugin to remove unwanted tags and comments from our posts. This plugin allows you to remove all of the HTML from posts, comments, and URLs that are older than a specified date.

It also provides a few more options to customize the cleaning process and lets you choose which plugins to use when running the cleaning process. This plugin removes all the unnecessary and obsolete files from your database, leaving only the ones that you need. It also removes unused images, videos, audio files, etc. We can also use this plugin to remove unwanted tags and comments from our posts.

This plugin provides a comprehensive way to clean and repair corrupt tables in your database. It can also analyze the health of your database by inspecting table structures and detecting corruptions and problems such as missing indexes, missing foreign key constraints, duplicate columns, and other defects.


WordPress database plugin is important for business use as it can be used for improving website performance. WordPress database plugins are designed to keep your data organized and clean, and they do it very well. They also let you do everything from setting up a backup system to creating an entire CRM for your clients and prospects. 

Your database is the engine that makes your business run. There are so many plugins in the market, you may be overwhelmed when trying to choose the right one. Here is an infographic to help you get started with choosing the best database plugin for your site. Hope you got an idea about the 7 Best WordPress Database Plugins. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment. 














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